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Can anyone help?

My Father Came from Italy

Any help would be appreciated. Lindsay Visocchi. I live in Sora. If your Grandparents went to Italy to adopt a child there is always the possibility that the child's origin was known to them, especially since they went on to have a child of their own. Possibly the illegitimate child of a sibling or niece.

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The name change would have likley occured after they arrived in Scotland probably by adoption. What you have sounds like a baptism certificate. YOu need to get the birth record to find out more. Do you know how to get the birth record?

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I find it odd that a god mother was even down on his baptism cert..? She liked to come around the counter to offer me Amarena cherries covered in dark chocolate. She never noticed or cared and by the time we were done with our drinks, the white napkin my glass was resting on was covered with little chunks of mangled cherry pulp. I put all the mashed cherries in my mouth and wondered what it would be like to have a mouthful of hot blood like the heavyweight fighters in the ring my dad and I watched on TV.

Would it taste like warm chocolate?

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I sat at the bar and looked down at my feet that hovered above the floor without touching. I was wearing blue shoes with two diamond shaped holes and ankle straps. They were my favorite. A drop of cherry juice fell out of my mouth and soaked into my white socks. My father finished his drink and left money on the counter. He put his arm around me and we walked out the door. This time in unison, no longer trailing behind him hanging on to his jacket as his minion, but as his accomplice.

The Good and The Bad. Blondie and Angel Eyes. I would take any part in his movie. Susan this is so touching. John and I have good memories of your father he was very kind to us when we were in Milan Eccentric ,handsome. Wish we had known him longer. Beautiful writing dear niece. Look forward to reading more. Love AJ. Godspeed on this new adventure, recounting old memories.

The photo of you looking at your dad is priceless! What a wonderful glimps into your childhood in Italia with your father. I look forward to reading the completed memoir. Love to you! What a nice tribute to your Dad.

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I am looking forward to keep reading about that…. Love the picture!! I could visualize it all. Thank you for sharing such an important moment in time. A really charming and heartwarming memoir. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox posts on m Ali there. Thank you, Mamasita for beautifully sharing a glimpse of your childhood!

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Great imagery! Love the pic of you and your father. You look exactly the same!! Dearest Susan — such a vivid picture of your father before I knew him! Please write more!! How I wish we had spent more time with him and Maureen! In fact, my mom purposely flew to the UK to look for him and they fell in love then and there. After my dad finished his studies, he went to Italy to be with my mom for her final year of university.

We would start walking, talking and falling in love. I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother. I love my siblings very much. I have so much fond memories with them.