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I guess roleplaying on SL has spoiled me or something, but I just don't find it as good as I used to think it was. The more I look at it, the more I see wrong with it and the less I see enjoyable with it such as the main plot, the characters such as Arturo, etc.

Ultimately, what I loved about the game was the beginning, that feeling of freedom, that feeling of living in a breathing, dangerous world, with so many different paths and routes to explore. The more focused and plot-heavy the game gets, the less I enjoy it. Thank god for discovering rp. So, use what little that I did as much as you want, and feel free to change up any of it, as well as use any of those ideas I listed out.

I don't mind. I am incredibly impressed. Well written, with paragrpahs of decent length and good use of descriptive language. The town comes across as small and dingy, a regular little port, that would find a beautiful young [insert class] washing up an interesting event.

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I especially liked being washed up in rags, it really gives that 'oh shit, survival time' feeling. The tavern scene masterfully expanded and well written, everything I ever hoped that scene could be. The only possible improvements I can think of would be mostly picking the more horrifed and resisting options not leading to trying to resist pleasure but more simply struggling to not utterly break. I admit i found the mention of the PC having previous experiance a little jarring, and would reccomend that unless you plan to start out the module like aDwR, that the wording be changed a little, as it really doesn't fit for inexperianced or well experianced characters.

Perhaps, later, even a script that checks 'vaginal' experiance? I'd also suggest the end of the scene being a short fade to black where its briefly mentioned that it continues for a while, before coming abck to the bouncer moving the PC. It feels like it ends just a little abruptly, due to the numbers in the tavern. Also, a big one might be a single chance at the start as a new, seperate option to escape the scene. One thing that might help the 'feel'? Have the tavern be the closest building to the town enterance. That way, it can make a stong opening impression, as it will likely be the first place people stumble into.

It may be closer to the dock and fitting as such atm, but a player could concievably take quite a while to enter the tavern, and it feel like just a side event albiet a deeply horrifying one. I found the Dragon Claw Inn too, and its nice to see it from the outside. I see the half-orc quest is missing, but I assume thats just because you are working on it, rather than choosing to remove it.

Over all i'm incredibly impressed, as I noted at the start. You seem to have done an amazing amout of high quality work in a very short time. I'm still looking around, so i'll add more later on if I get longer to play. Just played through a little of your modified mod, Aliris. Looks very promising! I was actually surprised you had as much new content to the module as you did. Thanks for releasing it for us to explore.

Dinosaur erotica - Wikipedia

Was going to mention from a prior post that I like your witch's idea too. That she would enjoy taking a souvineer from our PC. Maybe even without her knowledge. Or have minions secretly doing it. Perhaps in her room or looking at her inventory the PC would notice something might be missing, but didn't know immediately what it was. And then sometime later another item would be missing. Sex could be invovled there as well to get info. He's a guard outside of the inn and then you click on him to start the quest. Though admittedly I didn't follow it to the end as I was still exploring the new dig's..

Text is what makes a story successful. Now saying that Personally ADWR would have been better with animations. How about an adventurer type hired by a regional authority figure to investigate the situation? The opening "questionaire" could narrow it down further, complete with the possibility of betrayal and intrigue. I wouldn't expect a fully open world adventure, as I realize complete freedom results in a lack of narrative focus.

For example, it should not make any difference where my character grew up or who her parents were unless the story happens to be about a princess whose country gets taken over, or somesuch and so there's no need for the module to dictate that. Haven't played the first version yet, but all this sounds delightful. Thanks - I looked at trying to pick up on what you'd done and more generally what Valine did. Ultimately it's not "my" story though, and while I could embellish it, I think I'm better suited to doing something different, even in a similar vein.

Ultimately there's only so much replayability in any single player module. The tavern scene is admittedly unpolished, but as I said, it's a rough start. I'm going to go back at some point and even out the dialogue, as well as putting together a more even ending, as you suggest. Definitely - feel free to wander around and suggest things that might go in various spots. There's going to be a wizard who lives in the tower at the end of the Coastal Road, that figures into the 'main' plot. I also had an idea that there might be bandits camped out in the burned-down house near the other end of the kobold caves.

I'm definitely planning to avoid any extraneous information. Most of what you find out about the world will be inferred, or referenced in some offhand manner as you go, or at least that's the idea. While the additions are currently barebone, I see great potential.

The area design is simple but sensible. I have to admit that I really like the starting point of "well, I'm stranded, have no shelter, food or money and barely have clothes". Most importantly of all your writing avoids many of the pitfalls I've seen other writers fall into when trying to expand content of this nature, so I look forward to more. Not in a survival mod kind, where you have to eat every hour or so, but rather one that checks whether you're getting food from somewhere so if you have a room at a tavern, it'd assume you get food and not bother you , and keeps reminding you that you're hungry if not.

Maybe keep the character from sleeping or give mild to severe attribute adjustments? That's a good suggestion. I was planning on trying to keep track of time anyway, so that shouldn't be too hard to add on. I think moderate penalties would suffice - you'd be encouraged to do so, but not so horribly penalized that hitting the fatigued state would be a gamebreaker. The latter is a little buggy still, though it shouldn't break anything.

Should allow for a bit more So I'll probably upload an incremental version after the weekend. Now there's a brief introductory conversation, some checks to make sure you're playing a human or half-elf sorcerer, and a diary to go with the mirror. The diary asks certain questions, and depending how you answer, it sets certain things on your character. You get to choose one school of magic to start with a free spell focus feat in, as well as some alignment setting style questions, and a question about what the character's sexual prowess or lack thereof is.

This determines if you're a virgin or not, but also is going to be used to set the starting value for the character's chasteness, and grants a modifier to the Arts of Love skill. I also made it so that you can't exit the cabin until you've used both the book and mirror, and set the character's chest model since I'll be using scripts that rely on the custom models, as they represent the sizes. Chasteness and Depravity are going to be two separate stats the game will keep track of, that I intend will come into play in certain things quests, conversations, certain NPC attitudes.

If nothing else, maybe I'll just have it displayed for the player. I also fixed up the scene in the tavern a little based on the feedback - now the bouncer comes and disperses the rest of the crowd after the ringleaders have their fun, before he drags and dumps you at the entrance. Grey , Jemma , Trinidad , jemma , grey , book , my , vampire , love , series. After being sold into slavery by the people who were supposed to love her, she works and suffers through the torture. In the hope that Keywords: slavery , cruelty , torture , love , hatred , werewolves.

An alpha male, and a girl with unstable paranormal abilities, a witch searching for answers, a ghost girl with an existential crisis, and a conniving adversary. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. Avery Stru Keywords: mates , romance , love , fantasy , werewolf , witches , ghost , alpha , medium , physic , supernatural.

I can feel my resolve slipping, inch by inch, as the monster inside me is fighting to control my every move. The world doesn't seem right anymore, not when all those fairy tales and nightmares from my childhood turned out to be real. My instincts are telling me that I shoul Book 4 of the Midnight Woods Series Kayley Parker has a rare ability — she can shift into any living creature at any time she chooses — something that no other shifter can do. Keywords: jemma , grey , midnight , wood , novel , shifter , werewolves , free , vampires , sundernatural , completed.

Taylor and Kaden fight fang and claw to keep their freedom--Not an easy task when you and your best friend are rogue female Werewolves coveted by any pack that catches their unclaimed scent.

Review: Dragon Claw Silicone We-Vibe Tango Sleeve by Uberrime

Their freedom streak may come to an end soon when they unknowingly walk into the h And yet, despite its cheapness, Robot Monster is a surprisingly coherent movie. It will be trashy. It will be violent.

Wu Tang Collection Dragon's Claws 1979 DvDrip

It will have no boundaries and no sense of good taste. Watching a Troma movie is about embracing the gore, scatological humor and low-production values and simply appreciating some mindless storytelling. As a writer, producer and director, Charles Band has been responsible for some of the most fun-bad B movies produced since the mids. His production company, Full Moon Entertainment, has cranked out an impressive array of genre classics, from Puppetmaster and Dollman to the Subspecies or Evil Bong series. The latter is about a bong that is evil, if you were wondering.

Is it basically the exact same plot as Chucky? Sure, but the casting of Gary Busey cranks up the insanity factor by at least a factor of five. In the years following Conan the Barbarian there were a lot of sword-and-sorcery rip-offs rushed into production. Lampooned in one of the best early episodes of MST3k, this film has a very sincere quality that makes it fun to watch in its own right. Keefe is like a big, dopey puppy, bounding from scene to scene. You just want to hug the guy, if only to get closer to those ridiculous pecs.

Feast Year: Director: John Gulager. With a strange cast that includes Judah Friedlander, Jason Mewes and Henry Rollins, it does everything a little bit different than expected in telling its story of a small desert bar besieged by monsters. Finally, a Corman movie! And believe it or not, a pretty decent one! Xavier, a brilliant researcher who develops eye-drops that convey the ability see wavelengths of light beyond typical human comprehension. The still-alive ape man defrosts, however, and proves to be armed with a rather unique set of powers.

What follows is a bizarre film about stolen memories and brain-swapping, all taking place aboard the train. There are some really hypnotic performances, especially from relatively unknown Argentinean actor Alberto de Mendoza as a crazed priest. Dinosaurs of the Old West! His imagination inspired countless scores of future filmmakers to make their first forays into cinema.

Sardonicus Year: Director: William Castle. Truly, there was no form of promotion too silly for Castle to embrace. In Mr. At the conclusion, Castle himself would appear and address the audience, polling them if they wanted mercy or additional punishment for the villain, with votes being tallied by raising glow-in-the-dark ballots. Just look at his hammy performance and try to hate the guy. Megaforce Year: Director: Hal Needham. This movie is famous for featuring probably the worst scene of rear projection in film history—the infamous flying motorcycle. A cult classic for sure, The Stuff was one of the best s critiques of consumer culture, all wrapped up in the form of a horror movie.

Profiteers find a white, gooey substance leaking up out of the Earth that proves both delicious and addictive. That is cross-cultural awareness.

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This film may actually be more relevant today than it was in the mids as awareness of fast food content becomes more widespread. King Kong and the isle of Japan had one weird relationship. The first half of the film plays like some Japanese producer describing the plot of the original King Kong as viewed through the lens of a psychedelic fever dream. Most of the action consists of running through the Canadian woods, which can get tedious, but the non-actors who make up the cast are all weirdly compelling. This Reb Brown vehicle is such a strange film, casting the star of both the first TV version of Captain America and Space Mutiny as a blonde caveman with a mysterious destiny.

And check out that Razzie-nominated theme song. Any Bibleman film Year: Directors: Various. This is a special entry, because no Bibleman video is really any better or worse than any other.

Bibleman, as you probably have sussed out already, is a Christian superhero who appeared in a long-running series of videos sold through Christian retailers. The costumes and sets are incredibly campy, harkening back to the visual aesthetic of the s Batman TV show. The fights are kinetic and full of jumping, lightsaber rip-offs and scripture-quoting used as an offensive weapon and defensive shield. Totally needs the full three minutes, right?

The name sounds a little dirty, but The Tingler is actually another gimmick-laden slice of cheese from William Castle. Conveniently, given that this is a horror movie, the only way to stop the tingler is to scream at the top of your lungs. A grown man came up with this idea. How wonderful is that?

Outside of Charles Band, there have been few schlockmeisters more prolific from the s to the present than David DeCoteau. Simply put, this guy has made some truly awful movies. Alien bad. A Talking Cat!?! A martial arts movie is only as good as its colorful characters, and those characters are often only as good as their gimmicks. Master of the Flying Guillotine has the best gimmick weapon ever in a martial arts movie. This whole film feels like someone watched First Blood and then just wandered into the woods with some friends and no script, bound and determined to shoot a movie. It blatantly rips off the first few Rambo movies, but in execution is so much more surreal.

A crazy mercenary commander who just happens to have history with the hero is kidnapping random people off the streets so his soldiers can get experience hunting them for sport, but everything goes wrong when they mess with THE WRONG GUY, Vietnam vet Mike Danton. The rest of the movie is just him ambushing groups of soldiers in the woods and surviving situations where he should clearly have died. The most incredible thing one realizes after watching Dinosaur Island is the fact that this film came out one year after Jurassic Park and not 15 years before.

The really amazing thing was that Fred Olen Ray managed to convince himself that there would be a legitimate market for this thing. Dolph Lundgren! Pre- The Crow Brandon Lee!

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  2. Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady.
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This is exactly as silly-looking as it sounds. I swear, there was like a year period where there were only two or three potential plots for any feature-length action flick. Year: Director: Douglas Cheek. Cynical as hell, it imagines a race of cannibal monsters created by toxic waste dumped into the New York sewers, where it transforms the local homeless population. I think the effects are a part of that—quite icky, but fleeting. I look at this scene of a C. Of every movie ever featured on MST3k, Future War has perhaps the most amazing premise to sum up in a sentence: An alien kickboxer on the run from cyborgs escapes to Earth, where they attempt to track him down with dinosaurs scavenged from the past.

Along the way, he allies himself with Hispanic gang members and a former prostitute turned nun to take down the cyborgs and their dinosaur servants. This is a real movie that actually happened. Not that any of this matters— Future War is all about watching the incredibly bad fight scenes. If there were some kind of corporate tie-in hall of shame, Mac and Me would occupy a very prominent and prestigious position.

If a film like this can ever be enjoyed un-ironically, it will mean the world depicted in Idiocracy has become a reality. It also features one of the best bad line deliveries of all time. The best film by B-movie maven Bert I. I imagine I would have loved this movie if I was a child growing up in the early s. Faster, Pussycat! Year: Director: Russ Meyer. Great title, right? Oddly enough though, the film is actually fairly empowering when it comes to its female leads, a band of three go-go dancers who conspire to defraud a villainous old man.

Being a Meyer film, you can expect a certain grungy quality, along with the following: Racecar driving, women punching and being punched in the face, and huge freaking boobs. The rest of the movie is almost as crazy though, if that can be believed. We had a Barbarian Brothers movie earlier on the list with Double Trouble , but The Barbarians was made five years earlier, before they became master thespians.

This is a film that literally has no reason to exist besides the fact that they had access to these two beefcakes. The plot is the Conan rehash you undoubtedly knew it would be—two young children captured by an evil warlord and raised to become gigantic, musclebound gladiators must fight to take down his empire, blah, blah, blah. Hearing these giant guys in loin cloths speaking in a Jersey-like accent is pretty damn funny. There was a time in the mids when ninjas were just about the coolest possible characters for an American action movie.

Thus, it becomes part The Exorcist and part inexplicable Godfrey Ho-style slice-em-up. It was a huge drive-in success, making more than 10 times its original budget in box office receipts. I mean seriously, how great is that title? Terror character the fabulous Peter Cushing! Aboard the train, he reads the future and foretells the terrible deaths of five other men via tarot cards, in stories that run the gamut from werewolves to voodoo priests and man-eating garden vines.