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  1. Synonyms and antonyms of linden in the German dictionary of synonyms
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  3. Drei laub auf einer linden
  4. Love songs - Vocal score

Levy Collection. By Bing Crosby. Vocal Volume 1. Jazz; Love; Standards. Vocal Volume 2. Jazz; Standards. Broadway; Jazz; Love; Mus…. By Frank Sinatra. By Edward Heyman. By Ludwig Senfl For voice. Key of F-Major. Text Language: German. Published by Notensatz S.

Text Language: German…. By Leonhard von Langenau. Key of B-Major. Volkslied Folk Songs. Text Langua…. By Leonhard Lechner. Key of D-Major. Lowry; E. Key of G-Major. Email not valid. Sullivan String Quartets: No. E Majopr, Op. Soprano Arias: Stridono lassu Cantata No. Studies Op. Leoncavallo Bach, J. Cesti Verdi Verdi Bach, J. Verdi Bach, J. Quartet No. Strauss Beethoven Bach, J. Verdi Verdi Brahms. Uberall Wahn! Bertini, 25 Easy Studies, Op. School of Scales, etc, Op. Hoechstes Heil! Tenor Arias: Il mio tesoro Quartet No.

Hiawatha polka Peticolas, C. Applicatio Bach, J. Ballade in D Minor, Op. Piano Concerto No. Valse Sonatina in Bb Major, Op. Sonatina in C Major, Op. Melody fm Op. Rondo in A Minor, K. March, K. Beethoven Haydn Schubert Bach, J. Schubert Bach, J. Bach, J. Haydn Schubert Bach, J.

Mozart Bach, J. Beethoven Bach, J. Mozart Mahler Bach, J. Wagner Wagner Bach, J. Wagner Bach, J. Schubert Beethoven Mozart Bach, J. Haydn Bach, J. Haydn Haydn Bach, J. French Suite No. Mozart Mozart Beethoven Bach, J. Soprano Arias: Or sai chi l'onore Quartet No. Obeissons q.

Synonyms and antonyms of linden in the German dictionary of synonyms

Beethoven Schubert J. Rosenthal Mozart. Theme, WoO80 Symphony No. Hoyt Quartet No. Shannon A little old fashioned, that's all Baer, Charles E. Heart whispers; Intermezzo Miss D. Fletcher Kuss Walzer; Op. Fischer, St. Cannon ball; Characteristic two-step Confare, Thomas R. A Southern dream waltzes Lincoln, Harry J. Pullman porters parade E.

I have something sweet to tell you, or, I'm talking in my sleep! Smith, William H. We all wear cloaks Chamberlain, George W. Du Ungeheuer! Berens, 20 Children-Studies, Op. Quadrilles Preludes, Book 1 A. Heller, 50 Studies Abscheulicher wo eilst du hin? Antigone und Oedip, Op. Puccini Puccini Schubert Bach, J. String Quartets: No. Cantata No. Donnerwort Bach, J. Souvenirs D'Andalousie, Op.

Hochaeitlied, Op. Auf der Bruck, Op. Totengraberlied Schubert Cantata No. La Fanciulla del West : Act 1 Puccini. Prinz Eugen, der edle Reiter, Op. Tiefes Leid Schubert Cantata No. Je ne savais pas Symphonic Etudes, Op. Wohin Schubert Die Spinnerin, Op. Three New Etudes, No. Polonaise in F Minor Op. Gesang des Harfners No.

Ode to our Confederate dead Meares, George D. Die Vogel, Op. Der blinde Knabe, Op. Two-Part Invention No. Auf einem Kirchof Schubert Heidenroslein, Op. Quartet G Major, Op. Frat march two-step Barth, John F.

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Three-Part Invention No. Ballade, Op. Maiden's prayer Everest, C. Swift Quartet No. Wickliffe, G. Comrades Woodman, R. Whitney Whirligig Col. James A. Lakin Welcome home Nelson, Ed. Oh Mr. L'Ardita; Magnetic waltz Mme. Clara M. Jinx Rag Gibson, L. Mashed Potatoes Woolsey Symphony No. Hymns, Op. Des fremden kindes heil'ger Christ, Op. Im Garten am Seegestade Lemcke , Op. Barcarolle No. Nutcracker Suite, 7. Webern , Op. Bodewalt Novelette, Op. Liszt Dammrung senkte sich von oben Goethe , Op. Ojos Criollos, Op.

Brahms Brahms Rudisill, Bess E. Trommelsstandchen, Op. Heine , Op. Bernhoff Liszt Larger Songs, Op. Liszt Der gefangene Admiral, Op. Conrat from Op. II Pt. Heyse , Op. Chadwick Brahms Maganni Ravel. Quand je dors Hugo,trans. Manney Liszt 6 Songs, Op. Coleridge-Taylor 12 He, Zigeuner, greife in die Saiten ein!

Brahms Love Songs, Op. Sonata No. Marionettes, Op. Moderato Sonata No. Beethoven Debussy Handel Bach, J. Soussmann Poulenc Bach, J.

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Suite No. Clipper Nordendorf, C. Magic mirror; Op. Sailin' away on the Henry Clay Starmer Rest darling rest! Don't you want a paper, dearie? That wonderful mother of mine Mary T. Soldiers of fortune march two-step Gustin, L. Heather bells mazurka; Op. Brother's fainting at the door Isaacs, P. Peterkin Lucrezia; Lucrezia Borgia E. M'Carthy What'll we do with him boys? Humoreske; Op. The young volunteer J. Leeson Thou art so near and yet so far; Du bist mir nah und dochReichardt, so fern A. Soldier's memorial day Slade, Mary B. Twilight; Crepuscule; Op. I don't feel no-ways tired Burleigh, H.

Not married yet Hewitt, H. Old plantation songs were used to sing Martin, C. Lift the song; Arise up my love Danks, H. Olys Mighty lak' a rose Mrs. Beauregard's grand march B. Our first president's quickstep Wehrmann Orphans prayer; Fantasia T. How are you green-backs! Bowers, E. I'm so fond of dancing Eph. Wix of Wickham" com Queen of the south sea isles Henry, S. Bingen on the Rhine J. Confederacy march Davis, Jefferson What need have I the truth to tell!

Tilden and reform Long, William H. Thompson, C. Annie's dream waltz Miss Ann Eliza P. Shuster by J. President Johnson's grand march Mack, E. We conquer or die James F. Weeks My lady Osgood, George L. Free market waltz Strauss, F. Whip-poor-will's song Millard, H. The bugle is the sweetest of them all Moore, Harry P. Harding we're all for you McManus, John L. Letter in the candle Clarke, J. La chasse infernal; Grand galop brillante; Op. Mazurka in Ab Minor Op. Maschek, C. Beethoven Sonata Pathetique, Op.

Album for the Young, Op. Rosen Sonatina in G Major, Op. Gymnopedie No. Sonatina in D Major, Op. Waltz in A Major, Op. Leeson Banjo song; Bandanna ballads; Op. Jerome, M. Old black Mammy Brown, J. The greatest day the world will ever know E. Pfeiffer Patience lancers Sawyer, J. Song of the regiment; No.

Chester Gen. Sidney Johnson's grand march Benson, C. Crow out Shanghai; A song for the times Percival, W. Buchanan Schottisch; Op. It takes a long tall brown-skin gal to make a preacher lay E. O Lord, veil not thy face! Heart's message Hayes, F. Clifton Creole lover's song Henry S. Pecher Come birdie come J. Who speaks first gallop Miss Helen M. Wilson Over there Cohan, George M. Southern right's march Ex.

McDonald of Ga. Spirit rappings Rossington, W. Frank A. The old man ain't what he used to be White, C. Wild ash deer Misses Willianna H. Caffee Barnum's baby show polka Rosalia Woodburn polka Geo. Bensell Bright Southern star J. Clark Honeymoon march Rosey, Geo. General Bragg's grand march Rivinac, P. Star spangled banner J.

Queen Good-bye little girl good-bye C. Oh, didn't it rain Burleigh, H. Douglas Schottisch Hon. Stephen A. Douglas Fairy wedding waltz; Op. It was summer time in Dixieland Kendall, Edwin F. Genevieve's doves: Reverie Miss Sue V. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Burleigh, H. Swing low, sweet chariot Burleigh, H. Racquet galop Simmons, e. Hermann He'd have to get under, get out and get under to fix up his E. Pfeiffer The Wide Awake quick step Capt.

Owen Moore In Flander's fields the poppies grow Mrs. Mendel Depths of the ocean E. Indian W. Memory of mother; Nearer my God to Thee Va. Burnside I stood on de ribber ob Jerdon Burleigh, H. Washington Darkies' dream Steiner, Emma R. Trab-trab galop; Trab trab galop; Op. Confederates' polka march Confederate Guards, New Orleans. There's music in the air F.

Gery And they say he went to college Moran, E. Fantasma; Intermezzo two-step Berger, H. Asleep in the deep J. Brave boys are they J. Paterson Whose baby are you? The bloomer's complaint; A very pathetic song P. Graf, 22nd Charles ; Song H. Two little girls in blue Graham, Charles The absent one J. Clarke, Grant The unfortunate man J. Legend of the bells; Chimes of Normandy Engelmann, H. Reiter galop Patrons of E.

Father pray with me tonight Chase, A. Sturm Marsch Galop Webb. Opera house march G. Swain On the race course; 3d grande galop de concert; Op. Herman The national anthem; Are they not all ministering spirits J. Armstrong Dixie's land with brilliant variations; Op. Pearson Our banner of glory! The Broad Street polka Dr. Brock 29th regiment march Gill, Charles H. Den C. Lieben in der Heimath gewidmet Five o'clock in the morning Everest, C. A trip to Niagara Cornish, William J.

Bragg grand march Rivinac, P. Little barefoot waltz Suck, F. Gipsy countess with brilliant variations; Op. Hazel dell Root, George F. Traubel Adieu to the star spangled banner forever Clark, Ella D. Skippy schottisch as danced at Mr. Hlasko's Saloon Lopke, C. Guard of land and sea Garrett, T. My Yokohama girl; Passing show of Shubert Greenbacks! Crehen Mother's prayer A. Hoen My southern queen Ruby, Emory R. Paterson Over the summer sea Weiland, F. Seabrooke Red shawl polka Captn. Charles W. Love is a flower Mrs. Goeckeritz Isadora Donnelly, E.

Mary E. Encouragement polka Webb Ah! If baby would never grow older a mother would never be Meyer, sad George W. Richard W. Greer of Co. McCarthy The volunteer; It is my country's call J. Listen to the mocking bird J. Battery schottisch Col. Duncan Freedom's muster-drum Mr. Sloman Poor old slave E. Southern republic polka march W. Improvisation on the favorite air My Maryland; Op. First love waltz Wallenstein Has anybody seen our cat? Song of the southern boys; Cheer, boys, cheer Schreiner, Hermann L.

Southern rights polka E. Carter, esq. Belmont quick step; Share my cottage Benson, Jo. We meet by chance; Lauf der Welt Uhland, L. When love is young Ellis, M. Moonlight on the ocean R. Gaw Battle-cry of freedom J.

Drei laub auf einer linden

Weeks Womans right; A right good ballad rightly illustrating womans G. Richard H. Anderson of Stateburg, S. Close up the ranks Miss Constance Cary The volunteer! Brigham Protection Rifles' quick step J. Zanone of Louisville Stonewall Jackson's grand march J. Good enough! A voice in my heart, love, is calling for you Danks, H. Zinnia waltz; When other friends are round thee James S.

Stevenson Hearts and flowers waltz; Beauties' charms waltz; Op. Slavery days; Characteristic march F. Poison Ivy Ingraham, Herbert. Knox, Paul J. Delphine, Op. Schubert Satie Ravel Bach, J. Rietz Alkan Bach, J. Mozart Booth Bach, J. Barrre Mozart Guilmant. Handel Chaminade Chabrier Bach, J. Donjon, J. Biber Gluck. Hotteterre Bach, J. Des Heures Passent Part Gregorian Album, Vol. Mozart Kuhlau Haydn Bach, J. Matheson Grtry Bach, J. Marais Bach, J.

Loeillet Mozart Bach, J. Rameau, J. Weber Taffanel Adam Bach, J. Corelli Biber Bach, J. Matheson Popp Bach, J. Mozart Mozart Reger Lang, W. Poth Etude in Eb Major Op. Bizet Kahlau Ferrer, M. Starmer Neidlinger, W. Pearl A. Joseph Thompson, President of the board of women Howard, Richard. Good as wheat J. Slinglandt She was happy till she met you Rosenfeld, Monroe H.

Sea breeze; op. Where the kisses should be Pearl A.

Bufford Op. Wake Nicodemus Work, Henry C. Tyrolese song Lander, S. Little brown baby Fred W. Fred Just noise; Real rag Stewart, C. Alabama secession galop Berge, H. Caswell Never raise a razor 'less you want to raise a row; Mrs. Wilson--that's May Irwin all Quartet No. Sonata in G Minor, Op. Symphony No. Sonata in E Major, Op. Piece Symphonique Tournemire Cantata No. Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten, BWV. Die Rose, Op. Forest Scenes, Op. Romanze, Op. Messe des Pauvres Satie Cantata No. Gestorben war ich Liszt Cantata No. Nahe des Geliebten, Op. Prelude and Fugue, Op.

Abendstandchen Schubert Cantata No. Poems for Piano Vol. III, Op. Sagt mir o schonste Schaf'rin mein Brahms Cantata No. Der Sieg Schubert Quartet No. Auf dem Flusse Schubert Cantata No. Serenade, Op. Choral No. Der Pilgrim, Op. Romanze des Richard Lowenherz, Op. Mozart Cornelius Bach, J. Schumann Bach, J. Schumann Beethoven Mozart Bach, J. Mozart Schumann. Das Abendroth, Op. Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major St. Anne Bach, J.

The Art of the Fugue part 2 Bach, J. Punschlied Schubert Quartet No. Die Vatergruft Uhland, tans. Herr Gott, dich loben wir, BWV. Gregorian Album, Vol. Valse, Op. Coleridge-Taylor 59, No. Lied der Anna Lyle, Op. Trs modr Die Forelle, Op. Mozart Parker Klickman, F. Henri Mozart Bach, J. Schumann Widor Bach, J. Guilmant Bach, J. Tchaikovsky Saint-Saens Bach, J. Book 2 Wohlfahrt String Quartets: No. Mazurka in No.

F Minor Op. Edmund C. Dass sie hier gewesen, Op. Zaulig When it's cherry blossom time in Georgia I. Graves Deh rendetemi Provenzale Sonatinas, op. Sword of Robert Lee Ide, E. Louis Hear the pickaninny band Vanderveer, William J. False alarm W. Dittmar Der Wanderer an den Mond, Op. Elks Someday someone will whisper I love you W. Dittmar Der Tod und das Madchen, Op.

XXIV, 21; Mat. Way down south; Characteristic march, cake-walk and two-step L. Ball, Ernest R. Sprache der Liebe, Op. Hunter Schubert Schubert Engelmann, H. Waltz in Ab Major Op. Posthumous Prelude in C No. Victory Symphony Beethoven Si puo?.. Si puo? Wagner Symphony No. Welch' ein Augenblick! Tenor Arias: Auf hohem Felsen O monumento! Pagliaccio non son! Quartet F Major, Op. Wagner Come Paride vezzo porse Songs, Op.

Durch die Wlder Weber Symphony No. Gigout Sonata No.

Love songs - Vocal score

O realta fm Falstaff Verdi Quartet No. Leve-toi, soleil! King Stephan, Op. Sonata in E Minor, D. Battle Beethoven Hungarian Dance No. Ich bin ein vielgereister, 6P Six Polonaises, D. Pescator Barcarolle Deh vieni alla finestra L'onore! E tuo credevi Suite No. Waltz of the Flowers Tchaikovsky Symphony No. I'm living on 5th Avenue F Quartet No. Moras Quartet No. John Davis Quartet No. Hanson Rose Quartet No.

McKean's quickstep Col. Hitchcock The Southron's watchword! From the land of the sky-blue water; Op. Union polka Badger, W. Beauregard's grand march; Genl. Philip Severin Symphony No. Minor, Op. Haydn Haydn. Fugue in Bb organ BWV. Theme, Op. Haydn Haydn Beethoven Bach, J. Leoncavallo Beethoven Haydn Bach, J.

Beethoven Beethoven Beethoven Bach, J. Haydn Mascagni Bach, J. Beethoven Haydn Haydn Bach, J. Callahan, J. Will Beethoven Beethoven Bach, J. Beethoven Beethoven Haydn Bach, J. Prelude in Bmi, BWV. Mazurka in C Minor Op. Livery stable blues Natwick My faithful Rose H. Eddy Les bagatelles; Introduction et valses Mme. Anna E. Railey Calm on the listening ear of night; Christmas song Hawley, C. Coat of faded gray Hall, H. That international rag; The international rag E. Eva Mudge Waiting, waiting, for the day that ne'er will come Frank A. Should old acquaintance be forgot and the days of auld lang unknown syne?

Basile's galop; Op. The Grays quick step E. What's in a kiss; Irish minstrel Scanlan, William J. Judson, J. Our captain's last words Work, Henry C. Clara A. Whiteman Why don't they do so now? I've no mother now, I'm weeping Col. The palms; Les rameaux Tretbar, Helen D. Three wonderful letters from home Hanley, James F.

Pat Malloy Cooke, John P. Little bird, why singest thou? Ross, Lizzie B. Lucinda's serenade; Negro absurdity Mr. That railroad rag Bimberg, Ed.

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Beauregard's grand march W. Crocodile isle Rich, C. When the evening twilight bids the day good-bye J. The standard bearer Coleman, N. Future Mrs. Bufford Washington artillery polka march Blackmar, A. Brooks Zis for you, 'zat' for you! Who will care for mother now? Virginia Exposition march Henry C. Jones, Director General Va. Collins Gen'l Morgan's grand march Peticolas, C. Wedding of the winds M. Hanna Over the waveless sea; Santa Lucia; Op.

Cooke Where do they get those beautiful dolls? Beautiful isle of the sea Thomas, J. O maiden sweet and holy; Du bist wie eine Blume H. My wife and child Jackson, Henry R. Send them home tenderly Dobson, Austin Song of a thousand years J. Pinafore; Waltz Norwid, X. Louis Greys quick step Wm. Crombie I wonder how the old folks are at home Lambert, Herbert S. Stewart The fisherman and his child White, C. Sinclair Estelle schottische Stapells, R.

Absent F. Nobody knows de trouble I've seen Burleigh, H. The old musician and his harp Higgins, H. Roubaud Tournament W. Dittmar Ho, boys! Beale Street blues Handy, W. Thou art gone from my gaze; Op. Beautiful isle Sarony Spring time polka Turner, A. Chicora, the original name of Carolina; Chicora, the Indian T. Hindustan L. I'll be happy when the preacher makes you mine B. Easter hymn; Nash paskhal'nyi gimn K.

Christmas and new year musical souvenir; Fairies have broken Rosier, their F. Everest, C. Clarence T.