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By the time you've finished one Assassin's Creed game, another one will be right around the corner. This entry hinted at the potential of an open world assassination game that's about one quarter as intricate as Hitman, but the second game was the one that nailed the formula. Jarred Walton, senior editor: I played the original back when it was the only option and found plenty to like, but also way too much repetition.

M:i - Rogue Nation 4K Picture

The first tower you climb is an awesome experience. Thirty towers later, not so much. Over ten years later, things have changed, and going back would only ruin any good memories I have of the game. Even at the outset, the open world was extremely repetitive. If you missed this one, at this point it's best left alone. At the time it was technically impressive, and the idea of a time-hopping historical action game was really novel. Now the series is well and truly established the first game is more of a curio than a game you would install expecting a good time.

Tom: This port of the Vita game explored stealth in more interesting ways than any of the other games on the list. Sadly it was an overambitious project and the game suffered from a ton of technical problems. Arno was a complete nobody and the story is chronically dull. A real missed opportunity given the beautiful setting. Samuel: The third game brought us a beautiful world, but one that felt so devoid of interactivity that you might as well have not been there at all.

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It's a criticism I'd level at the combat, too. I remember Assassin's Creed 3 as a game that plays itself against a beautiful backdrop. But hey, it did debut the boat combat systems that would be built upon in Black Flag then turned into its own game with Skull and Bones , where the idea of fighting other ships actually made sense.

Tom: An average retread of Black Flag in dull wintry tones. This game is crowded with unnecessary features and tedious distractions. The tower defence minigames were rubbish, for example, and the crafting system was laboured. The big gimmick in this one was a hookblade that let you scoot down ziplines that someone spread across the rooftops of Constantinople. Those are quite fun, and you get to hang around with Leonardo Da Vinci, and Revelations features some of the craziest action sequences in the series.

Overall, however, it's a bit of a muddle. Samuel: London is a dazzling setting, and the idea of two main characters works well, as does the rope launcher that lets you reach high locations easily. Origins has since refined the series' ancient combat, though, which was getting a bit creaky in this entry. Syndicate did so little to advance the formula and distinguish itself from the rest of the games it ended up being oddly forgettable.

Yet again there were problems with bugs in certain missions. It had more flair than Rogue, though, and was less wonky than AC3. Samuel: Brotherhood depicts Rome really well, but I prefer having multiple cities to explore in Assassin's Creed rather than just one, putting the second game ahead for me. Calling in assassins with a single button press to do your dirty work feels empowering as heck, though.

Tom: I became obsessed with building Rome, building up my assassin school and finding the little tombs hidden around the city. I wish more games would steal the command that summons an assassin from a nearby bin. It feels badass, and I like seeing how the game will figure out where the assassin leaps out from. Sorry, guard, it turns out an assassin has been waiting in that trough since daybreak waiting for me to turn up and whistle.

Chris Livingston : It's just great that we can still be completely blown away by a game world. Just floored by it. Considering how far games have come, and how many we've played, and all the different sights we see on a regular basis, to just be rocked back on our heels, stunned by the beauty and detail and scope of a location like we are in Origins. None of the other games capture the bustling ambience of a marketplace quite as well, and I love the ability to hop from dusty ground level to an eagle-eye view of Egypt.

Samuel: A consistent and engaging action-adventure with a lively setting, a likeable protagonist and a decade-long revenge tale. When you're at the point where there are mines, use the Swivel Gun to shoot them. Do not get too close to them, as there is the chance of chaining mine explosions. There are one or two enemy ships that are near mines, and if you use the Swivel Gun to take all the mines out, you'll easily get the optional objective. The next section of this mission will involve you needing to destroy a fort while avoiding mortar damage.

By this point, the other two optional objectives will be finished. When it comes to the mortars, listen to the crew yelling about the attack. The mortar is fired in a straight line, so all you'll need to do is avoid the indicated lin. Once you've destroyed the three indicated buildings - use the Cannons - the mission will be completed. This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 6 and The Chase. When Amanda arrives, the ship she mentions will appear. You'll need to chase it, and shortly after that, you'll have a number of small ships to take out.

Games Inbox: A good week for PlayStation VR, Steep advertising, and Nintendo Switch remasters

One Swivel Gunshot will take them out make sure the reticule is red before firing. You can use the Cannons if they're in range. Once you've destroyed them, go after the main ship, and you'll get another wave of ships. To deal with Rogue Waves, you'll see a red line appear on your minimap. When it's close enough, the Aquila's bell will ring, use that as your indicator to Brace. This will mitigate any damage a Rogue Wave can do.

The easiest way to gain access to the Frigate's weak spot with a fully upgraded Aquila, is to ram them at half speed head on - to the front of your ship hits the front of theirs. You're pretty much guaranteed to reveal weak spots this way, and then fire the Swivel Gun at them. This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 7 and The Rescue. You'll start this mission in fog covered waters, and enemy ships will appear.

You will need to stay close to La Belladonna, so let the enemy come to you. You'll need to destroy the enemy ships quicker than your ally. I ended up using a combination of the Swivel Gun and Cannons - ensuring that a number of ships were in my Cannon's firing line.

You won't have much time to get this optional objective done, and if you miss it, just reload the checkpoint and try again. Admittedly, it took me three attempts to get this optional objective done. Then Ram the ship to board it. You'll have a quick cutscene, and be shown the Officer you'll need to kill in under a minute.

Ignore all other enemies and get to the Officer. The easiest way to kill him is with a chain kill. If you have him near the edge of the ship, you can counter attack him to throw him overboard. This optional objective isn't too hard to do. This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 8 and French Involvement. This mission requires you to have some good aiming skills to get all of the optional objectives. You will need to destroy two Men-O-War in 3 minutes, so ignore Biddle's ship for now.

Once that's done, you'll need to disable the Randolph's mast with one broadside.

Legion Class Preview Series: Rogue

Use the Chain Shot when you are extremely close to them. This will ensure that you don't miss and fail that optional objective. Once done, ram the ship to board it. Your focus here is Biddle, so run after him. Ignore all other enemies. You'll get a cutscene and then have a one-on-one fight with him.

Counter is your friend here. After he loses enough health, you'll get another cutscene. The fight will then continue. In this area, there are crates that you can use to cause environmental damage. Once all his health is gone, you'll get a cutscene. This finishes all of the playable Naval Missions. AC3 Tumblehome 22 10 Upgrade the Aquila. This is not really a mission, but requires you to buy every single thing possible to upgrade your vessel. To upgrade the Aquila, use the ledger next to any Harbourmaster or Robert Faulkner who is at the Homestead.

Site version: 5. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. The Chase This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 5. Use a mine to eliminate a gunboat. Completed all the constraints in one playthrough. Make no more than 2 missed shots. Destroy 2 frigates by firing at their weak spots. Sink more enemies than La Belladonna - Kill the Officer within the giving time: 1 minute. Destroy the Randolph's mast with a single broadside.

Kill only Biddle. AC3 Tumblehome 22 Upgrade the Aquila. AC3 All Washed Up 84 Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. AC3 Rude Awakening. AC3 Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye! AC3 Mystery Guest. AC3 Heroes are Born. AC3 By Invitation Only. AC3 Criss Cross. AC3 Tea is for Englishmen.