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Memories of her older brother who died in a solitary cell on death row beat rhythmically through the narrative, feeding into broader reflections about the costs of freedom deprived. Strong family loyalties, anxieties about race and color, the inevitability of linking sex and money for women with little of the latter, and the social ostracism of women who love women weave through this well-plotted story. Told with empathy and humor in Trini speak, the brief novel succeeds in bringing its main character, and others around him, to life. Delving into personal relations in a variety of Jamaican settings, the stories are touching portrayals of individuals driven, in often comical combinations, by lust, jealousy, arrogance, and duplicity but always in ways that make us smile in sympathy with even their most extreme foibles.

Taken together, a mid-life stock-taking by a talented Jamaican who lives in New York. An interesting read.

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The second, addressed to her own dead mother, evokes in detail the horrors they experienced. A strong, moving meditation on memory, loss, evil, and courage.

A memorable book. It has won at least four literary prizes. Imagining what happened to that boy, as revealed through his fictional conversations with Jacques Lacan nearly half a century later, makes up the core of this slim, dark tale. We would not dare to translate. Niel has done his homework, drawing extensively and usefully on the several books including our own and the scholars and officials thanked in his acknowledgments, as well as his own experience in Guyane. But we have doubts that the plot, dialogue, and characters will hold the interest of general readers.

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But, as a partly autobiographical work by a young Aluku Boni , it has the advantage of being an inside job. The central protagonist, like the author, manages against all odds to be successful at school, eventually winning a scholarship to the prestigious Sciences Po in Paris, where he discovers a whole new world and then spends a year studying in Colombia. Though written as third-person fiction, it reads more like a memoir—not particularly successful as literature but largely believable.

Inspired by the paintings of his Scottish-born, Canadian-raised, Trinidad-residing friend, the Caribbean master pens a poem facing each artwork. Astonishing, personal, honest, and wondrous—spend some time with this one. Questel, who died suddenly at age 33 in , was the first Ph. Augustine, with a thesis on Derek Walcott. And the influence of that poet, as well as Kamau Brathwaite and George Lamming, Wilson Harris, and other West Indian literary giants of the previous generation , shows strongly in the three collections of poems, previously published separately in Trinidad.

Vincent-born Anglican priest. A page introduction and extensive notes situate the poem in its historical and literary context. Overall, a real pleasure.

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Poems about marriage that make you think, as well as laugh. A very special female Virgin Islands sensibility. Highly recommended. Whether evoking Jamaica, Venice, or Florence, they remain anchored in the postcolonial Caribbean, learned and resonant. By turns arch, personal, and critical of simple notions of identity, her poems interrogate expatriation in the wake of Empire.

Paulette A. In Book of the Dead Philipsburg, St. Martin to explore other Caribbean sites and oppressed peoples as far away as the Middle East with his spare but heartfelt protest poetry. Some diverse nonfiction not otherwise reviewed in NWIG :. Shoatz was a founding member of the Black Panther Party, convicted of killing a police officer, given multiple life sentences, and has now been incarcerated for over 40 years, more than 20 in solitary confinement. In Soualiga Catholica: St. Martin of Tours Parish — Philipsburg, St.

9782264036896 - Affaire Nicolas Le Floch English and French Edition by Jean-francois Parot

LeGrace Benson, who discovered and fell in love with Haiti as an American college student in the s, has devoted her life to the study of Haitian art and culture. Dating of the artworks illustrated would have been an embellishment to the work. Nearly a hundred stunning black-and-white images catch Cubans flirting, napping, dancing, doing the laundry, playing dominoes, getting haircuts, feeding pigs, playing soccer, watching TV , getting married, and more. On the whole, shallow and unsurprising, if easy to read. Years in the making, The Banjo is filled with research and anecdotes, moving from the history and distribution of diverse African chordophones through their widespread Caribbean descendants and on to their North American counterparts and performers.

Darkgray / #a9a9a9 Schémas de Couleurs Hexadécimal et Peintures

But overall, the book is a joyful, personal romp through an exemplary material testimony of Atlantic history, with important observations about twentieth-century U. Bibliographic references are restricted to the French language. The book seems stronger on politics, music, gender, and sexuality than on literature or the arts. Overall, a good read. There is a nice chapter about Aphra Behn, but the rest of the book is pretty much political and military history, ending with the Dutch take-over. The book is based on the radio documentary Published in by Breen and Ed Gorman, containing the short story by Tony The work was translated by The Blessing Way [First Edition, hardback, ] This is a hardcover edition with a full color dust jacket designed by Mozelle Thompson.

The back of Published in paperback, this edition The Blessing Way [Paperback, ] This paperback edition issued by Avon was distributed with two different cover art designs click the Published in by Rowohlt The cover It is recorded on The German title translates as The full Published in , it is The Swedish The Blessing Way [Sidewinder Publishing, illustrated hardcover, ] This is a illustrated hardcover edition of Tony Hillerman's first novel, The Blessing Way with illustrations are The Blessing Way [Paperback, ] This is a paperback edition published in It includes the chapter, "At last, the real war", from This is a paperback edition published in The edition is pages and the spine measures 19 cm.

The Romanian Tony Hillerman's original text was translated from There were at least four Tony Hillerman's original This edition was published Frjals Fjolmidlun in It includes a chapter from the then forthcoming Translated by Jean Esch. Published in , it This This edition was published in hardcover by Harper Avon released The dust jacket Published in , the title literally translates from German This audiobook was published by The front cover of the dust jacket is a reworking The cover art, The cover design Rio Grande [University of Texas Press, hardcover compilation, ] This is the full and detailed view of the first edition of Rio Grande , edited by Jan Reid, which contains, It was published in by MacMillan London Listening Woman [Avon, paperback, ] The first of three Avon paperback editions of Listening Woman to come out in , this edition the only one Listening Woman [Avon, paperback, ] The second of three Avon paperback editions of Listening Woman to come out in , and the first of two Listening Woman [Avon, paperback, ] The third of three Avon paperback editions of Listening Woman to come out in , and the Tony Hillerman's novel is translated from English into Hillerman's publishing history Listening Woman [Recorded Books, audiobook, ] This is the unabridged version of Listening Woman as an audiobook, narrated by George Guidall, published by Hall came out with both a hard- and paperback large-print edition of Tony Hillerman's The fourth book in Hillerman's Navajo Mystery Series, People of Darkness [Avon Paperback, first Canadian paperback printing, ] The first of two Canadian printings of the Avon paperback edition of People of Darkness , originally This edition was published in by Victor The fourth book in Hillerman People of Darkness [Avon Paperback, second Canadian paperback printing, ] The second of two Canadian printings of the Avon paperback edition of People of Darkness , originally This is the fifth book in Hillerman's Navajo Mystery In its series "Bestseller Grijalbo Oro," the People of Darkness introduces Sergeant Jim It was published as part of The book designer is Susan The cover art by Susan The fifth book in Hillerman's Navajo Mystery Series, This is the fifth book in the Tony This is the fifth novel in the Tony Hillerman Navajo This edition was published by The Mysterious Press in This novel is the fifth Tony Hillerman Navajo Mystery It is the fifth Navajo mystery novel by Tony Hillerman Like the Swedish edition, this version was This edition is This edition was published in Lisbon, The fifth The text was The original German translation is done by This edition is a hardback with a full dust jacket.

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The Ghostway [Avon, paperback, ] This is the first paperback edition of The Ghostway published in by Avon Books now an imprint of It also The text was translated into This audiobook was This edition consists of This unabridged version is read by This edition was published by Minumsa in Seoul, South This is the seventh book in Hillerman's Navajo Mystery This edition was published in by Skinwalkers [UK first edition, hardback, ] This is the first UK edition of Tony Hillerman's eighth novel, Skinwalkers , which was published in by Skinwalkers [Michael Joseph Uncorrected Proof Copy, paperback, ] This is the uncorrected proof copy of the paperback edition of Skinwalkers.

This edition was published by This edition was published in by Rowholt This edition was published in by Hayakawa