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For these reasons, I think the Impact Hub Fellowship is a great opportunity for all participating startups, not only for the winner. First and foremost, we have sourced an excellent partner, a specialist in his field. Winning the representative award supported this step. In terms of figures, our revenues have doubled since participating at the Fellowship.

Go and get it! Participate, if your venture meets the requirements. The Impact Hub Fellowship offers a great opportunity for every startup to development itself, it is certainly a valuable experience even without winning the final award. We love innovation. We also love traditions. Since the beginning, we asked our community for feedback and input concerning Impact Hub.

To continue this tradition, we decided to hold our Townhall Meeting 2 on December 18 right before our HubXpress Christmas party. Whereas the first Townhall Meeting was more about surfacing topics that are relevant to our community , this one was about starting concrete action items. The last event of the year is always a good reason to look back on the year that passed — a very eventful year in our case — which Nicola summarized for everyone.

Our biggest happening was certainly our marriage with Colab. And probably that we finally have good coffee — it only took us five years!

The supporting program with numerous conferences, forums and events

Our community grew from to members. We held over events at our spaces, the biggest one being our fantastic opening party of the new Colab space in September. And with new Global Membership and Passport, the easy traveling for members among Impact Hubs is now guaranteed. We went from 12 to 25 people in one year, which is an amazing growth. And we will keep working on ourselves, to improve ourselves, to prototype the future of work within our organization and to venture on new paths of governance within our organization.

However in order to be able to define in which direction we want to grow, we need to know what our vision is. Though we know WHAT we are doing — namely building an ecosystem of innovation and change with you — we still need to figure out the HOW. This is what we will do: We will take the next 3 months to work on our vision. Step 1 will be getting your feedback through a survey to find out how you see us. And finally, we will try to align all the views into one shared language and vision in step 3. Our goals is to have something we all can identify with in April. After the general intro, we split up in small groups to discuss topics currently relevant to our community.

We had the following groups:. Below you can find a short summary of each of the groups plus a concrete action item. We will look back upon them at the next Townhall Meeting to make sure action has been taken. Make sure to sign up for the next one in April here. Michel informed the group about the upcoming process to develop the renewed common vision for the Impact Hub after the wedding between Colab and Impact Hub.

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Starting point are the values collaboration, passion, purpose, and maker spirit. Group members showed their interest to participate in the discussion of the vision. Action item : inform the community about the planned steps to develop the vision, including options how to involve them. The group discussed how members could be more integrated into day-to-day decision making at Impact Hub. Are these quarterly Townhall meetings enough or is more needed? The group felt that decisions should remain with Impact Hub, but they were more than happy to help with feedback and implementation.

There is currently little awareness of the fact that the Colab location should or will be hosting a workspace where digital fabrication and prototyping techniques can be implemented. We concluded that we need to show people what digital fabrication is actually all about to raise awareness of this topic. Action item : We will put a 3D printer on display e. Are those programs useful for companies and startups equally? Additionally, a structure has to be found that helps corporates to understand the needs of the startups and train their employees to participate in cooperation with the startups effectively.

However, they find it very difficult to find each other, know who is doing what of team and member and miss an interactive directory on our website. As the members are a fan of toilet comms, we will also try to integrate this at the new Colab space. The group discussed what kind of events members would like to see at Colab.

Ideas from the community included: Coffee-breaks, having lunch together, small feedback rounds check out the Hub Weekly Huddle organized by Semu and Valentina or to go give newbies a yellow tag so that they are recognizable and introduce the rule that newbies are not allowed to stand alone have coffee alone etc. On topic based events the group pretty much agreed that they can organise themselves they just need a space and they need to be able to find and get in touch with the right people, which is not possible at the moment.

Another idea that came up which does not directly connect to the events is the idea to sell tours to corporates and invite one or more start ups to present themselves. At the moment there are very little opportunities for the start ups to promote themselves within our network. This small group was speaking about Colab. The very big issue is noise: it is too loud, especially on days where we have construction work. Generally quiet places are missing.

The last group discussed how every member at Impact Hub can help to make this a space where everyone feels at home. A flat-share has no mama that cleans up after the others but everyone is responsible to tidy up and create a pleasant atmosphere. A flat-share is not a place where the people hide in their own little private rooms and try to dodge encounters with the other flat mates. The same way we envision the Hub to be a place where people come to interact with their fellow Hub mates and all together look after the space.

And we look forward to April and getting more input from you! In der Erinnerung bleibt auch die Geschichte von Esther, die fast 20 Jahre als Sans-Papiers illegal in der Schweiz lebte und seit kurzem ihre offizielle Aufenthaltsgenehmigung erhielt. Die einen selbst, die anderen in der Familie.

Aber allesamt. Ohne Ausnahme. Beim Grillieren im Sommer letzten Jahres waren Nicola und ich uns dann einig, dass foraus und Impact Hub gemeinsam Migrationsgeschichten eine Plattform bieten sollten. Nur wie? Auch Podcasts von den Auftritten gibt es bereits. Gemeinsam mit ihnen ging es richtig los. Ein Video-Vorgeschmack gibt es hier. Eigentlich geht es jetzt erst richtig los. A Hubonaut — what is that? I guess most people in our community struggle with this word when they first hear it.

What is a Hubonaut? Who is one? Generally, we divide their tasks into two categories: people hosting and space hosting. One of their most important roles is to make the coworking space feel like home; they welcome you, help you with pressing questions and make sure that the space looks presentable. They are the in- visible good folks that load and unload the dishwasher and make sure that the coffee is strong on Mondays in Arch D at the Viadukt.

The Day-Hubonauts will be present one day per week, whereas the Event-Hubonauts will support us for events only. But their job is basically the same: creating an open and collaborative atmosphere where people feel encouraged to connect and love to spend their time. In exchange for their voluntary service for four months, we offer them a unique learning and networking experience by being part of the Impact Hub and our vibrant community of changemakers.

And they get unlimited access to our space to work on their own projects and connect with members during their time as Hubonauting — no wonder that many of them are entrepreneurs themselves! The first few weeks were quite exhausting. If you are like me and you want to know each and one of the Hubbers that show up during your hosting day, you will get to know a crazy amount of stories, names and personalities. It actually did feel like I was the host and not just the person who answers the phone and makes some coffee.

Impact Hub Zurich |

Of course you take care of the space, but more important is your welcoming attitude when a new person enters the space, your optimism when a Hubber has a bad day or your enthusiasm when they found an investor. Impact Hub really became a place I love to spend time at. I made great friends and gained clarity about what venture I want to embark on next. Mission accomplished. And then I found Impact Hub… For me it made total sense to surround myself with a caring community that takes on solving problems for the greater good on a daily basis.

Here I could learn and share my knowledge and experiences — it was a perfect fit! Like in any work environment or close community, I had great experiences during my time as a Hubonaut and sometimes a little less great ones. No matter the outcome of a situation, I always felt that the environment held value in the actual process of doing things. Being open-minded is emphasized and people are always willing to learn something or to try something new.

Therefore the Impact Hub allows all parties involved to be creative in their own way, which I appreciate very much. Thanks for a great time! Keep doing what you guys are doing the best — unless you can do it better. The Hubonauts are the essential ingredient in creating the atmosphere at Impact Hub that you like so much. Their hosting and their readiness to help and connect you is what differentiates us from other coworking spaces.

So at this point we would like so a huge thank you to all Alumni- and current Hubonauts — you are doing a fantastic job! Wenn unsere Vorfahren nicht jeden Moment ihres Lebens achtsam auf die potentiell bedrohlichen und negativen Aspekte ihres Lebens geachtet haben, wurden sie von den Tigern erwischt. Das heisst, wir wurden schon vor tausenden von Jahren darauf programmiert, Negatives mehr zu beachten als Positives.

Die Positive Psychologie untersucht deshalb vermehrt, was den Menschen gesund und zufrieden macht, also wie der Mensch Positives erleben kann. Ab diesem Punkt wird Stress heikel. Es kommt immer auf die eigene Bewertung an. When a community gets larger, there are potentially more collaboration opportunities. However, it also gets harder to find the right people you want to talk to. What is our answer? Join an Impact Hub Tribe! We see the world as an interdependent ecosystem with fluid boundaries. When we share and co-create value, everyone wins.

Collaboration is everything.

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  • Of course, that is not news. Our members collaborate on a daily basis with each other. We collaborate with our partners and start-ups in our space and online. But a big part of this is also collaborating with other communities out there, so that together we can create a bigger impact. We believe that a key component of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem are self-organizing topical communities.

    This is where initiatives are born, cutting-edge knowledge is shared and new connections are established. At the same time, these communities often need support to thrive. We can give this support. They can host a number of events a year for free at one of our locations and in turn they open their events for our members and keep them non-profit.

    We help spread the word through our website, newsletter and in space communication; they create an environment for collaboration about a topic they are the pros in. Whether you are an established meet-up group with group members or just starting out building a community around a topic you are passionate about: You can have a home-base at the Impact Hub!

    You can, of course, also start your won tribe — contact Katherina for more information. Collaboration is what makes us grow. You are invited! Eine klare Trennung zwischen Denken und Handeln war die Grundlage der Organisationsstruktur und bestimmte das Vorgehen in der Produktion.


    Sie produktiv zu machen sei demzufolge, so Drucker, die Aufgabe des Managements im Das Produkt und damit der Arbeitsinhalt wird gemeinsam entwickelt. Die Arbeitsweise entspricht damit der von Daniel H. Eigenverantwortung endet scharf an den oft unscharf geregelten Grenzen eines agilen Teams. Theorie Y beschreibt den Menschen dagegen als von sich aus motiviert, seine Arbeitsleistung in den Dienst einer Sache zu stellen, deren Wert er teilt. Diese kommen aus der Software-Welt, verbreiten sich aber zunehmend auch in anderen Branchen. Riverhead Books, Das ist frustrierend und unfair. Bist Du die Expertin auf Deinem Gebiet?

    Hast Du eine besonders gute Expertise geschrieben? Ein bahnbrechendes Konzept entwickelt? Sei stolz darauf. Deine Story. Deine Gedanken. Nutze diese Gelegenheit. Und nicht dich selbst. Ein Hustenanfall mit Auswurf ist nicht gerade ein guter Einstieg on stage. Nimm Dir zwei, drei Minuten Zeit, um Dich zu fokussieren.

    Wer bin ich die kurze Version , wer ist mein Publikum und wo bin ich. Bitte, verwende keinen Script. Alles verliert an Spannung, alles. Es ist alles verloren. Arbeite mit Bildern und Stichworten. Sie hauchen ihm Leben ein. Allein, mit lauter Stimme und von Vorteil mit Stoppuhr. Dein Zeitmanagement wird Dir danken.

    Perfektionisten nehmen sich sogar auf Video auf. Lass sie daran teilhaben. Das lockert auf und macht Dich… menschlich, nahbar, sympathisch. Ansonsten lass es. Aufgesetzt ist etwas gleichschlimm wie nicht authentisch.

    ISPO Shanghai Event Program

    Die Technik versagt. Ruhig Blut. Einmal durchatmen. Sich kurz sammeln und vor allem authentisch bleiben. Ja ok, mir ist ein Fehler passiert, nicht so schlimm. Nicht das Ende der Welt. Das Resultat einer Studie? Ein neues Produkt? Wo lass ich die Bombe platzen? Schon in der Schule haben wir gelernt: Einstieg, Hauptteil, Schluss.

    This is but one of many symptoms of a possible Quarterlife Crisis. The Midlife Crisis is becoming old fashioned and has moved forward in the development of humans. Nowadays we already get into this existential turmoil between 25 and 35 and that age is only growing younger. Here are the top 6 symptoms of a Quarterlife Crisis taken from a list that is much longer.

    It is the same for work. You do it in an office, a hospital, a shop or wherever and that physical setting is sadly often rather depressing with its office cubicles, jaded colleagues and uninspiring managers than the fresh and vibrant setting that you had envisioned when you graduated. Still, at Friday afternoon drinks you can tell others and yourself the perfect story, because on paper it sounds fantastic. How will I pay the bills? And how do I convince people to hire me when I feel like I do right now? At one point you thought you were cool because you had more than friends on Facebook, but the blessing has become a curse.

    Even if your friends have but one life event per year, then you still get confronted one and a half times per day with the successes others are booking in their lives. You will feel better in time, you think. If you let the crisis slide over, its power will diminish in time, but so will yours. If you take a proactive stance and do something about it, you will find you can create a much better life, for yourself and for others. During a single day I will hand you the most important insights and life tools to navigate yourself through the Quarterlife Phase in the best way possible.

    This is the story of Entwine, a company that was built to bring open source lecture capture to universities worldwide. Almost 5 years to the day, my partner-in-crime Andy Wasklewicz and I met in the city of Zug and founded Entwine. We had crossed paths roughly a year beforehand as members of Opencast , a young community aiming to establish the use of lecture capture systems in higher education. These tailored systems consist of a combination of hardware and software for recording lectures and making them available online for both students to recap and interested parties to participate in remote study.

    During our few encounters at the community meetings, Andy and I quickly agreed that, not only were we getting along quite well, but also that we saw potential in using our combined skillset to move the lecture capture space forward with a strong focus on the teaching and learning side. At the time, the engaging Opencast community seemed like the perfect driving force behind the development of an advanced platform and something that would provide our future business with the relevance required to pitch to larger clients, make strategic hires or talk to potential investors.

    Like every other startup, Andy and I spent many weeks putting together version 1. If you are serious about your business idea and believe in your company changing the world, this phase is indispensable as it will provide the young business with the culture amongst other things. Another thing we were insistent on was hiring talent vs.

    Initially, everyone we brought in we had previously known, hence trusting that they would not only perform well but also be able to work and stand together as a team. Early startups rely on few but strong shoulders, hence stability and loyalty are crucial. The French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre states that the individual is only defined when interacting with others.

    The best part about working there turned out to be the experienced, amazingly friendly and supportive people. Ultimately, being amongst like minded people, who help you reflect and validate your ideas and beliefs is a huge benefit. Need a lawyer with a proven track record? Require help putting together your first support contract? The fine people at Colab were happy to help, but also to learn from the knowledge and experience we were gaining as time went by. With the great mix of young startups and established companies like Panter and Impact Hub, there was almost always someone there to point us in the right direction.

    Last but not least, getting a startup off the ground and keeping it afloat is constant, hard work. Being at work late with others sharing your determination and pain, definitely helps you keep going and puts things into perspective. As with every young business, we learnt our lessons, more often than not the hard way. If we were to offer a single tip, it would be to put process, an initial level of administration and documents, such as the general terms and conditions, support contract etc.

    My number one takeaway however was that there are two complementary approaches to running a business: Gut feeling and data. When combined, chances of success are as high as they can get. The good news however is that a thousand and one tools are out there to support gathering data about client involvement, engineering hours spent per support case, financials, sales pipeline… you name it!

    Initially, nothing else but our gut feeling was able to guide us. Trusting your gut feeling and living off gained experience is not necessarily a bad thing. But as the world around us changes, any data gathered helps a great deal to align reality to gut feeling and experience. Entwine started with a mere CHF 25K seed funding, which was only possible because from day one we were lucky to have paying clients, whom we handled with great care and a lot of enthusiasm, spending significant effort to keep them happy. When Entwine was launched, Andy and I turned from regular Opencast community members to vendors.

    It took time for everyone to realise how having a commercial vendor be part of the community helps grow its significance and how the sheer existence of such a vendor ultimately allows decision makers to opt for open source products, simply because there is a phone number to call in case of issues with the product. Part of this involved suggesting and financing architectural ideas and work proposals that nobody else was willing to take on.

    It was great to see how motivation amongst the community members grew at the realisation that combining funds and investing them into work performed at Entwine would yield larger pieces than each of them would have been able to bite off individually. Andy and I had been ready to throw in the towel more than once, and in hindsight, a lot of things played out well. We had managed to make our clients realise that we were sharing the same vision and that the people at Entwine worked really hard to turn that vision into reality.

    In return, our clients became the best salesforce one could ever wish for. On the positive side, five years of tireless work had yielded a strong and highly motivated team of engineers with an immense amount of knowledge in the space and we were successfully developing a reputable piece of software that was on track to conquer a growing market. All while the guidance and support of the growing open source community, which was being watched by many higher education institutions worldwide, helped us navigate the waters.

    Not surprisingly, these clients eventually started asking for an end-to-end solution from Extron, who had been known for their excellent hardware and support, the management team at Extron identified their next move: Buy an engineering shop with expertise in the field, a working product and ideally a good reputation for supporting their clients. In August , after only two months of intense negotiations worth a blog post of its own , Entwine became a part of Extron Electronics and is now working to establish the U. Open your eyes! What does this say about our current time, and how does the modern social entrepreneur feed off the popularity of this timeless sentiment?

    Scott Kennedy is the CEO and co-founder of OpenLabel, a tech startup that hopes to replace static packaging with a socially conscious, data-rich app. This label can include everything you might want to know about a product; how it was made, how healthy or sustainable it is, the politics and labour practices of the manufacturer, and even whether your friends recommend it.

    Best of all, the app and website are a free and open resource for all consumers and nonprofits. In world where consumers are increasingly demanding transparency — especially in the food and consumer goods sector — OpenLabel empowers consumers to make more responsible, more considerate decisions on which products to buy. But these oceans can turn red in the blink of an eye if competitors jump on the same innovative solution. We tend to see a different type of motivation in social entrepreneurs, who reach beyond traditional financial success. They are motivated by ideas, and a vision of how the world should be.

    Kennedy commutes regularly between Silicon Valley and Amsterdam, tirelessly hopping from one opportunity to the next, to build his startup and evangelize others to help make commerce more transparent. Kennedy perseveres: he architects and builds, releases, fails, and tries again. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below.

    You previously purchased this article through ReadCube. Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Volume 21 , Issue 1 October Pages He is easily silenced by the judgment of others: he listens with unmoved countenance as people revere, admire, love, and glorify, about matters he has seen , — or he even conceals his silence by expressly assenting to some prominent opinion.

    Success has always been the greatest liar, — and the "work" itself is a success; the great statesman, the conqueror, the discoverer is disguised in his creation to the point where he is unrecognizable; it is the "work" of the artist, of the philosopher, that first invents him who has created it, is reputed to have created it; the "great men," as they are venerated, are poor little fictions composed after the fact; counterfeiting prevails in the world of historical values.

    This pity invariably deceives itself as to its power; women would like to believe that love can do everything , — it is their peculiar superstition. Alas, anyone who knows about the heart can guess how poor, stupid, helpless, presumptuous, misguided, more easily destroyed than saved even the best and most profound love is!

    He who has such sentiments, he who knows about love like that — seeks death. Assuming that one does not have to. The spiritual arrogance and intense disgust of every person who has suffered deeply — how deeply people can suffer pretty much determines the order of rank —, his shuddering certainty, of which he is thoroughly imbued and biased, that by virtue of his suffering he knows more than the cleverest and wisest can ever know, that he has been familiar with, and "at home" in, many distant, dreadful worlds of which " all of you know nothing"!

    Profound suffering ennobles; it separates. There are "cheerful people" who make use of cheerfulness, because on account of it they are misunderstood: — they want to be misunderstood. There are "scientific people" who make use of science, because that provides a cheerful appearance, and because being scientific leads to the conclusion that a person is superficial: — they want to mislead to a false conclusion. There are free, impudent [insolent and impertinent] spirits who would like to conceal and deny that they are broken, proud, incurable hearts the cynicism of Hamlet — the case of Galiani ; and occasionally folly itself is the mask of an unfortunate all-too-certain knowledge.

    What separates two persons most profoundly is a different sense and degree of cleanliness. No matter all their honesty and reciprocal usefulness, no matter all their mutual good-will: in the end the fact remains — they "can't stand the smell of one another! And there are grades and heights where pity itself is felt by him as impurity, as filth …. Signs of nobility: never thinking of reducing our duties into duties for everyone; not to want to surrender one's own responsibility, not wanting to share it; to count one's own prerogatives and the exercise of them among one's own duties.

    A person, who strives for great things, regards everyone he meets along his path either as a means or as a delay and an obstacle — or as a temporary resting place. His highly-esteemed kindness towards fellow men, peculiar to him, is only possible when he has reached his height and dominates. Impatience and his awareness, to be until then always condemned to play-acting — because even war is a comedy and conceals, like every means conceals the end —, spoil for him all intercourse: this kind of person knows loneliness and what is most poisonous in it.

    The problem for those who wait. On an average it does not happen; and in all corners of the earth sit people waiting, who hardly know to what extent they are waiting, still less that they wait in vain. Sometimes also the wake-up call, that chance that gives the "permission" to act, comes too late, — at the time when the best youth and strength for action have been used up by sitting still; and how many a one, just as he "sprang up," found with horror his limbs fallen asleep and his spirit already too heavy!

    He, who does not want to see what is high in a person, looks all the more keenly at what is in him low and in his foreground — and in the process gives himself away. The old story again! When one has finished building his house he finds that he unexpectedly has learnt something which he ought absolutely to have known before he — began [to build]. The eternal, wretched "Too late! Wanderer, who are you? I see you go your way, without scorn, without love, with inscrutable eyes, wet and sad like a lead sinker which has come back from every depth into the light unsatisfied — what did it seek down there?

    Rest here a while: this place is welcoming for everyone, — refresh yourself! And whoever you may be: what pleases you now? What will serve to refresh you? Just name it: what I have, I offer to you! To refresh me? Oh, you inquisitive one, what are you saying! Speak out! A second mask! Does he not — go backwards? But you understand him poorly, if you complain about it. He goes backwards, like every one does, when is about to take a great leap. There must be a sort of repugnance in me to believing anything definite about myself.

    Probably; but fortunately nothing for my own teeth [to chew on]. To starve secluded? To choke on his memory? Thrown into the midst of a noisy and plebeian age, with which he does not like to eat out of the same dish, he may easily perish of hunger and thirst, or, should he nonetheless finally "help himself" [eat from that dish] , — of sudden nausea.

    Assuming that one wants to praise at all, it is a refined and at the same time noble self-control, to praise only where one does not agree: — otherwise one would in fact praise oneself, which is contrary to good taste: — a self-control, to be sure, which provides a nice opportunity and provocation for one to be constantly misunderstood. To live with an immense and proud tranquility: always beyond —. To have and not have our emotions, our Pros and Cons, as we see fit, to condescend to them for hours; to sit on them, as if upon a horse, often as if upon a donkey: — for one must know how to make use of their stupidity as well as of their fire.

    To hold on to our three hundred foregrounds, as well as our dark eyeglasses: for there are times when no one may look into our eyes, still less into our "reasons. And to remain master of our four virtues: courage, insight, sympathy, and solitude. Because solitude is a virtue with us, as a sublime tendency and impulse for cleanliness, which senses how contact between person and person — "in society" — must inevitably bring impurity with it.

    Somehow, somewhere, sometime, every community makes people — "common. Something happens there, as in the realm of the stars. The light of the furthest stars is last in reaching man; and until it has arrived people deny that out there — there are stars. Marianus] the spirit looking up [to the heavens] ecstatic.

    A completely idiotic reading

    What is noble? What does the word "noble" still mean to us today? What reveals, how does one recognize the noble human being, under this heavy, overcast sky of the beginning rule of the rabble, that makes everything opaque and leaden? It is not the works, but it is the faith that decides here, that in this case determines the order of rank, to employ once more an old religious formula with a new and deeper meaning: it is some fundamental certainty that a noble soul has about itself, something, that cannot be sought, that cannot be found and perhaps even cannot be lost.

    There are people who inevitably have intellect, they may twist and turn as they wish, and hold their hands over their betraying eyes — as if the hand were not a give away! One of the subtlest ways to deceive, at least for as long as possible, and to present oneself successfully as more stupid than one is — what in ordinary life is often as desirable as an umbrella, —, is called enthusiasm : including what goes with it, virtue for example.

    Nicos Weg – A1 – Ganzer Film

    For, according to Galiani, who must have known —: virtue is enthusiasm. One always hears in the writings of a hermit also something of the echo of desolation, something of the whispers and of the shy roundabout glance of solitude; from his strongest words, even from his cry, still rings out a new and more dangerous kind of silence, concealment. The hermit does not believe that a philosopher — assuming, that a philosopher has always been a hermit first — has ever expressed his true and final opinions in his books: are not books written expressly to conceal what is in us?

    Every profound thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood. In the latter case perhaps suffer his vanity; but in the former his heart, his compassion, which always says: "Oh, why do all of you also want to have it as hard as I did? Man, a complex, mendacious, artful, and inscrutable animal, uncanny to the other animals by his artifice and sagacity, rather than by his strength, has invented the good conscience in order to finally enjoy his soul as something simple ; and all of morality is a long bold falsification, by virtue of which is at all possible a delight in the sight of the soul.

    From this point of view there is perhaps much more to the concept of "art" than is generally believed. A philosopher: that is, a person who constantly experiences, sees, hears, suspects, hopes, and dreams extraordinary things; who is struck by his own thoughts as if [they came] from the outside, as if from above and below, as events and lightning strikes of his own type; who is perhaps himself a thunderstorm, which goes about pregnant with new thunderbolts; an ominous person, around whom it always rumbles and thumps and gapes and eerily comes to an end.

    A philosopher: alas, a being which often runs away from himself, is often afraid of himself — but is too curious, not to "come back to himself" again and again. But what is there in the compassion of those who suffer! Or even of those who preach compassion! There is today almost everywhere in Europe a morbid sensitivity and irritability for pain, as well as a repugnant lack of restraint in complaining, a mollycoddling [pampering] , which, with religious and philosophical bits and pieces, seeks to dress itself up as something loftier, — there is a veritable cult of suffering.

    The effeminacy of what is christened "compassion" in such circles of visionaries is always, I believe, the first thing that strikes the eye.