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Obtain the Moon Recipe by opening the chest slightly ahead of where your character spawns in. Switch to Laponette to use her Bridge of Light ability to cross into the secluded room that contains 2 chests.

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Double back to the large room where you summon the bridge of light and proceed to the! In this room players can acquire the Earth Charm in the lone chest. Exit that room and head towards the opposite path to find a burnable crystal that will drop a Robe of the Wise.

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  5. Use Bridge of Light to cross the gap to reach a room with 3 treasure chests. Make your way back to the large open room and take the remaining path to reach the Dragon Stone just outside of the Boss. Eclipse will be the 3 layer boss Dragon players will go against in this area.

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    While targeting Eclipse, you can target his head labeled as Eclipse, his stomach labeled as Eclipse Middle , and his legs labeled as Eclipse Lower. It would greatly increase your chances of victory if each main party member knows a healing ability. If you can help it, you want Karikaro to mostly attack as her magic attack is the highest of Minessa and Zephy. Alternating using Rock Drop on weak portions and healing up the party will lead you to victory.

    Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. Mage A Dragon's Army Novel. Lusam The Dragon Mage Wars. Dragon Mage Dragon Wars. Dragon Mage Blacklight Chronicles. Dragon Fighter Mage 1. A Dragon's Mage. Tarragon Dragon Mage. At around halfway through the book really hits its strides and things really start to get interesting.

    The characters were overall pretty well done, however, I did find a few of the less major characters to be a little bit bland. For example, the emperor seemed to have no real agenda and just liked to piss everyone around him off. The main characters, Aric and Faden, were mostly well written with a few weird moments, however, their motivations were evident, and character development well done.

    The author also appears to not like using swear words. Overall, The Dragon Hunter and The Mage was quite a good book, but not quite in line with my own personal tastes. The story was fresh and original and the narrator was very good at giving each character a distinct voice and personality.

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    This was more of a performance than a narration! I eagerly await the next book in the series. It's a fine book I just wasn't captivated so I'm not saying I don't like it I'm just saying the hook didn't sink. This book will want you to keep listening the narrator's are well put together to make this story come to live. I can't wait for book 2 to be available in audio books.

    It's rare when there are young protagonists who are reasonable and intelligent; when stubbornness and arrogance are not the plot device used to throw them from one climactic moment to the next. The lead characters get a whole star to themselves just for not making me want to ground them. The magic system and world building is good. Not great, but the elements while not entirely original, are at least not the most commonly repeated. This doesn't sound like a great review, does it?

    But there is something about this book that makes it greater than the sum of it's parts. I think, perhaps, that it's the narrator that drags my opinion down. I wonder what I would think of the book if I had seen it first in print. Todd Menesses is gifted, but self indulgent. His character voices are rich and varied. His dialects and accents are pretty appropriate. His narrator voice, however, is affected and almost jarring in it's over enunciated phoniness.

    In between character voices, he sounds like a bad impression of the worst stereotype of a snooty British butler. I can only think that he must be so impressed with his own voice that he doesn't realize that he upstages himself- and the story. So I'm a little on the fence with this one. Yes, I will buy the next in the series; I am engaged enough to commit to that.

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    I'm going to do it knowing that I may have to hit the back button from time to time as I get distracted by the narrator. I seriously cant for the life of me understand why Todd uses a faux English accent for the majority of the story, in such an odd baritone. Sure, he does an English accent realy well, but it just gets distracting as the book goes on.

    Why he doesnt use his natural voice for the narrative and save his character voices for individual characters is beyond me. On top of the distraction of the odd accent it also seems to cause him to mispronounce or use the wrong word entirely in a number of places. Im really struggling to make it to the end of the book due to the performance, from a performer I usually love to listen to.

    The narrator uses strange and unnatural intonations all throughout the story. It is absolutely infuriating. The story is.. Any additional comments? This book didn't really offend or entrance, but it was a decent story. It flowed well. There are quite a few characters, so it can be a little much at times. I believe even the reader had issues creating the same voices for each of the characters I will say I am looking forward to the sequel, just to see where the story goes.

    On the positive side, the characters do show growth On the negative side, the initial "teen" phase of the kids was annoying as hell. The queen also seemed a little too weak at times, while being too strong at other times Worth the credit. First things first, the cover is very misleading. The only thing that connects the two are that they are half brothers.

    Magic Awakens

    Now, I dare say that it's safe to assume that the two of them are going to meet back up Probably in book 2 , but I originally purchased this book thinking that this was going to be some magical version of Royce and Hadrian. And that was all due to the cover. Now, to the actual story. You're getting a decent start into a new world. One where magic is on the run due to the mage's father.

    Dragon Mage: A Sequel to Dragon Magic book - despinaqrau's soup

    A little predictable, but time honored and dragons are the blood line for the magical community. In reality, there are 2 books going on there. The Hunter goes and faces dragons, gets a team, gets some friends, and saves the girl. The Mage plays politics, learns magic, and gets involved with espionage. Again, let me say that the book is plenty good.

    World development is a strength and the descriptions are top class. The character development is a little lacking and the plot is highly predictable, but it at least keeps you interested the entire time.

    Handsome Sorcerer

    The true downside to the purchase is Todd Menesses. He's definitely not the worst I've heard, but he's on the bottom of the spectrum. His voice changes are mostly jut various degrees of roughness, but the worst part is that he holds on to the last syllable of every sentence.

    You get used to it, but it really bothered me for a while at the beginning. Worth a credit. Unfortunately this audio book was really quite difficult to get into. The continuity is disjointed and the plot is quite weak. On the plus side, the wonderful voice reading allowed me to see this book through to the end. The story is good. But the narrator has a bizarre habit of over emphasising on words, leading to him miss pronounce words.