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  1. Wednesday, January 16, 2002
  2. Goddess: Inside Madonna
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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Chapter TwentyFive. Chapter TwentySix.

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Chapter TwentySeven. Chapter TwentyEight. Chapter TwentyNine. Chapter ThirtyOne. Chapter ThirtyTwo.

Goddess: Inside Madonna

Chapter Nineteen. Chapter TwentyOne. Chapter TwentyThree. Chapter TwentyFour. Chapter ThirtyFour.

LUV for Keeps: The Story of the Madonna Stalker

Chapter ThirtyFive. Chapter Five. Chapter Eleven. Chapter Twelve.

The Black Madonna Within: Drawings, Dreams, Reflections - Tataya Mato - Google Libros

Chapter Thirty. Chapter Twenty. Authors Note. Source Notes. In psychoanalytic literature, a Madonna—whore complex is the inability to maintain sexual arousal within a committed, loving relationship.

Goddess: Inside Madonna

Men with this complex desire a sexual partner who has been degraded the whore while they cannot desire the respected partner the Madonna. Freud argued that the Madonna—whore complex was caused by a split between the affectionate and the sexual currents in male desire. Whereas the man loves women in the former category, he despises and devalues the latter group. According to this theory, in adulthood the boy-turned-man seeks to avenge these mistreatments through sadistic attacks on women who are stand-ins for mother. It is possible that such a split may be exacerbated when the sufferer is raised by a cold but overprotective mother [7] — a lack of emotional nurturing paradoxically strengthening an incestuous tie.

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Another theory claims that the Madonna—whore complex derives from the representations of women as either madonnas or whores in mythology and Judeo-Christian theology rather than developmental disabilities of individual men. Naomi Wolf considered that the sexual revolution had paradoxically intensified the importance of the virgin—whore split, leaving women to contend with the worst aspects of both images.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bernstein, A Basic Theory of Neuropsychoanalysis p. The Journal of Sexual Medicine.