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One is Acavna, an old Azlanti goddess of protection who sacrificed herself to protect Golarion from the worst of Earthfall. The other is Groteus, a massive moon with the features of a skull that hands over the Boneyard in the afterlife, slowly descending to shatter the Boneyard and trigger the end of all things. Bleak World has werewolves, obviously, but it also has the Host of Moon.

The Host of Moon is the Token Good Teammate for the Hosts, a race of Eldritch Abomination that empower witches, unlike most hosts, the moon gives power to witches who have consensual sex. For comparison the other hosts demand that you: eat corpses of the fresh dead , Kill It with Fire , conduct Human Sacrifice , or kill republicans and industrialists.

Urban Legends.

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It was once a common urban legend that people behave more rowdily under the full Moon, that people go crazy, that more crimes are committed, and that more people get hurt and go to the hospital. Many pseudoscientific explanations were proposed to account for these supposed phenomena. Perhaps the rumors arose from the fact that, before the days of widespread, outdoor illumination like gas lights or street lights, outdoor activity that took place after dark, such as travel or parties, was always reserved for nights with a full Moon — the more active people are, the more opportunities would naturally arise for trouble.

As it turns out, none of it is true ; studies have failed to find any correlation between the phase of the Moon and human behavior. Even people involved in these jobs police, ER docs, etc. The practice of Lunaception.

Just The Beginning

Under this practice, humans had a menstrual cycle that was ''perfectly'' synched to the moon's phases before the advent of artificial lighting, therefore artificial lighting is responsible or among the things responsible for menstrual irregularities and infertility. To combat this, couples who are trying to conceive using this method will sleep in complete darkness lights off, set bedtime, light-blocking curtains Couples trying to conceive should have sex during this time. In time, this will supposedly reset the woman's menstrual cycle to synch with the moon's phases, so she will ovulate with the full moon and unless she gets pregnant menstruate with the new moon.

The practice can allegedly also be used to prevent pregnancy, by abstaining from sex during the week of the full moon. However, it is considered pseudoscience; none of these claims have been proven or verified in a scientific setting. Video Games. It's rarely useful. Certain events can only happen at night, and one boss allows it to somehow be used as an attack. There are Mr. Cutter, two crow tengu who disguise themselves as human. Cutter specifically says that during the full moon their kind gets too excited for them to move outside without exposing themselves.

Yami, the final boss is meant to represent the cold and lifeless moon in contrast to Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Touhou : In Imperishable Night , if you reach the "true" moon, the Big Bad reveals that "pure" moonbeams can drive humans insane.


Urban Dictionary: Lunacy

In one of Remilia and Sakuya's endings , it drives all the non -human characters insane. Reisen Udongein Inaba , one of the said Big Bad 's servants, has the literal power to drive people crazy with nothing more than a glance. Ironically, and fortunately, she's one of the most sane characters in Gensokyo , although that's not saying a lot. In the Extra Mode of that game, a convenient full moon turns Keine Kamishirasawa into her hakutaku form, making her enough of a challenge to serve as an extra stage midboss. Remilia Scarlet 's powers are at their strongest during the Scarlet Moon, setting the stage for the final showdown of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Patchouli Knowledge has access to moon as one of the 7 elements she uses. Luna Child has the power to dampen sounds and create silence, and her power waxes when the moon is in the sky and wanes when it isn't. In Cage In Lunatic Runagate , Yukari claims that the moon "gave birth to all youkai " by illuminating the night, and therefore creating the first shadows for humans to fear. Mamizou Futatsuiwa 's transformation powers are strongest on the night of a full moon. Some of Rumia's spellcards are strongly related to the moon.

Moon Sign: Moonlight Ray is implied to use the moon power to create lasers. Kagerou Imaizumi is a werewolf capable of turning into an actual wolf when there's the full Moon. She also gets hairy, though. As the Moon's Hell is one of the three domains that Hecatia rules over, Hecatia Lapislazuli and her minion Clownpiece possess spell cards where they harness the power of the moon The waxing and waning of the moon is a key gameplay feature in every Shin Megami Tensei game.

In general, the fuller the moon is, the more damage your attacks do, the more likely an accident is to occur during fusion, and the crazier the monsters act. During a full moon they're practically drunk off those moonbeams, which makes for entertaining conversation. There are also some abilities that are more or less effective depending on the phase of the moon. For pragmatic gameplay reasons, the moon cycles every couple of minutes rather than twenty nine days.

Certain games have their own quirks: In Persona 3 , the moon's phases have a stronger effect on the world and gameplay of Persona 3 than in other Megaten games: during a Full Moon, Nyx's influence is so great it causes greater Shadows to manifest outside Tartarus, leading to special "extermination" missions read: plot bosses once every month. Full and New Moons also have an effect on the protagonist's psyche by affecting the Persona fusion processes.

On the other hand, the game plays moon phases more realistically, not only taking roughly an entire in-game month for the moon to complete its cycle of phases but also using real lunar phase data from and , the years that the game takes place. There's a period of time in Shin Megami Tensei I where the main character would take damage during a full moon. This is because of his psychic link to the Heroine, whose reincarnated self is currently undergoing torture from a demon that has invaded her mind. The full moon makes him feel her pain. This is solved by rescuing her. The drop rate of Gems is also highest at this point.

Because they're drunk on the moonlight, they don't really know what they're saying, and will ask bizarre questions. Hecate is a moon goddess, so in her appearance as a boss in Shin Megami Tensei II she is invulnerable as long as any part of the moon is visible — you have to wait until new moon to fight her.

The aforementioned MacGuffin is, for all intents and purposes, the moon of The World That Never Was; the theme of the world is entitled Sacred Moon, the city is draped in eternal night with the only light source being Kingdom Hearts.. Skies of Arcadia. There are six moons Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Silver, plus a hinted-at lost Black one , all powering different types of magic, all dropping meteorites onto the land below which everyone then uses to power just about everything.

And that's not even counting their plot-critical role For instance, when the moon is full, Physical attacks are weakened, while Black Magic is stronger and White Magic is unchanged. Secret of Mana has Luna , whose Moon magic has many uses, from casting MP-stealing spells, berzerker like buffs, to shape-changing your foes. Luna returns in Trials of Mana. Very few classes have access to any of Luna's spells, but Hawkeye's Wanderer class can cast all but one of them.


The game also features the Duskmoon Forest, home to the werewolf-like Beastmen including Kevin, who can gain access to the one Moon spell that Hawkeye can't cast who transform and get stronger at night. Unsurprisingly, the Duskmoon Forest is where you eventually find Luna. The game also includes Dolan, the Benevodon of the Moon's power. He resembles a titanic werewolf-like creature, and can summon the moon to drain the party's health, cut their lives exactly in half, and grant himself the same berserker buffs as the party can cast.

The original possessor of the Rune, Sierra Mikain, is said to be the oldest Vampire in existence.

lunacy (n.)

Scratch that, she IS the original vampire. In later games, it works identically to its counterpart, "Morning Sun," which results of a Dub-Induced Plot Hole due to the clear skies field effect being translated as strong sunlight — moonlight restores the most health when the sun is shining. Only one of them, Clefairy, has any connections to the moon, being said to have originated on it.

As of Generation VI, there is a Fairy-type move named "Moonblast", which is a beam made by borrowing power from the moon. It has the strongest base power of all Fairy-Type moves. Additionally, the previously-mentioned "Moonlight" has been changed to Fairy type. In Chrono Cross , Harle, the harlequin minion of villain Lynx, is revealed late in the game to be the Dark Moon Dragon, created by the other six Dragons to be a servant of the Dragon God. She was created secretly so that she could release the seal on the other six Dragons and they would be able to merge once more into the Dragon God and unleash havoc on humans once again.

She is eventually abandoned by them, as she did not merge with the other dragons. She's even named Tsukuyomi in the Japanese version, after the Japanese moon god. Her special attacks are all moon-based. Ax-Crazy Mitsunari of Sengoku Basara has a moon theme going on in order to contrast with his nemesis Ieyasu. As an Iaijutsu Practitioner , his slashes make crescent shapes and a moon appears in both his Limit Break and his stage. The game often uses sun and moon imagery in order to symbolize the both and the final battle between them is represented as a solar eclipse.

Wizard has the moon school in Celestia. It's powers involve shape-shifting. League of Legends has Diana, the Scorn of the Moon. She's a melee assassin whose abilities revolve around using moonlight to attack her foes, making her the opposite of the sun-powered Leona. While she is a dark character, her goal is more tragic: for discovering the long-hidden secret moon cult of the Lunari, the sun-worshiping Solari almost executed her before she was endowed with her lunar powers and killed them.

In Final Fantasy VIII , the Lunar Cry not only drops a torrent of monsters onto the earth from the moon, it also changes terrestrial animals into monsters. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn , it's mentioned that beastmen become more aggressive at the full moon, which is why the public execution of prisoners will be at the full-moon festival— it keeps them from fighting each other.

Smite , being based on various mythologies, includes two Mayan deities that drew power from the moon: Xbalanque immortalized as the moon and Awilix the actual Moon Goddess. Note that in spite of the Chinese deity Chang'e being titled 'Faerie of the Moon', she didn't exactly use moon power in battle, but rather In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , during the Tanker chapter Sergei Gurlukovich notices that the moon is pale as death in the rainstorm and gets a feeling that the mission is going to end badly.

He's right and ends up dying. Dota 2 features two Moon-based heroes: Mirana the Princess of the Moon and Luna the Moon Rider, they also play the Red Oni, Blue Oni on both aspects of the Moon, Mirana plays the more calmer and soothing elements of the Moon, and her skills are more utility-based and even a global invisibility to her whole team. Luna plays more on the more psychotic and ruthless aspects of the Moon, being a Blood Knight whose skill set are more based on how much damage she can dish out.

There is even a map illustrating the islands the ship visits according to the lunar phase. The Moon plays an intricate part in the lore and themes of Bloodborne , usually tying in with the themes of blood and the beginnings, endings and repeating of cycles there-in. After the player kills Rom, the Vacuouse Spider, the blood moon descends, empowering the supernatural phenomena that plagues Yharnam and driving those already unstable at the beginning to fits of madness.

This is best demonstrated with Sister Adella, who goes completely insane and tries to kill the player after killing Arianna for want of her blood , or for Arianna who suffers labor pains and then gives birth to immaculate Lovecraft slug-freak-baby. I cannot tell where I should click versus type. Keep it simple and use normal input styling. A little border should not be overwritten as being useful.

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The icons on the CSS section are either copy or duplicate. Not sure. No labels on any of the properties though you might have a hover info appear. The imputable areas are less in focus then the icons, should be the other way. The inputted values are more important. Icons could be reduced in size to make that visual importance.

A-ha, I see your point. You like it as it is, and prefer to follow the usability guidelines. That makes a lot of sense. This looks really well done and I don't mean to diminish, but if you had to bet on a horse wouldn't you go with Figma here?


Figma works anywhere, has collab features, prototyping, imports from sketch, etc. Given that this is a Windows-only app, I think this is supposed to be for allowing Windows users to collaborate with teams already bought into Sketch. We like many of these platforms. Paul Cardinal is said to be an embodiment of Lunacy, he has fallen over the edge of insanity and been visited by men in white coats ; he also has been given an award for his achivements in academics, its hard to justify his true state of mind, so the Courts just said Lunacy. A game that isn't only named for the surface that is supposed to represent the friction or lack there of on the moon but also because of the craziness that is going to ensue because of the hectic throwing of moon rocks and robotics with the anti-traction wheels and trailers.

This year's challenge is Lunacy Generally relates to an obsurdly confusing situation one may find themselves in; often shocking, offensive, and in poor taste. Having little or nothing to do with decency.


Pertains strongly to the inquiry of, "What the fuck were you thinking?! After walking in on your girlfriend hooking up with someone else: " What the fuck is going on here?! This is lunacy! A slightly more musical way of saying "insanity". It was once an accepted medical term, but like "retarded" and "dwarf" it has fallen by the wayside. The word derives from the belief that mental illness is somehow related to the phases of the moon, a conviction widely held until it was debunked by the advent of modern medicine.