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  1. 5 Ways to Release Your Anger and Embrace Forgiveness
  2. September 24, 2017- Embracing Forgiveness
  3. Embracing Forgiveness
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And, perhaps even more difficult, we need to learn to forgive ourselves. The good news is that God offers hope for our burdened state! His grace is unconditional, and he has made a way for us to be not only cleansed but renewed. All we have to do is ask, and God is ready to forgive us and lead us into abundant life. Are you ready to know about forgiveness and embrace it your own life? Twelve weeks of Bible study Questions for discussion Leader's Guide included for leading your small group study.


5 Ways to Release Your Anger and Embrace Forgiveness

If you have any questions, please review our Privacy Policy or email us at support olivetree. Need to set up an account? Our Policies Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible. And yet, how good is God, not just to put up with us, but to genuinely love us. Faithful, faithful, faithful God. I am definitely a wall builder, but I also think now that I have a ladder inside that wall trying to earn my way up.

Being isolated from pain and trying to hide from shame and guilt by trying to be that perfect Good Girl. I have begun to take a closer look at the sin in my life and the issues of my life I have thought I have hidden behind my wall. I guess nearing 60 years old is still never too old to begin anew! What an amazing gift God has given you LIz to speak straight to our hearts.

Thanks Liz! Never too old is right, Linda! Never too bad, never too lost, never too confused, never too far gone to begin anew. Good news, good news.

September 24, 2017- Embracing Forgiveness

Hmmm, best Christmas gift — I thought -Easy bake oven. I believed, and He so freely gave -forgiveness of my sins and a whole new life. Thank you Jesus!

And thank you Liz, these Bible Study times are so rich. Bless you! Forgive me, Lord — sometimes this is a daily exercise. So thankful for your encouraging words, too, Lizzie. This was good Bread for me today. Embracing grace means embracing His love. Once you get that rooted deep in your soul, well the flood gates are open!

Embracing Forgiveness

I was just in the hospital and rehab for 13 days. The women streamed into my room, one by one, each shift and we talked about God, not settling for less than they deserve, their future, their dreams, their children…it was wonderful. And why me, why my room?

Jesus, they felt Jesus. Despite the pain and the trials it was the best gift ever, boxed and wrapped with a satin bow. God is so good! As someone in the healthcare profession, I am so encouraged by your words! We never know what kind of impact they will have on others! Bless you for sharing your experience, Cathy. Well done, good and faithful sister. Favorite gift? It has to be when my big brother, who was working as a waiter, gave me his large glass jug that was filled with the change from the tips he made.

He had been emptying his pockets and saving his change for who knows how long! Pretty steep for a waiter to be spending on his kid sister. I felt loved! I have the image of that jar of coins spilling out, and your joy in counting it, and his joy in seeing your face. The more I thought about how all this worked, honestly though, the more confused I became. I asked others their thoughts on this and had it explained to me in this way. Despite our mistakes, God forgives us and loves us any ways!! His grace is enough!

What love! Thank you Liz for your insight and for causing me to dig deeper! I truly enjoyed this chapter of […]. RaZella February 8, at am. Liz Curtis Higgs February 11, at pm. Mary Jane Miller February 8, at am. Tammy Howard February 8, at pm. Joan Schossow February 8, at pm. Brandi Luiz February 8, at pm. Betsy C. February 8, at pm.

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Reeda Shreve Francis February 8, at pm. If the hurtful event involved someone whose relationship you otherwise value, forgiveness can lead to reconciliation. This isn't always the case, however.

February 1, 2015 "Forgiving What You Can't Forget Part I" Pastor Howard-John Wesley

Reconciliation might be impossible if the offender has died or is unwilling to communicate with you. In other cases, reconciliation might not be appropriate. Still, forgiveness is possible — even if reconciliation isn't. Getting another person to change his or her actions, behavior or words isn't the point of forgiveness.

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Think of forgiveness more about how it can change your life — by bringing you peace, happiness, and emotional and spiritual healing. Forgiveness can take away the power the other person continues to wield in your life. The first step is to honestly assess and acknowledge the wrongs you've done and how they have affected others. Avoid judging yourself too harshly. If you're truly sorry for something you've said or done, consider admitting it to those you've harmed. Speak of your sincere sorrow or regret, and ask for forgiveness — without making excuses. Remember, however, you can't force someone to forgive you.

Others need to move to forgiveness in their own time. Whatever happens, commit to treating others with compassion, empathy and respect. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

The Way of Love

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