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Our Times received lukewarm critical reviews. In Singapore, The New Paper gave the film a rating of 5 out of 5, describing the film as "an irresistible combination of nostalgia, humour and heartfelt emotions" and praising it for "pack[ing] a punch for capturing the bittersweet feelings of youthful love". On August 20, , "A Little Happiness" performed by Hebe Tien reached million views on YouTube, making her the first Chinese-language singer with more than million views.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Our Times Theatrical release poster. Film Business Asia. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Numbers. Associated Press. Business Insider. South China Morning Post. The Straits Times. Cinema Online. The Hollywood Reporter. Taipei Times.

The New Paper. Golden Horse Awards in Chinese. Categories : films Taiwanese films Taiwanese teen films Taiwanese romance films Taiwanese drama films Taiwanese comedy films Teen romance films s teen drama films Teen comedy films s romance films Directorial debut films s high school films Films set in the s. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Theatrical release poster. Hualien Media International. Then I tried to use my account and I could not log in.

I wrote again and was told they had deleted and blocked my account which I had paid for and had basically not even used. They told me via email that they could not disclose even to me the reason they blocked and deleted my account.

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For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I registered for OurTime and I paid for the 6 months discount subscription, I have tried uploading my pictures and it has been pending approval for almost 2 weeks. Contacted the support but I am getting pre-determined response, not even talking to anyone.

I have been widowed for 4 years and i work on an oil rig, I thought I would meet someone special who I could spend my retirement life with. Every attractive lady that has contacted me on this site so far has been a scammer. They send you their phone and say, "Text me" which is against the rules, this way the scammer gets your and hacks your info or they send you their email address.

Same thing. Now they have yours when you contact them. First they'll ask you where you're from, where you grew up but not answer similar questions. Plus the site matches you up with people who don't come anywhere near to your preferences, age, race, distance and so unattractive. Total rip off. Save your money. Previously, I emailed OurTime to cancel my subscription. I was told my account would be canceled and I would receive a refund back to my Paypal account. Well, one week later the money had not been returned to me.

I kept receiving notifications from OurTime that members wanted to get in contact with me.

‎OurTime - Meet 50+ Singles on the App Store

Whenever I tried to respond, I would always receive a pop-up saying, "reactivate" my account and receive a discount. Albert informed me my account was active until November , yet I could not contact anyone. Every time I did I receive the pop-up. Albert said this was an option. Why are they sending me offers when I had six months left on my subscription?

Which I thought was canceled already. And because OurTime had been sending me notifications, that constitute usage and I would not be eligible for a refund. OurTime is a deceptive site. I am trying go delete matches, especially out of the area matches. I hit the delete button and the unwanted matches do not disappear. How do I delete them permanently? I have tried this multiple times and no luck. I do not want to see the same names turn up. I recently created an online profile for OurTime.

That's where the problem started. No matter how I tried to process my subscription payment, I received the message that my payment was declined. I tried subscribing through the app as well as on the desktop site. I tried PayPal, 2 different credit cards and a bank card. Despite the fact that all of these payment methods had ample funds from which to draw at, the result was the same - payment declined. I told the customer service rep that I had done that and was told the problem was not on the payment end but rather on the website's end.

The customer service rep offered to sign me up over the phone at full price as he did not have the option of processing the discounted price.

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I told him this was unacceptable and he told me I would have to go through the site to make have the reduced price apply. I repeated that I have been unable to do that which was why I called. He again suggested I contact my financial institutions to see why my payments are declined. It was at this point that I asked what other means were available to process my subscription at the discounted price. He said he'd let the technical team know there is an issue and I should try again in a couple of days.

So I once again called customer service. She told me there was no problem with my account so I should contact my financial institutions here we go again. I explained to her that was not where the problem lies. She said it wasn't possible that I would have to sign up through the site to get that discount. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she told me she would give her supervisor my contact information and someone would call me back within a day. I told her I'd wait on the phone while she located a supervisor.

After a brief hold Princess came back on the line and said her supervisor was busy and that the supervisor would call me back within a day. At this point, I'm beyond annoyed.

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I strongly believe this is a Bait and Switch deal. I'm sure my payment would have no problem being processed if I wait until it's back to full price. I joined this site. I have nothing but outstate scammers.. I report and block them to have them come back in a day with same picture but different name and whereabouts.. I want a refund.. Also they keep sending messages to men I did not send one to?

I never send one.. I truly think this site needs to be investigated by police. Never again.. I did receive some nice comments from others on the site, which was good for my confidence. I was nervous about dating because I haven't dated since my divorce 7 years ago. I went on two okay dates that didn't work out. My number one complaint is there are a ton of scammers on the site. They ask for your email and then email from a fake OurTime email, so that you will click on their links. Long story short a scammer hacked into my account and messaged a ton of people, changed my profile, and put a pic of a 25 year old.

I called OurTime and they helped me reset it. However the scammer already said crazy things to others and a lot people blocked my profile! Then the next day someone was using my account again. I had to call and cancel the account and they refused to refund me even though I had just paid for another month. I initially received many notices that men were reviewing my profile. Within the first evening I received 4 contacts that were scammers. All 4 were instantly in love with me planning our lives together and all 4 immediately wanting my offsite contact information from me because they were not renewing their subscription or were viewing from a friend's subscription that was leaving the site as well.

Now that I have stated in my profile not to contact me unless you are real and not a scammer I'm not receiving anything but viewers. Don't bother. After going through the long process of putting all of my information, photos and summary as well as the 'matching' criteria I found that I couldn't not communicate with anyone at all unless I paid for a subscription. I don't want to waste my money and time to find out that all of the messages there were quite a few that were coming in were from people who I wouldn't have chosen.


At least there should be a preview of the person sending the message. That might be worth paying a fee for. I was emailed by this man on the site. He bored me what I thought was his life story. Even revealing details that should remain private about his family. Perhaps even for a few months. It must take some planning. He very quickly suggested we exchange phone numbers and started texting each other.

He sounded reasonably educated and said he worked in finance. The photo he uploaded with him standing around a couple of nice cars is far from the reality. That's when he can be sensible enough to not run out of petrol in the middle of the motorway. His health problems sound like a publication in a health journal for grubby diseases.

ED could just about, be excused if he had a monogamous bone in his body. Don't expose yourself girls to horrible stds. The stacks of dusty old newspapers are a sight to behold. He has nothing to offer anyone. Don't fall for it. It's nothing but a string of lies. Just a warning girls. You are simply one of many that he has on the loop.


Very soon a matter of weeks or months, you'll soon be faced with stark reality as he starts the disappearing act saying "We could be better as friends" as the entire act is being played all over again on the next victims. You've been warned. Give him a big miss! One of the most unattractive men members of any date site. I was getting tons of flirts AKA time wasters and rarely an email.

If I would respond to the email the message would pop up "Member no longer found. Or respond and never hear or see the profile that the initially contacted me. Now that I no longer want to renew my membership I'm receiving messages from the site admin that I have about 28 messages waiting and that I should renew to be able to read the messages. Save your money and treat yourself to a lunch instead of giving your money to these criminals. I went on the home page and it said I had had profile views, had some winks and one person had me as a favourite.

I had no profile on there, and my glance at the website could not have conjured up ANY attention. I will spend my money elsewhere thank you. This should never be allowed as so dishonest. I started talking to this man on the site and sooner we exchange phone numbers and started texting each other; the man sounded a well educated man and said he was an architect.

He even sent me pictures of some work he was going to work on, it seemed like it was real but I very precarious about because it sounded too good to be true. After 3 weeks he said he had to travel to another country for a contract. That was the beginning of a red flag for me. So, the end of the story is that the prestigious architect ended up asking me to send him an iPhone and iPad.

Totally agree that this site needs to be removed. Ladies, be careful!

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Fortunately I didn't fall into this trap. I'm very honest woman and have an education and was hoping to meet an honest man but I am very disappointed. Please stop using this site. No matches considered any of my preferences. For example I wrote I dislike facial hair. OurTime continues sending emails and to harassing me. I had belonged to this site about a year ago and met some people on it, but when I came back to it to rejoin this spring of it had changed for the worse. I went to update my profile, and it had a character not word limit.

This means about 2 sentences to a field. How am I supposed to say anything meaningful in 2 sentences? They are treating it like a dating app, not a paid for dating site. For the prices they charge, you should be able write at least 2 short paragraphs per field. Even the free dating sites let you write enough about yourself. I contacted them about this, and got a form letter back that had nothing to do with what I asked. Who do they think is going to pay a lot of money to just upload a few pictures?

I for one am not interested in that kind of a shallow dating site. Technical support reset my passwords and finally told me my account had been hacked - after they supposedly "cleaned up" my account I still was not able to consistently log in. I finally called to cancel my subscription and was told since I actually used it I would still be charged the full amount for the six months of service even though I was only on for less than three weeks - "no way to authorize any type of refund" said the foreign sounding voice.

Technical support tried repeated to tell me my login issue was a problem on my end - that I needed to check my internet connection which was fine , remove any firewalls sure, I'm going to do that for them , clear my cookies and reduce my connections to several regular account I use … Just full of crap!!! Don't use OurTime, certainly don't sign up for anything beyond one month if you do insist on trying it and be aware of possible damage to your computer and annoying unwarranted emails thereafter.