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And the room where Dr. Staple speaks to the three men together is pink, signaling perhaps that she is in control of the situation. Night Shyalaman often makes cameo appearances in his movies. He plays two seemingly unrelated roles in Unbreakable and a landlord in Split , only to reveal in Glass that the two men were the same person. Shyamalan appears again in Split , this time as Dr. Fletcher asks the landlord to play footage from a security camera outside of her building for her.

She later confronts the Hive and is killed. In Glass , Shymalan reveals that his two cameos are related. He is buying surveillance equipment because one of his tenants Dr. Fletcher was recently murdered. All three movies revolve around the train derailment that takes place in the opening minutes of Unbreakable. David Dunn is the only person to survive the accident in that film, which Elijah later reveals that he caused.

In Split , Kevin must go to the train tracks in order to unleash his final personality, the Beast. In that movie, he explains to his therapist, Dr. Fletcher, that his father left on a train and never returned, leaving Kevin with his abusive mother. Thus, Elijah created two superheroes with one catastrophe. Kevin Wendell Crumb kept the girls he kidnapped under the zoo in Split. A zookeeper discovers Casey, the lone survivor, at the end of the film and offers her his jacket. At this point her shirt has been ripped in her fight with the Beast.

Casey dons the coat during a scene from Glass as she leaves the mental hospital after her meeting with Dr. When The Beast emerges, he reveals two scars on his torso where Casey shot him with a shotgun in Split. The phrase is a nod to the prolific comic book publisher. But the fact that the building is associated at all with Marvel should have tipped audiences off to the fact that the heroes and villains of Glass would never fight there.

Shyamalan has called Glass a realistic superhero movie. Fighting at the top of a tower, as Marvel superheroes would, defies realism. Instead, Elijah forces the final fight to take place outside the mental hospital, where he can secretly control all the cameras and leak the footage out to the world.

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Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. I fought back to be able to play again after a year out! Why do I explain this, Jelena spends her "whole life" trying to break away from the "Father from Hell" and then later fights health, weight and injury problems to just play a game of tennis. Her love of the game, and the feeling of winning some great matches and the applause of the crowd is so hard to loose.

Jelena spent nearly twenty six years finally breaking away from the most horrific father, who put his daughter through hell, breaking her physically and mentally for so many years, and yes also the boyfriend from hell. Damor Dokic is the most horrible man who believed he was helping his daughter, but in reality her life of torture effected her tennis career so much. A semi-final in a Grand Slam was not good enough for Damor, so he beats his daughter.

How Jelena comes through this and makes it through the tunnel to find the light at the end is so unbelievable. So many good things about this book, so congratulations also go to Jessica Halloran for helping Jelena Dokic right this amazing, shocking book. As a tennis lover and meeting Jelena at the age of sixteen at Wimbledon, I loved this book with so many stories about the harshness of the tennis circuit, the players that showed their good sides, and many that showed their bad side. I believe finally Jelena Dokic has found happiness, but has gone through hell to get there.

The father should rot in hell as far as I am considered. Could Jelena Dokic have won a Grand Slam, yes I think so, but now we will never know, thanks to her dad. Five star read. View all 3 comments. Mar 09, Athan Tolis rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography. My little Mika is a handful and always has been. I normally celebrate this, but when she was about two and half years old she got into the habit of sticking her finger in the mains.

Unbreakable: A Father's Fight to Live PDF Download

Thank goodness, this flared up while we were on vacation in the US, where the mains only carries Volts, but still… Anyway, her mom and I made a plan. And, sadly, so it went. Before long, Mika gave me a naughty look, ran to a plug, went for the kill, I scooped her up and did the honors. For a long time. Dokic comes off as a strong woman. And as a loving person. When she says she does not care about money, you have to believe her.

When she says she forgives her mom, who stood by throughout her abuse and did nothing to stop it, you have to believe her. In fact, she comes off as sincere to the point of naivete. I take my hat off to her. She is also not afraid to issue a number of mea culpas. She recognizes that in her career she pushed referees on line calls, that she was awful to a string of coaches, that the Australian public has a right to feel cheated by her mid-career change of allegiance to Serbia and that she said nasty things about players to psyche them out.

And she's not all sweetness and light: she does have lingering bitterness and it is extremely well directed, to the bystanders. The people in the world of tennis who are aware of the tennis parents from hell and do nothing to stop the abuse these people heap on their children. It was very tough to read, but many good books are. Feb 25, Cheyenne Blue rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir , sports , australian. It's very hard for me to rate this book. Memoirs generally can be tricky: are you rating someone's life, aka the story and plot, or are you rating the writing and the readability?

Jelena Dokic's fierce concentration, aggressive tennis and often expressionless face was on every TV screen during tennis time in the 90s. So too was her father, who was, even then, quite frankly batshit insane. Like many Aussies, when Jelena had her "so long and thanks for all the fish" moment and took herself off to It's very hard for me to rate this book. Like many Aussies, when Jelena had her "so long and thanks for all the fish" moment and took herself off to play for Croatia, I shrugged, made a few acerbic comments about the Aussie Institute of Sport cutting off her funding, and forget about it.

Turns out things were very different.

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Jelena's father was not simply cuckoo, he was abusive, violent and should have been in jail. Should still be in jail. Jelena took the brunt of his viciousness. This is where it becomes hard to review this book. But she was the victim of an abuser and a manipulator, and things are never, never, NEVER that simple. I give this 4 stars for readability, 5 stars for Jelena's courage in writing this, 3 stars for rather a lot of repetition, 5 stars for tennis insights.

Nov 16, Fiona rated it it was amazing Shelves: tennis. I've never been more moved by a book then this one. Utterly heart-breaking - we all knew something was wrong but I don't think we could have had inkling of the depth of abuse, both physically and emotionally, that this poor girl was subjected to - by her own father. It just beggars belief! If you're a tennis fan - or not, it doesn't matter - pick up this book and read it. I promise you it will break your heart but you'll put it down at the conclusion of it and be uplifted by this you I've never been more moved by a book then this one.

I promise you it will break your heart but you'll put it down at the conclusion of it and be uplifted by this young women's strength of survival. I have to say, as an Australian tennis fan, it left me in tears and feeling ashamed that we didn't do anything to save her from this abuse. Profoundly effected by this book. If you read one book in your life, please go buy Jelena Dokic's book. What the girl went through deserves to be widely known. She had the courage to write it, please give her respect and read it. Jan 16, Jo Waugh rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. The second half of this book lets it down. What happened to her is truly awful, and it is surprising that she was able to play tennis at all, let alone perform as she did for so long. My heart broke for her when she finally tried to free herself but had so little support to recover in the aftermath of abuse. I wanted to reach through time and The second half of this book lets it down. I wanted to reach through time and send her a decent coach at least! I kept waiting for her to realise that she was being used again and take a stand, but she never really did.

So we just got a rundown of lost matches on repeat through the years until retirement. It was certainly depressing! I wanted to hear more about how she processed the trauma, and what realisations she made about her father and herself. But there was not much depth to the self-reflection in the end. She admitted to cheating and lying as a protective measure against her father, but I feel there would be a lot more to unravel off court and in her relationships with her brother and mother.

This no doubt contributed to her further decline and shows how important quality mental health care is. Recovery from a narcissist is difficult and although she described being tempted to mend fences and capitulating to his unreasonable demands she did not try to explain why she felt so compelled to do as he wanted. I think for people who have never experienced such a dynamic they would really struggle to understand why she made some of her decisions. It would have enhanced the book if she could have described the emotional hold and turmoil that narcissist victims feel. But, who even knows if she ever got any good care from a psych?

The response from some fellow players seems especially heartless after knowing what was going on behind the scenes. It seems many young tennis players are surrounded by narcissistic adults looking to ride the wave of their talent. Jan 16, Fiona rated it it was amazing Shelves: sport , non-fiction , We've had the metoo movement with celebrities coming forward on sexual harrassment but not so many speaking out on relationship abuse and violence. Thank you, Jelena Dokic, for writing this incredibly difficult and powerful book.

I could not put it down and it may become "the" book of for me. Dokic explosively blows the lid on the culture of secrecy and silence surrounding domestic violence. The abuse she suffered over 15 years was so extreme that you have to wonder how she came through it, We've had the metoo movement with celebrities coming forward on sexual harrassment but not so many speaking out on relationship abuse and violence.

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The abuse she suffered over 15 years was so extreme that you have to wonder how she came through it, especially when dealing with the pressures of tennis, climbing to world 4 in the sport. She is also a refugee who had family members who were murdered and who left everything she knew to start again in a new country, with a language she didn't speak, at the age of Without too many spoilers, I will cite 2 incidents. At about the age of 12, Dokic notes in the book that she struggles to find a centimetre of flesh on her back that isn't bruised from the beatings she was receiving with a strap for not training or playing 'well enough.

It's a very courageous book but one Jelena had to write, if only to clear her own name after every scripted press interview her father forced her to give and to explain the bizarre behaviour he forced upon her, making her personally sack coaches while still a young teenager. I felt so sad that Jelena clearly stills feels ashamed and embarrassed by some incidents. It's great she wrote this book to explain for the public and tennis world was really going on. She finishes the book with nothing but thanks to so many people. People who have been in abusive relationships will need to be aware that they will have to carve out the right time and space to read this.

It covers all the red-flags for relationship abuse: the controlling nature, the violence, the denigration, vicious verbal abuse, the gas-lighting, the denial of responsibility by the abuser, the blaming of others including the victim , the escalations, the lack of assistance from anyone, the financial abuse; the enforced secrecy, lies and silence. How Jelena played tennis throughout all this defies all description. Jelena is still clearly haunted by the love she feels for family and the losses she has suffered from their behaviour.

One hopes that she finds all the happiness she deserves in the next phase of her life. Nov 22, Dream Xx rated it it was amazing. It's quite a tough read, because she lived such a tough life.

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The abuse started young and was just unrelenting. I always suspected her dad was mean, and a bit of a jerk, but it went so much further. If you drew conclusions about Jelena Dokic based on media articles and interviews during her past, you owe it to her to hear her truth and read this book. She's still here. She made it through. She is strong. She is a survivor. As an adult, and an Australian, I want to hug her and apologise on behalf It's quite a tough read, because she lived such a tough life.

As an adult, and an Australian, I want to hug her and apologise on behalf of every adult that ever crossed her path and ignored that nagging feeling that things weren't ok in the Dokic camp. Sep 07, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-books , non-fiction. With Jessica, Jelena has a written a simple, yet powerful biography that chronicles her life from the time she saw her first dead body in Croatia until injury forced her to retire in her late 20s.

She writes honestly and succinctly, not holding back from the truth of her life as a daughter and tennis player. From that moment on, her father punishes Jelena in more ways then one. Not only was Jelena physically and emotionally abused, Damir frequently pushed her to breaking point and beyond during training. Training in freezing conditions, forcing her to run 10km after training was just some of what Jelena experienced in the name of tennis to get her family out of poverty.

When Jelana finally evicted Damir from her life, she was still under the shadow of her father. It is love for her brother and finding love with Tin that Jelena credits for helping her to escape the darkness of her childhood. This is an inspiring true story of survival for girls and women all around the world. Dec 03, Julie Garner rated it really liked it Shelves: biographies , sport. What a brutal book to read. I want to say that I loved it but with the content inside to love it seems wrong. This is an account of what it took one young woman to become the person she is today.

She is a survivor with a head for tennis. Words cannot describe how I felt whilst I was reading this book. Shock, awe, hatred and complete lack of understanding. What motivates a father to utterly destroy his daughter in the way that Damir consistently broke Jelena down? How does his love for her not ove What a brutal book to read. How does his love for her not overthrow all of his violent tendencies and protect her.

What makes a grown man start beating on a 6 year old.

50 Father Daughter Quotes Honoring Their Unbreakable Bond

She is 6 years old when this all begins and my heart broke with the first strike. This young woman has more courage and heart in her than most. She survived being a refugee from Serbia, then moving to Australia, back to Yugoslavia before finally coming home to Australia. In this book she shares her fears, her pain, her absolute love for her brother, as well as her attempts to reconcile her family.

If you want to know what it takes to be a survivor, read this book. If you were a fan of Jelena's, read this book. If you are an advocate against family violence, read this book. Basically, I ask you to read this book to gain some sort of understanding about why someone might stay in a destructive environment, about the strength it takes to break away and stay away. It will also open your eyes to the bystanders who could have stepped in at any time to help this young woman out but didn't.

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Maybe next time you see something not quite right, you might be able to draw on Jelena's strength and step up. This book didn't include great writing, however, the subject matter made up for it. This was a powerful, yet sad story. What a terrible father and what terrible abuse this poor girl suffered. Thankfully she has come out the other side, with scars no doubt, but she has come out the other side.

I loved her tennis back in the day, but of course, didn't understand the back story. Interesting but very repetitive A compelling story of adversity and the difficulty of living a life under constant pressure and scrutiny. Whilst, no-doubt, tragic and pivotal to the story the descriptions of abuse do become overly repetitive and tedious which, I feel, lessens the impact upon the reader. I could not put this down! The intensity and raw emotions used to describe the awful and unfathomable abuse Jelena was under during a time of being a professional althete was just all consuming.

Highly recommend if you want to also feel a better understanding around the behind the scenes of a relationship all of Australia was so exposed to and passed judgement on too easily. Brilliant read. May 05, Kolumbina rated it liked it. A poorly written memoir. No achievements with reading this book. Only tennis and her father, Damir Dokic. Nov 12, Olwen rated it really liked it Shelves: biography.

Often disturbing; how did she manage the physical and emotional abuse, and still maintain her sanity? May 13, Suzie Flohr rated it it was amazing. Having watched you play being a tennis fan, I loved and devoured this book. Your courage and determination was what made you a great tennis player. This book was quite emotional too having to listen to what you went through. I always admired and loved watching you Jelena, all the best for your future. May 05, Rika rated it really liked it. Stories like this are all too common, not just in the tennis world, but all over the world.

Child abuse from unstable parents are one of the most atrocious crimes I can think of. The person that is supposed to take care of a child is not doing their job. I believe Jelena was so strong to do what she did and showed even greater strength when she left her family to make her situation better even if it seemed like she was abandoning her family.

I just wish she could have done it earlier for her sak Stories like this are all too common, not just in the tennis world, but all over the world. I just wish she could have done it earlier for her sake, or had someone else that took a vested interest in her to be able to provide her support to do it earlier. It is hard to know when you can intervene in someone's life compared to being just a giant busybody, but I feel like so many parents should have seen this and intervened earlier.

She had coaches, agents, mentors surrounding her and they didn't really do anything aside from making one phone call to the police. In my mind there are partially culpable to the damage and abuse she sustained after they knew.

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They used her to get access to her talent and make money off of her, just like her father did. They didn't want their star to fall because their money train would go away. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who come out after the fact and say things like, "I knew she was getting beaten" in order to make themselves feel important. If you KNEW, then you should have done something and yet you did nothing.

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Oh bravo Rennae Stubbs for getting her to play doubles, and yet you gave her the cold shoulder when her father forced her to leave Australia and snub her for the rest of her career when you knew she was being abused and was incapable of making decisions for herself. It is very cowardly and I think she should be confronted about her neglect and indifference to the situation when it did not concern herself. Sure she will be outraged because Jelena didn't fess up to a ball grazing her and costing her the point, but not understand she did that out of fear of her father.

As much as I love tennis, the selfish and self-centered tennis world grates at my nerves. They are elitist, nepotistic, and very exclusive of who can join their special club, and never fess up to their mistakes. They just view it as what will hinder or further their own careers and invest in their pet projects like Genie Bouchard who has gone over like a wet fart. Jelena briefly mentions it where the tennis world can't really see outside of it's own bubble and live in a fake reality where they lose touch with what matters beyond tennis.

Oh well. It wasn't the most well-written biography and got a bit redundant at times, but I enjoyed reading about her life and her training and her experience. I hope she finds peace with her family and finds something rewarding in her future. Feb 26, Liz rated it really liked it.