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Echo the light that burns on inside us Welcome, O welcome the Star for us all! Awake O Sleeper. Repeat last line last time. Once you were darkness, once you were lost in the shadows Once you were darkness, now you are children of light. Shine out with the splendor of love, shine with justice and righteousness Sing the music your spirit has heard, the songs of glory and light. A Place at the Table. For everyone born, a place at the table For everyone born, clean water and bread A shelter, a space, a safe place for growing For everyone born, a star overhead.

Yes, God will delight When we are creators of justice, Justice and joy. For young and for old, a place at the table A voice to be heard, a part in the song The hands of a child in hands that are wrinkled For young and for old, the right to belong. For everyone born, a place at the table To live without fear, and simply to be To work, to speak out, to witness and worship For everyone born, the right to be free. Creature Praise. Verse 1: Large creatures, small creatures, short and tall creatures, Come now and praise the Lord. Young creatures, old creatures, hot and cold creatures, Come now and praise the Lord.

Sing praise for the goodness of what the Lord has done.

Let all creatures praise the Lord. White creatures, brown creatures, all the world around creatures, Come now and praise the Lord.

Linda Reinhardt - Vancouver, WA (14 books)

Verse 3: Day creatures, night creatures, left and right creatures, Come now and praise the Lord. Near creatures, far creatures, anywhere you are creatures, Come now and praise the Lord. Come, Lord Jesus come, come in our hearts to stay. Hope will reign again, shower all the earth with love. Open up our eyes to see a brand new day! Wood of the cradle, wood of the cross, Bearing a lifetime of joy and of loss Who is your loved one?

Who could he be, Born in a manger, to die on a tree? This, this, is Jesus the Lord, Here in the body and blood outpoured Come, come, walk in his ways Kneel at the manger and rise…. I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas repeat 2 times From the bottom of my heart. It was on a cold, December day…the couple slowly made their way to Bethlehem where they would have a son; a tiny infant born to give His life so that the world would live; and at His birth our freedom had begun. Fulfillment of the Promise in a stable cold and bare.

And while the world lay sleeping unaware My God lay there. Mey — Translated by Natalia Sheniloff.

loving justice in the heart of our city

Evening twilight, light of dawn — A heavenly quiet lies therein; Its gentleness my soul enchants And calls it upward to its realms. Up thither from all corners of earth Ascends a hymn to Gladsome Light. There glows the silence of brocades, And ships do glimmer in its gold. There all our earthly anguished cries Are hushed forever in that calm, And cease within the Gladsome Light, And every sound does fade away. And thou, preparing for thy sleep, Do listen to the crystal peal Reverberate in silence deep, And never cease or fade away.

Both day and night, and every moment, Of the Unsetting Gladsome Light The bells do ring; their peal resounds Eternally in human hearts. The holy night descended on the earth, Enveloped Bethlehem in its embrace.

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A choir of angels sings the birth of Christ; Their song is heard above the sinful earth. The shepherds hasten to His veneration; The magi bring their gifts and adoration.

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To Thee, my God almighty and eternal, My innermost desires upward soar Through endless darkness, infinite abysses, Where million upon million stars do shine, And where the worlds revolving in the depths Proclaim Thy brilliant majesty and splendor. Teach me to heed and fulfill Only Thy merciful will, Teach not to grumble or complain Of my toilsome and sorrowful lot. In difficult moments of life, When sorrow constricts the heart, A wondrous prayer to God I steadily do recite. There is a blessed strength In the accord of living words, Within them a sacred charm So indescribably breathes.

A burden is shed from the soul, Doubt swiftly disappears, Belief returns, and so do tears, And all is light and clear. I sail the turbulent sea of life, I meet with joy and poignant sorrow. What power saves me from the storms? To Thee the streams do sweetly sing And redden in the flaming dawns, The mountains to Thy heights ascend, All shining with eternal snows.

Of wisdom do the forests murmur, And flowers do their fragrance cense, Of Thee do testify the dews, The dark of nights, the light of days, The midnight dawn of Arctic ice, The cliffs, the crags, the misty fogs, The fading and the bloom of things, And caravans of springtime clouds. And even reptiles fall before Thee, When seeing Thy thrice-radiant light, And all the oceans hymn hosannah To the Creator of all worlds bright.

I thank Thee, Lord, for every single thing! After a day of sorrow and anxiety, Thou grantest me the setting of the sun, The spacious fields and gentle blue horizon. At dusk I am alone again as always, But as the sunset spreads its fiery flame, The Evening Star begins to melt within it, All sparkling like a richly precious gem.

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And I am happy with my mournful fate, And there is joy in sweet realization That I alone stand mute in contemplation, That I — to all an alien — speak withThee. Slowly and softly the bells are ringing, Slowly the faithful are coming to pray. The elderly priest standing humbly among us, Holding the ancient book in his hands, Ardently prays with sadness and sorrow, Intercedes before God for all our sins.

Somewhere outside, just beneath the windows, Droplets of thawing snow fall from the roof, The true high voice of a young soprano Rings in the choir like a beautiful flute. Who is it there, who in weary prayer, Weeps over sinfully wasted days? Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy! The humble Visage looks upon you, And sorrowfully gaze the eyes Of Him Who taught us that our prayer Should be simplicity and awe; Then sudden warmth will pierce your heart, A quiver will constrict your voice, And quietly your tears will flow, Engendered by those moving words: Grant me, O Lord, The tears of purest prayer.

Today Christ was born — An angel appeared, He flew through the sky And joyously sang: O people, rejoice And glory this day — For today Christ was born! The shepherds were first To come to the cave — In the manger on straw The Saviour they found. They stood and they wept, And they gave Him their gifts: Frankincense, myrrh and gold.

Our trespasses forgive And redemption do grant, For today Christ was born! The ninth wave came, and angry was the sea. The wrath of waves made feeble minds afraid. The saving land was lost in distant mists. The wail was awesome of the powers below. The gale clawed at the sails. The breakers warred. Whole precipices filled with fury heaved. O, Teacher, we are lost! Then a great silence fell upon the sea And a great quiet ruled the vasty deep, As though the Angel of Peace passed above And through the vale of evil down below.

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Who is He Who can tame the rage of seas, Command obedience of the very winds? Who in the distance weaves the crown of stars And sees the Satan fall into the dark? My Lord and God, when shipwreck threatens me, Let Thy right hand direct and guide my bark, So that it may avoid the evil spells, So that the foe confounds me not upon The endless sea of earthly woes. Translated by Kosara Gavrilovic. What never-ending joy! To see the world and see the Lord, The unfathomable Father.

To live by faith — how great that is! To be in prayer — how great that is! I knock and wait at the door of your inn, Open the door and let Me in. My road is hard. Far must I go. Penniless beggar through the world I roam, Knock and wait at many a home. With Me your strength you will regain. With My hand I shall dry your tears of pain And you will never cry again. I knock and wait at the door of your inn. Open the door and let me in. It is through life upon this sod That we must reach the unknown land, Where with the crimson trail of nails Lord Christ will touch the wounds of man. And that is why all flesh must die, And why God is in all that is.

Why cannot I take up Thy chains, Lord God, and bear them as my own! I would give all my meditations To Thee, the blessing of my songs, Thoughts of my days, my vigils long, And every heartbeat I would render, And my whole soul to Thee surrender…. Christ with Pontius Pilate. Korovay-Metelitskiy Translated by Kosara Gavrilovic.

Thou art here, Invisible, And everywhere. Thou givest love to us, Forgiveness of our sins, and peace. Thou hearest us, such wretched sinners, Inviting us to Thine divine feast. Feeble are we, And naked, And besmirched, Full of forgetfulness, Ingratitude and filth. And yet with hope we pray to Thee: Cleanse us, our Lord God, and redeem. O, hear the prayers of Thy saints, Who pray for us, lost deep in sin. For the sake of their meek and saintly lives, Wash clean with tears our blackened souls.