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Don't worry, the PBR is staying in Billings. Based off of Phil Drake's report in The Great Falls Tribune , these are some of the remarks that set off folks across the country:. On Thursday, Rep. Jessica Karjala, D-Billings, referenced women who were accomplished riders and rodeo competitors and suggested Montana create its own Montana Cowboy and Cowgirl Day. Click here to read Drake's full report. Gleason joined us on Thursday's Montana Talks statewide radio show.

Here's a portion of that discussion:. It is unfortunate.

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Montana is one of the most spectacular, beautiful and historic places in America that we visit. The cowboys turn out in droves, and the fans are gracious, knowledgeable and passionate. Step two? Don't piss off Nash Flint, the very hot, very stern chief of police who's not so sure he's on board with Mason's big plans. Nash Flint just wants to keep his community safe and enjoy the occasional burger in peace. He's not big on change nor is he a fan of Mason's troublemaking family, especially his rowdy older brothers.


Hagen Wylie has it all figured out. He's going to live in his hometown, be everybody's friend, explore new relationships, and rebuild his life after the horrors of war. No muss, no fuss is the plan. He's well on his way - until he finds out his first love has come home too. Hagen says it's no big deal, but a chance encounter with Mitch Thayer's two cute sons puts him directly in the path of the only guy he's never gotten out of his head. The night I twice rescued presumably straight Ethan Harris, I figured that would be the last time I saw him.

However, he keeps finding his way back into my life - and into my bed. Guess he wasn't as straight as I thought. Ethan's full of surprises, though, and being bi is just one of them. As cocky as he can be, he's also sharp and witty and, even when he's being his most arrogant self, he's charming as hell.

He likes to win, but so do I. However, as we get to know each other, I realize there's more to us than the games we play in and out of the bedroom. He promised to never leave me. But when I needed him the most, that was exactly what he did. Wilderness guide Xander Reed has spent fifteen years trying to forget the night he turned to his best friend in his darkest hour, only to find the young man who'd sworn to always have his back was turning his on Xander instead.

Two thousand miles and fifteen years of building a new life in the quiet backcountry of the Rocky Mountains should have been enough to put the memory of Bennett Crawford out of his mind. Gary should be living it up in his South Tower unit of Metropolis, but he's having a hard time adjusting to his newly single status. It's not easy to walk away from five years with his ex, who he discovered was cheating on him with some North Tower twink.

After a night out partying, licking his wounds, he goes to bed alone. When he wakes the next morning, there's a naked guy in his bed.

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Not just any guy. A stud from North Tower. But hot as he is, what the hell is he doing in his room? Retired soldier Richard Davis wants a stable life in a quiet town with a forever man. Becoming the sheriff of Hope, Arizona, accomplishes two of his three goals, but instead of finding a serious partner, he falls for too-young-to-be-committed and too-flakey-to-be-serious, Todd Smitty.

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  8. Richard won't find the right man if he's obsessed with the wrong one, so he walks away from Todd. When a mutual obligation requires Todd to move into Richard's house, he's thrilled at the opportunity to earn a second chance. High school graduate Jeremey Samson is looking forward to burying his head under the covers and sleeping until it's time to leave for college. Then a tornado named Emmet Washington enters his life. The young man with a double major in math and computer science is handsome, forward, wicked smart, interested in dating Jeremey - and he has autism.

    When Jeremey's untreated illness reaches a critical breaking point, Emmet is the white knight who rescues him and brings him to The Roosevelt. After giving up on his career as a country singer in Nashville, Christopher Ryder is happy enough performing at the Smoky Mountain Dreams theme park in Tennessee. But while his beloved Gran loves him the way he is, Christopher feels painfully invisible to everyone else.

    Even when he's center stage he aches for someone to see the real him. Bisexual Jesse Birch has no room in his life for dating. Raising two kids and fighting with family after a tragic accident took his children's mother, he doesn't want more than an occasional hook-up. I've never messed around with a guy before. Not that I haven't been attracted to guys. The opportunity just never came up. I stand at the front door, naked.

    My bro's roomie, Scott, is pissed about how much noise I made with the girl I just escorted out of their apartment, but I figured we were alone, and I couldn't help that she liked to scream out to let me know she was enjoying herself. Discovering his boyfriend's affair with a co-worker wrecks Eli's holiday plans. With his parents on a cruise and his brother and sister out of town, he's on his own.

    Meet the Tesla of e-bikes- An interview with Adrien Roose, cofounder & CEO of Cowboy

    His mother insists he escape to her friend's mountain cabin. Eli reluctantly agrees, but he takes off unprepared and ends up driving into the worst snowstorm the area has seen in years. He survives the trip, but he's stuck with no logs for the woodstove and little food. Fortunately, he gets the number for Mac's Wood Delivery. Mac doesn't mind riding to the rescue, and his deep, sultry voice has Eli eagerly anticipating the delivery.

    It was rather satisfying to see that Bryn didn't just fall into his arms, and that he had to work at it a bit to get the future they both wanted.

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    Sep 25, Jacqueline J rated it it was ok. Pretty meh. The secret child was not really a secret. If I was the heroine I would not have wanted to go back to the family that threw me out. And to cap it all off, the secret child part turned ludicrous. May 06, Moran rated it liked it Shelves: janice-maynard , harlequin-desire , book-depository. It was a nice fast read but the thing that really annoyed me was the fact that Trent's brothers Gage and Sloan were mentioned over and over again during the book but in a very shallow way and not even once did they come to the ranch to be with their father and see Bryn and Allen.

    May 27, TinaMarie rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Trent treats her like crap believing she lied about his brother getting her pregnant and that she is back to try to get money. It's a terrible excuse and I hate the way he insults and in the next breath is kissing her, then shoving her away and why the heck would she put up with that? Are we all stupid for our first crushes? May 31, Mandy Menasco rated it it was amazing.

    Great read. Aug 21, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: annoying-characters , contemporary-romance , harlequin-style , ick-factor , reunited-after-heartbreak , someone-else-s-c-b , walk-on-me-i-m-a-doormat. When she was 18, Bryn Matthews asked Trent Sinclair to the prom and the older man, uncomfortable with his attraction to Bryn, declined. So, she accepted when Trent's younger brother, Jesse asked her and they began dating.

    SRW T DLC 6 Showdown! Cowboy vs CEO!

    Pretty soon, Bryn became pregnant, but Jesse lied, denying paternity and destroying Bryn's reputation with the family whom she lived with and they kicked her out. Now, a single mother, she returns at Mac Sinclair the father 's request to c 2. Now, a single mother, she returns at Mac Sinclair the father 's request to care for him after his heart attack.

    But she's also there to stand up for her son and get him his rightful place in the Sinclair family. He's ready to ask her forgiveness after Jesse's death, but Trent isn't ready to believe Bryn. He still think she's a lying Jezebel. But Trent can't avoid the truth forever, nor can he deny that he's never stopped loving nor being attracted to the lovely Bryn. This is a bit of a borderline incestuous clusterfuck. It was kinda cool at times. Bryn is a bit of a MarySue. I mean the only family she'd ever known basically believed the lies that she was promiscuous, that she'd slept with other guys and then tried to pin her pregnancy on Jesse and Trent believed she'd done it all to hurt him for turning her down and then, to make matters worse, they kicked her out of the house, exiled her to live with her aunt when she most needed her family.

    What woman, after that, would come back ready to forgive them? And with so little atonement or groveling. She was also pretty much a doormat to her own lust, since it's evident that Trent believes the worst of her but that doesn't stop her from wanting to have sex with him.

    Overall book rating

    All of this secret baby who wasn't so secret, mistaken paternity, what happened to Mom and mistrust was all over the place. There was a lot of little side plots in that respect. And I experienced an ick-moment when Trent reminisced about how after Bryn had started dating Jesse, he counted on Jesse's lack of attention span to have Bryn free in a short time, so that he could pursue her. So he'd get her after his little brother was done with her.

    Kind of ew. Not only is it not following the "bro code" but it made me think they could just pass her around and share her This was a well-written story, with a somewhat different take on an old cliche, but it didn't really do much for me. Aug 14, Traci Westling rated it it was amazing. Nov 23, Dinanita rated it really liked it.

    I thought the book was a love and hate relationship between Trent and Bryn. But I really like how the author had put the ending I've never read an ending like this one before because the girl usally says yes to the first time. Dec 23, Tia rated it it was ok. Read this one before. The child wasn't a secret and the story was very poorly written in my opinion. I didn't relate emotionally to any of the characters and found it to be quite the cluster.

    Sep 22, Ladyacct rated it liked it Shelves: shorts.