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Who is a candidate for weight loss surgery?

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Once a bariatric surgeon has determined that you are a candidate for weight-loss surgery, it is important that you reveal all pertinent medical information to your surgical team. The bariatric surgeon will assess the risks involved with your particular surgery and take every precaution necessary to reduce the risk of complications and ensure your safety. Regardless of the type of weight loss surgery, it is important that the decision to undergo surgery is carefully thought out.

Discuss any concerns you might have with your surgical team and your outside support system family, friends. Morbid obesity brings with it a plethora of health issues that, if left untreated, will substantially shorten life expectancy. The following criteria are characteristic of a morbidly obese individual and could qualify you for weight-loss surgery:. Also, the surgery is not a guarantee to produce and maintain long-term weight loss.

Even prior to your operation, you will begin the process of making important lifestyle and behavior changes to increase your chances of experiencing lasting weight loss and continued good health. For some patients, one procedure may be better than the other. Our experienced surgeons will consider your wishes and medical condition, then discuss your options at your appointment to make the best choice for you. Having health insurance does not guarantee you will be covered for weight-loss surgery.

Since the cost of these procedures can be expensive, most patients would not even consider it an option if it were not for insurance or low interest financing. Although weight-loss surgery is still considered an elective procedure, your insurance carrier may cover it. If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. Yes, Medicare covers gastric bypass and gastric banding as long as the procedures are performed in a Bariatric Center of Excellence, such as Saint Agnes.

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Medicare does require that patients complete a program of diet and exercise prior to giving authorization. Please note that the sleeve procedure is not covered by Medicare. Weight-loss surgery is a tool that helps many patients lose weight and improve their health.

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Surgery can help you achieve these goals, but most of the work that is done to lose weight and keep it off occurs after the surgery. Patients must be committed to eating healthy and exercising for the rest of their lives. Surgery is not a magic cure, but a method to assist you. Psychological evaluations are a recommendation of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, as well as most insurance companies.

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This helps evaluate your emotional health and preparedness for surgery. At Saint Agnes, we will not operate on patients who do not fill this requirement. We require all patients see one of our bariatric dietitians before their procedures, as well as attend nutrition classes. Your diet will change dramatically after surgery, and these specialized dietitians will give you the information and the tools to help make your surgery successful.

We ask that all patients call their insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment to check if bariatric surgery is covered under their medical plan. The code for bypass is , sleeve is and gastric banding is Following your gastric band, your eating habits and portion sizes will change.

Struggling to decide which weight loss surgery is right for you?

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Take a look at our quick guide! Toggle navigation. Contact Us. Home Hospitals Treatments Search for a treatment In this Section. Gastric Band. Gastric Bypass. Gastric Balloon. Gastric Sleeve.

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Conversion Surgery. Further Information. Your aftercare. Am I eligible for surgery? National Institute for Clinical Excellence In order to be eligible you must: Be over the age of 18 Demonstrate that all appropriate and available non-surgical measures have been adequately tried but have failed to maintain weight loss Have a genuine desire to overcome your obesity problems and demonstrate full commitment to finally getting your weight under control Fully understand both the benefits and the risks of weight loss surgery Have a Body Mass Index BMI of 35 to 39 with other obesity related health problems Have a Body Mass Index BMI of 40 or above Calculate your body mass index BMI here.

Which surgeons and hospitals do you use? We use several surgeons and hospitals throughout the UK. Our surgeons have each performed many operations.

Answers to Questions About Bariatric Surgery | Miriam Hospital in RI

We are pleased to be able to offer a choose and book service as we firmly believe every patient should get the surgery you need not the surgery that is available. We have worked with lots of patients over the years and know that some have had a weight loss procedure that was not necessarily right for them, however, it was the only procedure available from the provider at the time they had their surgery.

Will I have local or general anaesthetic? All surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. How long will the procedure take? This depends on the procedure you choose to have. A gastric band procedure usually takes approx 45 minutes — 1 hour, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy take approx 2 hours.

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How long will I be in hospital? Gastric band patients will have a 1 night stay and gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy patients will have a 3 night stay. How long shall I not drive for after the operation? You should not drive for days after surgery. What scarring will I have? Your procedure will normally be performed laparoscopically keyhole surgery , generally five scars approx cms in length are made during surgery, two under the breastbone and three across the abdomen. Our program is designed to guide patients to surgery as quickly and safely as possible. Payment plans are available for patients that choose to pay for the surgery out of pocket.

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Book an Appointment Now. The following are commonly asked questions with reliable answers from our top weight loss team: What are the main contributors to obesity? Behavior, environment and genetics are the main contributors to obesity. BMI numbers generally fall into the following categories: Acceptable range: Why should someone choose University Hospitals?

We provide personalized service and expert care, along with: The benefits of an accredited Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence through the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery ASMBS Pre- and post-operative care available at convenient community locations Board-certified laparoscopic surgeons and endoscopic doctors Minimally invasive techniques for all surgeries No program fees Support from an experienced staff that includes insurance specialists, bariatric nurse coordinators and registered dietitians Monthly support groups Experience and expertise; our program physicians have performed thousands of weight loss procedures and remain at the leading edge of technical skill and research What assistance does UH provide to patients after the bariatric surgery?

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How will the weight stay off after bariatric surgery? What are the surgical choices? Will a patient need plasitc surgery after extensive weight loss? What are the true benefits of weight loss surgery? How effective is weight loss surgery? What will scarring and recovery be like?

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What are the keys to success with bariatric surgery?