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Top Ten Visual Arts Tips (and Reminders) for Students!

  1. Converging Lines: Needlework in English Literature and Visual Arts
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In reviewing your works it is apparent that your creative energy knows no boundary. Your courageous experimentation with a variety of techniques and styles is a testament to your devotion to the arts. Thank you for your gentle spirit and wonderful talent. I loved your painting in the current show in Korea Town. Thank you for the beautiful catalogue. Your work is amazing. I think you are the most diversified artist that I have ever met.

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Have a beautiful week. You are an artist who has no fear of any medium. Never change. I am simply amazed at the work you have done. I believe that art is everything. It's a gateway to higher consciousness. It's a statement about who we are as human beings, it's a look into our own subconscious mind, a direct expression of our souls. I have a slogan I came up with called "Life is Art! It is infinitely creative and infinitely beautiful. Have a great day! James A. Mitchell — Artist.

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Converging Lines: Needlework in English Literature and Visual Arts

Patricia McNally - Uncover Nicholas Young - Tools of the Trade nickdrums msn. Leppanen's interest in physics, the universe and the unknown is depicted in his large abstract paintings. He says "In my experimental art, I take ideas, thoughts, colors, action, materials - add energy and let the paint flow.

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  4. I attempt to direct its interaction with the forces of nature creating texture and depth that encourages viewers to travel in their minds. Eric loves discarded paraphernalia — giving it a new life and purpose. After 16 years working in the corporate world After leaving I felt this inner urge to paint with pure energy flow from within. I have never felt more fulfilled in my exsistence then the last two years. I get to paint and create and also run a business.

    While in school I always dreamed of creating a product and bringing it to market. Art has allowed me to fill both of those goals. My work over the last three years has been composed mainly of recycled materials. I find my paint and accessories aside the road that people discard or in old barns and basements that I clean out.

    A majority of my canvas, board, media and frames are made or recovered from discarded paraphernalia. I hope my work connects with you and inspires thoughts and emotion. Leppanen says that painting creates a peaceful balance in his life that he will continue to embrace and explore. He lives in Belfast near friends, family and with his wife Linda and two amazing children Brogan and Zepherin.

    They drive everything he does! Leppanen has been sharing his work at galleries, schools, and businesses in the Mid-Coast, Portland, Brunswick and Bangor, Maine. He is currently represented by Asymmetricks Arts in Rockland with a current Holiday show.

    The Conservation of Guy Wiggins - Episode 7: "Finally, The Frame"

    You can view more information at www. I am an "action painter" letting the nature of the medium take over, add energy, and try to orchestrate a constellation of effects with paint. I look out to the evening sky, often sitting by a small fire or at the ocean edge, my mind opens and energy for creating grows. I appreciate the lucid beauty of nature, it's imagery created both in precision and serendipity. Eldred Boze - Verbier Snow eldredboze frontiernet. Good Photography 18" x 24" From the age of eight, Stacia Gates recalls using art as a form of therapy.

    Growing up in an unstable, abusive home, she found comfort in drawing. When her mother left her abusive father and raised her as a latchkey child, her passion for art kept her company and gave her self confidence. It was for an orange drink. I drew this picture of an orange with big lips, and when they announced I had won on the radio, I was overwhelmed. At 18 years-old, Stacia found herself alone again but this time she had to also take care of her little brother.


    Aside from working to support her brother and herself, Stacia found solace in studying art design at the local community college. Art was always there to take care of her when no one else could. With so much darkness in her young years, Stacia says she tries to show the bright side of life in her work. I look at everything in life with color like the energy of the sun --the strongest form of light. I love to reflect the sunlight on glass or water and create images. It fills up my soul and I get lost in it. I can do it forever. I hope my art triggers an emotion and a sense of well being.

    I hope my work inspires and brings that energy to others when they see it. I hope to generate that spiritual feeling so that they can go into their world and maybe carry some of that positive light or energy with them for the rest of their day. Now that her sons are older, she can finally focus on her art. Last year she started buying canvases and painting seriously. Statement; The soul of a child is a precious thing. It can absorb all the light that it form and transcend it into a journey of great joy. But when the soul has no light to absorb it will breakdown and the journey is dark and lonely.

    As the soul develops it learns that it is very powerful.


    It takes the dark canvas and splashes it with light and color, creating the journey it needs. Louis, Mo. She met her husband, Robert, in high school and they married in They moved to Los Angeles that same year and Christie began her formal art instruction at a private art school called Mission: Renaissance. Christie has always been interested in creating and has done so since she was old enough to pick up a crayon. Her parents were very proud of her talent but did not have the funding for an art education so they bought her an art course from a T.

    Title these columns with Subjective, Cultural, Structural and Postmodern. Using the links below or you can find your own artwork , organise your research under the correct headings. In class we have been learning about the Conceptual Framework. It is a pretty complex structure to get your head around so this week your study guide will focus on reading artworks using the Conceptual Framework.

    Now lets think about the Conceptual Framwork as a structured way of thinking. The Conceptual Framework is a visual model made up of four different agencies. These are the agencies and their definitions:. ARTWORK: The piece of art that we are analysing, the date and the medium eg painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, glass, jewelery, drawing, installation, video. Think about the time period in which the artwork was created and why it might have been created.

    Was it a reaction to something? Does it relate to world issues? How does it exist in the world today?

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    This structure for thinking will make much more sense when you have an artwork to apply it to. Here are 2 links to information on Andy Warhol and his artwork 32 Cans from Now that we have read a bit about Andy Warhol and 32 Cans, Lets put some information into the Framework:. Here is a video that displays the attitude of Andy Warhol about his artwork. Notice he agrees with the interviewer on a lot of her criticisms? This relates to the world and the audience discussed above. Warhol was very mysterious and let his art speak for itself.

    Next lesson Week 3 we will see what information everybody came up with! In class we all began working in our V. A Visual Arts process diary is a place to collect information about artworks and artists, document our own artistic processes and try out different and creative things. Famous artists throughout history have used a V.

    D in there own artistic practices and it is a very important part of Visual Arts. Below are some examples of year 12 visual arts diaries for your inspiration:. Note: These are diaries from year 12 students and you should not feel intimidated! Tara Gurisik Wyndham College. Here are some things for you to think about and brainstorm when beginning your V. Cut things out of magazines or comics and stick them into your diary, use repetition, trace pictures, copy photographs, draw cartoons, sketch things in your bedroom, draw your house, photocopy pictures of your family, document your fingerprints, collect things like feathers and leaves — Use your imagination!

    Your collage should be all about YOU and there is no wrong answer!


    Work on your collage over the next 4 weeks — I will be checking your work in progress. Collage to be completed for presentation by week 5. Filed under: Uncategorized , week 5 — studyguide7 am. D answer the following: Do you like your artwork? What do you like about your artwork? What would you do differently next time? Leave a Comment. Filed under: Uncategorized , week 4 — studyguide7 am. Art Practice : Art Practice refers to the different styles of art making done by you and other artists that you will study!

    D list these styles of art practice and answer: What is it? Describe what is involved in this art practice Name at least 1 artist who works in this style. Filed under: Uncategorized , week 3 — studyguide7 pm.

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    Can you remember the names of the 4 Frames? Filed under: Uncategorized , week 2 — studyguide7 pm. Understanding the Conceptual Framework: In class we have been learning about the Conceptual Framework. Conceptual — an idea or thought. Framework — a model or structure. These are the agencies and their definitions: ARTWORK: The piece of art that we are analysing, the date and the medium eg painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, glass, jewelery, drawing, installation, video.

    Now that we have read a bit about Andy Warhol and 32 Cans, Lets put some information into the Framework: Here is a video that displays the attitude of Andy Warhol about his artwork.