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  1. Millions of American children were placed in orphanages. Some didn’t make it out alive.
  2. 'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania towns | US news | The Guardian
  3. Cardinal Bernard Law, disgraced in Boston clergy sex abuse scandal, dies in Rome

The attorney general did not say the investigation is closed and there may be more to come. They estimate that in a single little town like this, McCaa affected a generation of kids. And people may not have realized the extent to which tears in the fabric of the community were ripped by McCaa and his ilk, Burns said.

Millions of American children were placed in orphanages. Some didn’t make it out alive.

He said he had no reason to believe that abuse was not continuing after the period covered in the report and he hoped there would be further action. Nationally, John Salveson, founder of the campaign group the Foundation to Abolish Child Abuse, and other activist groups, such as the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests Snap , are calling on Barack Obama to launch a federal investigation.

But he is calling for a grand jury investigations in every diocese in Pennsylvania. Rozzi recalls Graff telling the friend to wait, while he took Rizzo into the shower and raped him. Rozzi shoved the man off him and raced out of the shower, grabbing some clothes and yelling to his friend to flee.

'He was a monster': how priest child abuse tore apart Pennsylvania towns | US news | The Guardian

Father was screaming at us. They ran away, terrified. Rozzi became a star athlete at college, but suffered psychologically. He had appalling nightmares about being chased and raped by the priest, dreams which he tried to quell with marijuana. He credits his wife, whom he met at college, for helping to save his sanity.

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After unsuccessfully lobbying the state assembly, while in his thirties, to take action on child abuse, Rozzi ran for office himself. Three of his childhood friends who also suffered sexual abuse by priests have killed themselves, the most recent on Good Friday last year. Brian Gergely started drinking at 10 after he says he was groped by McCaa. Disappointing grades at school and two DUI convictions thwarted his ambition to become a lawyer.

He is now a behavioral therapist for kids with special needs, has trouble keeping a girlfriend and is single, he said. In , he tried to hang himself.

What should we do about paedophiles? | Sophie Elmhirst

The bishop who succeeded James Hogan, Joseph Adamec, who has since retired, testified to the grand jury. He is excoriated in the report for failing to take action against numerous abusive priests, while ignoring victims. The report says church leaders sought to discredit victims and their families. Adamec was not at home on Friday evening at the address publicly listed for him in Hollidaysburg, near Altoona, and could not be reached for comment. But at his house next to the church where he is pastor in Altoona, Monsignor Michael Servinsky, 69, answered the door and spoke while standing in his hallway beneath portraits of the pope and the current bishop of the diocese.

Servinsky was cited in the grand jury report as having failed to notify law enforcement in and about two priests who admitted past abuse to him, one of boys the other of girls. He was very concerned about making sure the victims got covered [financially]. And they talk about Bishop Hogan manipulating the legal system.

Cardinal Bernard Law, disgraced in Boston clergy sex abuse scandal, dies in Rome

Two miles up the street, the basilica-style Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament overlooks downtown Altoona. He left the position upon reaching the age of 80 in November But much of Law's history is remembered for his time in Boston. At the time he resigned in disgrace from that city's archdiocese in , Law was the nation's senior cardinal.

His initial years as head of the Boston clergy were met with widespread approval as he took firm stands against legalized abortion and traveled throughout the world, bringing messages of hope to downtrodden people during catastrophes. More: Shattered faith: Nearly sex abuse suits against Catholic priests rock island of Guam. More: Montana reservations reportedly 'dumping grounds' for predatory priests. He once wore mountaineering dress for a trip on the Dunajec River during a Catholic-Jewish pilgrimage to Poland, and visited Mexico City after the historic earthquake of But then his legacy crumbled amid the clergy's sex abuse scandal.

Church records at the time showed that he and other Boston officials transferred priests from parish to parish despite records of abuse. Revelations followed that hundreds of priests across the nation may have abused thousands of young people over the previous 40 years. Law was the Archbishop of Boston from until his resignation. One of the priests in his charge was alleged to have raped or molested children; Law was heavily criticized for his handling of that priest and others.

Critics at the time of his resignation accused Law and other church officials of trying to cover up the scandal. But Law told USA TODAY in a interview that at the time, he was not aware of the extent of the crisis nor of its "ripple effect" on victims, families and the church.