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Biomedical Science. Diagnostic Imaging. Gross Anatomy.

General Surgery Board Review

Infectious Disease. Medical Exams. Medical Terminology. Occupational Therapy. Passive Care. Physical Therapy. Spinal Anatomy. Air Traffic Control. Interior Design. Massage Therapy. Pilot License. Business Law. Civil Procedure. Constitutional Law.

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Contract Law. Corporate Law. Criminal Law. Intellectual Property. International Law. Property Law. Business Communication. Employee Training Demo. Human Resources. International Business. Project Management.

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Who Is It For? Learn Absite. Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! Flashcard Maker: Margo Carlin 6, Cards —. Sample Decks: Chapter 1: Cell Biology. Sample Decks: 27 Vascular, 25 Thoracic, 32 Biliary.

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Sample Decks: Thoracic, Cardiac, Vascular. Absite Killer Flashcard Maker: vin gemma Cards —. Chromium What vitamin deficiency causes perioral rash, hair loss, poor healing, and change in taste? Zinc What vitamin deficiency causes weakness respiratory and encephalopathy? Phosphate What vitamin deficiency causes anemia and neutropenia?

Table of contents for The ABSITE review / Steven M. Fiser.

Copper What two electrolyte abnormalities cause hyperexcitability increased reflexes, tetany? Hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia What phase of the cell cycle is most sensitive to radiation therapy? Attracts fibroblasts and increases smooth muscle to speed matric deposition and collagen formation Describe the anatomical relationship of the Portal triad Portal vein posterior to CBD on R and hepatic artery on L What is Diabetes Insipidus? Calcaneous, tibia, supracondyle of humerus What are the signs of gastrinoma?

Severe ulcer disease, diarrhea lipase destruction by acid, malabsorption, incr secretion What are the symptoms of a somatostatinoma? VACTERL - vertebral, anal atresia, cardiovascular, TEF, esophageal atresia, renal, limb defects - structures derived from embryonic mesoderm What are the characteristics of gastroschisis?

Congenital abd wall defect, intrauterine rupture of umbilical cord, no associated defects, lateral right defect, no sac What are the characteristics of omphalocele? What is Conn's syndrome? Crisis presents similar to sepsis with hypoTN, fever; steroids are diagnostic and therapeutic What is Cushing's disease? Excessive secretion of ACTH from the anterior pituitary, usually from a pituitary adenoma.

What is Cushing's syndrome? Bitemporal hemianopsia - vision missing in outer half of both right and left visual fields What is the 1 pituitary adenoma? What are the symptoms? Prolactinoma - galactorrhea, irregular menses What type of cancer demonstrates "peripheral palisading" of nuclei and "retraction artifact" Basal cell carcinoma What is the most common cause of flap necrosis? Can cause hyponatremia and hypochloremia due to leeching of NaCl What is a side effect of carbapenems?

Seizures What are side effects of aminoglycosides? Reversible nephrotoxicity, irreversible ototoxicity What is the mechanism of metronidazole?