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  2. Equity Advisory Committee Questions Decision to End 24-Hour Green Line Service
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As for Saturday and Sunday, we are choosing to keep the current Saturday hours of 10ampm. For Sunday, we want to open the library earlier at 10 am compared to the current time of noon. We will also have the library stay open later, at 2am, on Sunday nights.

Closing After reviewing the information and background with other post-education campuses, we found that there is a need for these services to be more available and to be prominent at all hours of the day. The proposed timeline allows a gradual transformation to eventually keep the library open at a majority of hours during the school day and keep the community happy while achieving it as well. Presentation that goes hand-in-hand with our proposal as well. It's less in-depth and gives the audience a visual of what we wrote for our p See More. On-Campus Library Hours Extension Taylor, Morgan, Jazmin, Daniela, and Princesleah Introduction The library on campus is a space for studying, writing papers, meeting with groups, and using software only provided on those premises.

Measurement and Reporting Q 1- What grade are you in? Q 2 - Do you live on campus or commute?

Equity Advisory Committee Questions Decision to End 24-Hour Green Line Service

Measurements and Reporting Q 3 - Do you have any electronic devices at home? Q 4 - How many hours on average during the week do you use the library? Q 6 - What facilities do you use the most you can pick more than one? Acquire approval from administration.

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For more information, review upon the extensive proposal prepared by the group. Published on May 8, Go explore.

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If anyone knows multitasking, it's my old man: hitting the gym every day by 7 a. The only stimulant he uses to keep up with all these demands is herbal tea.

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Everything else is good old-fashioned prioritizing, organization, and a zero-tolerance policy on procrastination. I did not inherit those particular genes. So I asked my dad, for WalletPop's "Blogtalk Radio Show," how technology is shaping our brains, how to be an effective multi-tasker free of technologies' distractions, and about his radical idea of a daylong period of solitude.

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