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Used by elite professionals. Built to perform under any conditions From top to bottom, SIG pistols are engineered to perform anywhere, any time, under any circumstance—for anyone. Browse Pistols Whether you are a professional, a competitor or a responsible citizen, our advanced features can make you a more accurate, more confident shooter. Per Page : Show Options. Sort By : Default. Default Name Ascending Name Descending. Please Enter Your Zipcode. Continue Please enter a valid zip code.

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All calibers 9x19mm. Save Change Clear Filters. Features GLOCK pistols offer a variety of features to fit specific needs Gen5 - The GLOCK pistols of the 5 th generation combine the technology of the future with improved precision, versatility, speed and the familiar reliability.

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Crossover - Joined forces for higher magazine capacity. C - The compensated GLOCK pistol models are equipped with an integrated compensator to improve hit patterns during rapid firing.

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The Czech word was adopted in German as pitschale , pitschole , petsole , and variants. The second suggestion is less likely; the use of the word as a designation of a gun is not documented before in Italy, long after it was used in French and German.

The Czech word is well documented since the Hussite wars in s. Single shot handguns were mainly seen during the era of flintlock and musket weaponry where the pistol was loaded with a lead ball and fired by a flint striker, and then later a percussion cap.

Category: Firearms-Rifle-Style-Pistols

However, as technology improved, so did the single shot pistol. New operating mechanisms were created, and due to this, they are still made today. They are the oldest type of pistol, [ citation needed ] and are often used to hunt wild game. Multi-barreled pistols, such as the Pepperbox , were common during the same time as single shot pistols.

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As designers looked for ways to increase fire rates, multiple barrels were added to all guns including pistols. One example of a multi-barreled pistol is the Duck's foot pistol , which generally had either four or eight barrels, [12] although some 20th-century models had three barrels. Around , pistols such as the Jarre harmonica gun were produced that had a sliding magazine. The sliding magazine contained pinfire cartridges or speedloaders.

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The magazine needed to be moved manually in many designs, hence distinguishing them from semi-automatic pistols. With the development of the revolver in the 19th century, gunsmiths had finally achieved the goal of a practical capability for delivering multiple loads to one handgun barrel in quick succession. Revolvers feed ammunition via the rotation of a cartridge-filled cylinder , in which each cartridge is contained in its own ignition chamber, and is sequentially brought into alignment with the weapon's barrel by an indexing mechanism linked to the weapon's trigger double-action or its hammer single-action.

These nominally cylindrical chambers, usually numbering between five and eight depending on the size of the revolver and the size of the cartridge being fired, are bored through the cylinder so that their axes are parallel to the cylinder's axis of rotation; thus, as the cylinder rotates, the chambers revolve about the cylinder's axis.

The semi-automatic pistol was the next step in the development of the pistol.