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  4. Diomedes, Desdemona and Thersites landed softly outside the cave.

Roosevelt, T. Stein, G. Stevenson, R. Wells, H. This Side of Paradise. A T FIRST Amory noticed only the wealth of sunshine creeping across the long, green swards, dancing on the leaded window-panes, and swimming around the tops of spires and towers and battlemented walls. Gradually he realized that he was really walking up University Place, self-conscious about his suitcase, developing a new tendency to glare straight ahead when he passed any one. Several times he could have sworn that men turned to look at him critically. He wondered vaguely if there was something the matter with his clothes, and wished he had shaved that morning on the train.

He felt unnecessarily stiff and awkward among these white-flannelled, bareheaded youths, who must be juniors and seniors, judging from the savoir faire with which they strolled. He found that 12 University Place was a large, dilapidated mansion, at present apparently uninhabited, though he knew it housed usually a dozen freshmen.

Simon Whitechapel

After a hurried skirmish with his landlady he sallied out on a tour of exploration, but he had gone scarcely a block when he became horribly conscious that he must be the only man in town who was wearing a hat. He returned hurriedly to 12 University, left his derby, and, emerging bareheaded, loitered down Nassau Street, stopping to investigate a display of athletic photographs in a store window, including a large one of Allenby, the football captain, and next attracted by the sign "Jigger Shop" over a confectionary window.

This sounded familiar, so he sauntered in and took a seat on a high stool. He munched four of these, finding them of pleasing savor, and then consumed another double-chocolate jigger before ease descended upon him. After a cursory inspection of the pillow-cases, leather pennants, and Gibson Girls that lined the walls, he left, and continued along Nassau Street with his hands in his pockets. Gradually he was learning to distinguish between upper classmen and entering men, even though the freshman cap would not appear until the following Monday.

Those who were too obviously, too nervously at home were freshmen, for as each train brought a new contingent it was immediately absorbed into the hatless, white-shod, book-laden throng, whose function seemed to be to drift endlessly up and down the street, emitting great clouds of smoke from brand-new pipes.

At five o'clock he felt the need of hearing his own voice, so he retreated to his house to see if any one else had arrived. Having climbed the rickety stairs he scrutinized his room resignedly, concluding that it was hopeless to attempt any more inspired decoration than class banners and tiger pictures.

There was a tap at the door. Have to sit around and study for something to do. They discussed the cousin thoroughly, and then Holiday announced that he was to meet his brother for dinner at six. It's like a damned prep school. After supper they attended the movies, where Amory was fascinated by the glib comments of a man in front of him, as well as by the wild yelling and shouting. A group began whistling "By the Sea," and the audience took it up noisily. This was followed by an indistinguishable song that included much stamping and then by an endless, incoherent dirge.

Symposium of the Gargoyle: A Tale of Nineteenth-Century Averoigne

As they pushed out, giving and receiving curious impersonal glances, Amory decided that he liked the movies, wanted to enjoy them as the row of upper classmen in front had enjoyed them, with their arms along the backs of the seats, their comments Gaelic and caustic, their attitude a mixture of critical wit and tolerant amusement.

The great tapestries of trees had darkened to ghosts back at the last edge of twilight. The early moon had drenched the arches with pale blue, and, weaving over the night, in and out of the gossamer rifts of moon, swept a song, a song with more than a hint of sadness, infinitely transient, infinitely regretful. He remembered that an alumnus of the nineties had told him of one of Booth Tarkington's amusements: standing in mid-campus in the small hours and singing tenor songs to the stars, arousing mingled emotions in the couched undergraduates according to the sentiment of their moods.

Amory closed his eyes as the ghostly procession drew near. The song soared so high that all dropped out except the tenors, who bore the melody triumphantly past the danger-point and relinquished it to the fantastic chorus. Then Amory opened his eyes, half afraid that sight would spoil the rich illusion of harmony. He sighed eagerly. There at the head of the white platoon marched Allenby, the football captain, slim and defiant, as if aware that this year the hopes of the college rested on him, that his hundred-and-sixty pounds were expected to dodge to victory through the heavy blue and crimson lines.

The minutes passed and Amory sat there very quietly. He regretted the rule that would forbid freshmen to be outdoors after curfew, for he wanted to ramble through the shadowy scented lanes, where Witherspoon brooded like a dark mother over Whig and Clio, her Attic children, where the black Gothic snake of Little curled down to Cuyler and Patton, these in turn flinging the mystery out over the placid slope rolling to the lake.

From the day when, wild-eyed and exhausted, the jerseyed freshmen sat in the gymnasium and elected some one from Hill School class president, a Lawrenceville celebrity vice-president, a hockey star from St. Paul's secretary, up until the end of sophomore year it never ceased, that breathless social system, that worship, seldom named, never really admitted, of the bogey "Big Man. First it was schools, and Amory, alone from St. Regis', watched the crowds form and widen and form again; St.

Paul's, Hill, Pomfret, eating at certain tacitly reserved tables in Commons, dressing in their own corners of the gymnasium, and drawing unconsciously about them a barrier of the slightly less important but socially ambitious to protect them from the friendly, rather puzzled high-school element. From the moment he realized this Amory resented social barriers as artificial distinctions made by the strong to bolster up their weak retainers and keep out the almost strong. Having decided to be one of the gods of the class, he reported for freshman football practice, but in the second week, playing quarter-back, already paragraphed in corners of the Princetonian, he wrenched his knee seriously enough to put him out for the rest of the season.

This forced him to retire and consider the situation. There were three or four inconspicuous and quite startled boys from Lawrenceville, two amateur wild men from a New York private school Kerry Holiday christened them the "plebeian drunks" , a Jewish youth, also from New York, and, as compensation for Amory, the two Holidays, to whom he took an instant fancy. The Holidays were rumored twins, but really the dark-haired one, Kerry, was a year older than his blond brother, Burne. Kerry was tall, with humorous gray eyes, and a sudden, attractive smile; he became at once the mentor of the house, reaper of ears that grew too high, censor of conceit, vendor of rare, satirical humor.

Amory spread the table of their future friendship with all his ideas of what college should and did mean. Kerry, not inclined as yet to take things seriously, chided him gently for being curious at this inopportune time about the intricacies of the social system, but liked him and was both interested and amused.

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In December he came down with diphtheria, and some one else won the competition, but, returning to college in February, he dauntlessly went after the prize again. Necessarily, Amory's acquaintance with him was in the way of three-minute chats, walking to and from lectures, so he failed to penetrate Burne's one absorbing interest and find what lay beneath it. Amory was far from contented. He missed the place he had won at St. Regis', the being known and admired, yet Princeton stimulated him, and there were many things ahead calculated to arouse the Machiavelli latent in him, could he but insert a wedge.

Anything which brought an under classman into too glaring a light was labelled with the damning brand of "running it out. Amory found that writing for the Nassau Literary Magazine would get him nothing, but that being on the board of the Daily Princetonian would get any one a good deal. His vague desire to do immortal acting with the English Dramatic Association faded out when he found that the most ingenious brains and talents were concentrated upon the Triangle Club, a musical comedy organization that every year took a great Christmas trip.

Many afternoons they lounged in the windows of 12 Univee and watched the class pass to and from Commons, noting satellites already attaching themselves to the more prominent, watching the lonely grind with his hurried step and downcast eye, envying the happy security of the big school groups. I'll show the marks, don't you know.

I distrust that sort. All diamonds look big in the rough. It's up to you. I honestly think so sometimes. That sounds like the devil, and I wouldn't say it to anybody except you. Let your hair grow and write poems like this guy D'Invilliers in the Lit. My God! I swear I don't get him at all, and I'm a literary bird myself. That isn't as pash as some of them. I know I'm not a regular fellow, yet I loathe anybody else that isn't. I can't decide whether to cultivate my mind and be a great dramatist, or to thumb my nose at the Golden Treasury and be a Princeton slicker.

I'm going to sail into prominence on Burne's coat-tails. I want to pull strings, even for somebody else, or be Princetonian chairman or Triangle president. I want to be admired, Kerry.

βιβλία σύγχρονης λογοτεχνίας στα αγγλικά!

I'm thinking about you, too. We've got to get out and mix around the class right now, when it's fun to be a snob. If you want to be prominent, get out and try for something; if you don't, just take it easy. We'll go down and watch football practice. Amory gradually accepted this point of view, decided that next fall would inaugurate his career, and relinquished himself to watching Kerry extract joy from 12 Univee.

They filled the Jewish youth's bed with lemon pie; they put out the gas all over the house every night by blowing into the jet in Amory's room, to the bewilderment of Mrs. The donor of the party having remained sober, Kerry and Amory accidentally dropped him down two flights of stairs and called, shame-faced and penitent, at the infirmary all the following week. Mother always feels the girl is safe if she's with me. Honestly, it's annoying. If I start to hold somebody's hand, they laugh at me, and let me, just as if it wasn't part of them.

As soon as I get hold of a hand they sort of disconnect it from the rest of them. I wrote a St. Timothy girl a really loving letter last year. In one place I got rattled and said: 'My God, how I love you! Doesn't work at all. I'm just 'good old Kerry' and all that rot.

Amory smiled and tried to picture himself as "good old Amory. February dripped snow and rain, the cyclonic freshman mid-years passed, and life in 12 Univee continued interesting if not purposeful. Once a day Amory indulged in a club sandwich, cornflakes, and Julienne potatoes at "Joe's," accompanied usually by Kerry or Alec Connage.

The latter was a quiet, rather aloof slicker from Hotchkiss, who lived next door and shared the same enforced singleness as Amory, due to the fact that his entire class had gone to Yale. His father had been experimenting with mining stocks and, in consequence, his allowance, while liberal, was not at all what he had expected. One day in March, finding that all the tables were occupied, he slipped into a chair opposite a freshman who bent intently over a book at the last table.

They nodded briefly. For twenty minutes Amory sat consuming bacon buns and reading "Mrs. Warren's Profession" he had discovered Shaw quite by accident while browsing in the library during mid-years ; the other freshman, also intent on his volume, meanwhile did away with a trio of chocolate malted milks. By and by Amory's eyes wandered curiously to his fellow-luncher's book.

This meant nothing to him, his metrical education having been confined to such Sunday classics as "Come into the Garden, Maude," and what morsels of Shakespeare and Milton had been recently forced upon him. I've always meant to. Of course he's a Victorian. He was, perhaps, nineteen, with stooped shoulders, pale blue eyes, and, as Amory could tell from his general appearance, without much conception of social competition and such phenomena of absorbing interest.

Still, he liked books, and it seemed forever since Amory had met any one who did; if only that St. Paul's crowd at the next table would not mistake him for a bird, too, he would enjoy the encounter tremendously. D'Invilliers was partially taken in and wholly delighted. In a good-natured way he had almost decided that Princeton was one part deadly Philistines and one part deadly grinds, and to find a person who could mention Keats without stammering, yet evidently washed his hands, was rather a treat. You'd like it. You can borrow it if you want to. Amory hesitated, glanced at the St.

Tom D'Invilliers became at first an occasion rather than a friend. Amory saw him about once a week, and together they gilded the ceiling of Tom's room and decorated the walls with imitation tapestry, bought at an auction, tall candlesticks and figured curtains. Amory liked him for being clever and literary without effeminacy or affectation.

In fact, Amory did most of the strutting and tried painfully to make every remark an epigram, than which, if one is content with ostensible epigrams, there are many feats harder. Kerry read "Dorian Gray" and simulated Lord Henry, following Amory about, addressing him as "Dorian" and pretending to encourage in him wicked fancies and attenuated tendencies to ennui. When he carried it into Commons, to the amazement of the others at table, Amory became furiously embarrassed, and after that made epigrams only before D'Invilliers or a convenient mirror.

One day Tom and Amory tried reciting their own and Lord Dunsany's poems to the music of Kerry's graphophone. Amory, who was performing, looked annoyed, and claimed that he needed a record with less piano in it. Kerry thereupon rolled on the floor in stifled laughter. In the meanwhile Amory delicately kept trying to awaken a sense of the social system in D'Invilliers, for he knew that this poet was really more conventional than he, and needed merely watered hair, a smaller range of conversation, and a darker brown hat to become quite regular.

But the liturgy of Livingstone collars and dark ties fell on heedless ears; in fact D'Invilliers faintly resented his efforts; so Amory confined himself to calls once a week, and brought him occasionally to 12 Univee. This caused mild titters among the other freshmen, who called them "Doctor Johnson and Boswell. Alec Connage, another frequent visitor, liked him in a vague way, but was afraid of him as a highbrow. Kerry, who saw through his poetic patter to the solid, almost respectable depths within, was immensely amused and would have him recite poetry by the hour, while he lay with closed eyes on Amory's sofa and listened: "Asleep or waking is it?

Scraps The Secret Gargoyle Prince

That's a great poet, I guess. Amory took to writing poetry on spring afternoons, in the gardens of the big estates near Princeton, while swans made effective atmosphere in the artificial pools, and slow clouds sailed harmoniously above the willows. May came too soon, and suddenly unable to bear walls, he wandered the campus at all hours through starlight and rain.

From the moon it rolled, clustered about the spires and towers, and then settled below them, so that the dreaming peaks were still in lofty aspiration toward the sky. Figures that dotted the day like ants now brushed along as shadowy ghosts, in and out of the foreground. The Gothic halls and cloisters were infinitely more mysterious as they loomed suddenly out of the darkness, outlined each by myriad faint squares of yellow light.

Indefinitely from somewhere a bell boomed the quarter-hour, and Amory, pausing by the sun-dial, stretched himself out full length on the damp grass. Evening after evening the senior singing had drifted over the campus in melancholy beauty, and through the shell of his undergraduate consciousness had broken a deep and reverent devotion to the gray walls and Gothic peaks and all they symbolized as warehouses of dead ages.

The tower that in view of his window sprang upward, grew into a spire, yearning higher until its uppermost tip was half invisible against the morning skies, gave him the first sense of the transiency and unimportance of the campus figures except as holders of the apostolic succession.

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  4. He liked knowing that Gothic architecture, with its upward trend, was peculiarly appropriate to universities, and the idea became personal to him. The silent stretches of green, the quiet halls with an occasional late-burning scholastic light held his imagination in a strong grasp, and the chastity of the spire became a symbol of this perception. Where now he realized only his own inconsequence, effort would make him aware of his own impotency and insufficiency.

    He felt a nervous excitement that might have been the very throb of its slow heart. It was a stream where he was to throw a stone whose faint ripple would be vanishing almost as it left his hand. As yet he had given nothing, he had taken nothing. A belated freshman, his oilskin slicker rasping loudly, slushed along the soft path. A voice from somewhere called the inevitable formula, "Stick out your head! A hundred little sounds of the current drifting on under the fog pressed in finally on his consciousness. The rain dripped on. A minute longer he lay without moving, his hands clinched.

    Then he sprang to his feet and gave his clothes a tentative pat. Beyond a sporting interest in the German dash for Paris the whole affair failed either to thrill or interest him. With the attitude he might have held toward an amusing melodrama he hoped it would be long and bloody. If it had not continued he would have felt like an irate ticket-holder at a prize-fight where the principals refused to mix it up. The coach fumed helplessly, the Triangle Club president, glowering with anxiety, varied between furious bursts of authority and fits of temperamental lassitude, when he sat spiritless and wondered how the devil the show was ever going on tour by Christmas.

    The ponies took last drags at their cigarettes and slumped into place; the leading lady rushed into the foreground, setting his hands and feet in an atmospheric mince; and as the coach clapped and stamped and tumped and da-da'd, they hashed out a dance. A great, seething ant-hill was the Triangle Club. It gave a musical comedy every year, travelling with cast, chorus, orchestra, and scenery all through Christmas vacation.

    The play and music were the work of undergraduates, and the club itself was the most influential of institutions, over three hundred men competing for it every year. Amory, after an easy victory in the first sophomore Princetonian competition, stepped into a vacancy of the cast as Boiling Oil, a Pirate Lieutenant.

    Every night for the last week they had rehearsed "Ha-Ha Hortense! A rare scene, the Casino. A big, barnlike auditorium, dotted with boys as girls, boys as pirates, boys as babies; the scenery in course of being violently set up; the spotlight man rehearsing by throwing weird shafts into angry eyes; over all the constant tuning of the orchestra or the cheerful tumpty-tump of a Triangle tune. The boy who writes the lyrics stands in the corner, biting a pencil, with twenty minutes to think of an encore; the business manager argues with the secretary as to how much money can be spent on "those damn milkmaid costumes"; the old graduate, president in ninety-eight, perches on a box and thinks how much simpler it was in his day.

    How a Triangle show ever got off was a mystery, but it was a riotous mystery, anyway, whether or not one did enough service to wear a little gold Triangle on his watch-chain. There was one brilliant place in "Ha-Ha Hortense! It is also a tradition that the members are invariably successful in later life, amassing fortunes or votes or coupons or whatever they choose to amass. Therefore, at each performance of "Ha-Ha Hortense! It was claimed though never proved that on one occasion the hired Elis were swelled by one of the real thing. They played through vacation to the fashionable of eight cities.

    Amory liked Louisville and Memphis best: these knew how to meet strangers, furnished extraordinary punch, and flaunted an astonishing array of feminine beauty. In Baltimore, Princeton was at home, and every one fell in love. There was a proper consumption of strong waters all along the line; one man invariably went on the stage highly stimulated, claiming that his particular interpretation of the part required it. There were three private cars; however, no one slept except in the third car, which was called the "animal car," and where were herded the spectacled wind-jammers of the orchestra.

    Everything was so hurried that there was no time to be bored, but when they arrived in Philadelphia, with vacation nearly over, there was rest in getting out of the heavy atmosphere of flowers and grease-paint, and the ponies took off their corsets with abdominal pains and sighs of relief. He remembered Isabelle only as a little girl with whom he had played sometimes when he first went to Minneapolis. Amory was in full stride, confident, nervous, and jubilant. Scurrying back to Minneapolis to see a girl he had known as a child seemed the interesting and romantic thing to do, so without compunction he wired his mother not to expect him Huston-Carmelite to her popular daughter.

    But he never realized how wide-spread it was until he saw the cities between New York and Chicago as one vast juvenile intrigue. Afternoon at the Plaza, with winter twilight hovering outside and faint drums down-stairs Then the swinging doors revolve and three bundles of fur mince in. But the P. Didn't you notice how flushed the P. The "belle" had become the "flirt," the "flirt" had become the "baby vamp. If the P. The "belle" was surrounded by a dozen men in the intermissions between dances.

    Try to find the P. The same girl Amory found it rather fascinating to feel that any popular girl he met before eight he might quite possibly kiss before twelve. I wanted to come out here with you because I thought you were the best-looking girl in sight. You really don't care whether you ever see me again, do you?

    Let's not talk about it. When the hand-knit, sleeveless jerseys were stylish, Amory, in a burst of inspiration, named them "petting shirts. He had rather a young face, the ingenuousness of which was marred by the penetrating green eyes, fringed with long dark eyelashes. He lacked somehow that intense animal magnetism that so often accompanies beauty in men or women; his personality seemed rather a mental thing, and it was not in his power to turn it on and off like a water-faucet.

    But people never forgot his face. The sensations attributed to divers on spring-boards, leading ladies on opening nights, and lumpy, husky young men on the day of the Big Game, crowded through her. She should have descended to a burst of drums or a discordant blend of themes from "Thais" and "Carmen. She had been sixteen years old for six months.

    It'll be just a minute. Isabelle started toward the dressing-room for a last peek in the mirror, but something decided her to stand there and gaze down the broad stairs of the Minnehaha Club. They curved tantalizingly, and she could catch just a glimpse of two pairs of masculine feet in the hall below. Pump-shod in uniform black, they gave no hint of identity, but she wondered eagerly if one pair were attached to Amory Blaine. Coming up in the machine from the station, Sally had volunteered, amid a rain of question, comment, revelation, and exaggeration:.

    Well, he's simply mad to see you again. He's stayed over a day from college, and he's coming to-night. This had pleased Isabelle. It put them on equal terms, although she was quite capable of staging her own romances, with or without advance advertising. But following her happy tremble of anticipation, came a sinking sensation that made her ask:. Sally smiled. She felt rather in the capacity of a showman with her more exotic cousin. At this Isabelle's little fist had clinched suddenly under the fur robe.

    She was a "Speed," was she? Out of the window Isabelle watched the snow glide by in the frosty morning. It was ever so much colder here than in Baltimore; she had not remembered; the glass of the side door was iced, the windows were shirred with snow in the corners. Her mind played still with one subject.

    Did he dress like that boy there, who walked calmly down a bustling business street, in moccasins and winter-carnival costume? How very Western! Of course he wasn't that way: he went to Princeton, was a sophomore or something. Really she had no distinct idea of him. An ancient snap-shot she had preserved in an old kodak book had impressed her by the big eyes which he had probably grown up to by now.

    However, in the last month, when her winter visit to Sally had been decided on, he had assumed the proportions of a worthy adversary. Children, most astute of match-makers, plot their campaigns quickly, and Sally had played a clever correspondence sonata to Isabelle's excitable temperament.

    Isabelle had been for some time capable of very strong, if very transient emotions They drew up at a spreading, white-stone building, set back from the snowy street. Weatherby greeted her warmly and her various younger cousins were produced from the corners where they skulked politely. Isabelle met them tactfully. All the impressions she made were conscious. The half-dozen girls she renewed acquaintance with that morning were all rather impressed and as much by her direct personality as by her reputation.

    Amory Blaine was an open subject. He was going to fall for her Sally had published that information to her young set and they were retailing it back to Sally as fast as they set eyes on Isabelle. Suppose she were terribly disappointed. In fact, he summed up all the romance that her age and environment led her to desire.

    She wondered if those were his dancing-shoes that fox-trotted tentatively around the soft rug below. All impressions and, in fact, all ideas were extremely kaleidoscopic to Isabelle. She had that curious mixture of the social and the artistic temperaments found often in two classes, society women and actresses. Her education or, rather, her sophistication, had been absorbed from the boys who had dangled on her favor; her tact was instinctive, and her capacity for love-affairs was limited only by the number of the susceptible within telephone distance.

    Flirt smiled from her large black-brown eyes and shone through her intense physical magnetism. So she waited at the head of the stairs that evening while slippers were fetched. Just as she was growing impatient, Sally came out of the dressing-room, beaming with her accustomed good nature and high spirits, and together they descended to the floor below, while the shifting search-light of Isabelle's mind flashed on two ideas: she was glad she had high color to-night, and she wondered if he danced well.

    Down-stairs, in the club's great room, she was surrounded for a moment by the girls she had met in the afternoon, then she heard Sally's voice repeating a cycle of names, and found herself bowing to a sextet of black and white, terribly stiff, vaguely familiar figures. The name Blaine figured somewhere, but at first she could not place him. A very confused, very juvenile moment of awkward backings and bumpings followed, and every one found himself talking to the person he least desired to. Isabelle manoe uvred herself and Froggy Parker, freshman at Harvard, with whom she had once played hop-scotch, to a seat on the stairs.

    A humorous reference to the past was all she needed. The things Isabelle could do socially with one idea were remarkable. Froggy was fascinated and quite unconscious that this was being done, not for him, but for the green eyes that glistened under the shining carefully watered hair, a little to her left, for Isabelle had discovered Amory. As an actress even in the fullest flush of her own conscious magnetism gets a deep impression of most of the people in the front row, so Isabelle sized up her antagonist.

    First, he had auburn hair, and from her feeling of disappointment she knew that she had expected him to be dark and of garter-advertisement slenderness For the rest, a faint flush and a straight, romantic profile; the effect set off by a close-fitting dress suit and a silk ruffled shirt of the kind that women still delight to see men wear, but men were just beginning to get tired of. There was a stir, and Sally led the way over to their table. Amory struggled to Isabelle's side, and whispered:.

    But really she felt as if a good speech had been taken from the star and given to a minor character She mustn't lose the leadership a bit. The dinner-table glittered with laughter at the confusion of getting places and then curious eyes were turned on her, sitting near the head.

    She was enjoying this immensely, and Froggy Parker was so engrossed with the added sparkle of her rising color that he forgot to pull out Sally's chair, and fell into a dim confusion. Amory was on the other side, full of confidence and vanity, gazing at her in open admiration. He began directly, and so did Froggy:. Both stopped. Isabelle turned to Amory shyly. Her face was always enough answer for any one, but she decided to speak. While ascending the tower, the player will remain fully visible, but fellow players will be shown with a mist effect. Summon the golem while completing Blood and Madness achievements to hear updates from Tassi.

    Completing this achievement unlocks the final story instance by returning players to Tassi in the Nolani Academy ruins. Completing the final story instance will reward players with the Gift of Candy Corn, a personal candy corn mining node in their home instance that can be mined once a day. Special Halloween-themed daily achievements during the release also contribute to the meta-achievement. These are earned by participating in specific Halloween content each day. Additionally, there are three achievements that become available after completing the A Sweet Friend achievement and deal with the second story instance encounter with Bloody Prince Thorn.

    World Introducing the inaugural WvW season: North America and Europe have been split into three leagues each: gold, silver, and bronze. Players will be tied to the world they are on when they first log in after the season begins. Players may transfer worlds at any time, but their final reward will be linked to the performance of their initial world.

    The worlds in each league will be matched up against the other worlds in the league over the course of seven weeks, starting October Twenty achievements have been added. Completing 15 of the achievements will reward the Premier Season Veteran meta-achievement, a title, and a key that will unlock the final reward chest for Season 1. Several of the achievements have reward chests with a variety of items, including ascended crafting materials. This feature is turned on by default.

    Facts have been added to trait tooltips. Skills that are fired off from traits will now be displayed in the tooltip. Skills and traits that are affected by equipped traits will now display new facts in a blue color to indicate a trait caused this change. Living World Fixed several issues with the Clockheart resetting properly. He will now remove Aetherized Shielding and relocate to the center of the room upon party wipe.

    Items Runes of Lyssa now work properly on all elites. Sigil of Impact: Tiers 2 and 3 will now only function if the target is knocked down or stunned, instead of always applying extra damage. On key-press, ground-target skills will display their range indicator. On key-release, the ground-target skill will cast. AoE spells with a maximum number of targets will now count combatants that block or evade the attack towards that maximum. Fixed a bug where some zero-damage spells Tainted Shackles, among others did not place their casters in combat.

    Fixed a bug that disabled utility-skill swapping while transformed. Stun breakers will now break launch effects. Tab targeting now prioritizes players over NPCs including minions; mesmer clones are an exception and champions over everything else. Deselecting a target will reset the tab-targeting history. Fixed an issue that made F1-F4 skills display the wrong amount of damage displayed too little damage if the weapon was better than common rarity. Engineer turrets will now target whatever enemy was last hit by their creator whenever possible.

    Fixed an issue where stuns would always round up their duration to the nearest second if players had extra stun duration from items or traits. Immobilize now stacks in duration to a maximum of five times. All player-controlled minions, excluding mesmer phantasms and clones because they were already increased in a previous patch, now have Dark Projectile Combo: The damage portion of the life siphon bolt now slightly scales off power.

    Dark Whirl Combo: The damage portion of the life siphon bolt now slightly scales off power. Made it easier to retarget channeled skills. Now if players try to recast them on a separate target, it will cancel the current instance of the skill and start casting it again on the other target. Skills that buff allies in an AoE now prioritize party members.

    Invisible collision elements will no longer block click targeting. Fixed an issue where players could teleport while picking up the orb in Spirit Watch. Stuns: The stun and dazed debuffs are now properly removed after using a stun break skill. Signets: Signet passive buffs are now properly applied upon entering a PvP map. Chill: Skill recharges will now appear in teal while affected by this condition. Torment: Updated the description to more accurately display the damage done while standing still and moving.

    Elementalist Shocking Aura: Added the shocking aura buff to the skill fact. Elemental Attunement: Normalized this trait so that each boon can be applied to up to five allies within a radius. Evasive Arcana: Normalized the radius to for each spell created. Persisting Flames: The duration increase for fire fields is now consistent.

    Burning Fire: This trait now lists the proper skill names in its description. Glyph of Storms: This skill now properly displays the duration of each spell. Added AoE rings to the fire and earth skills. Geyser: Increased the base radius to Increased the radius to when traited with Blasting Staff. Fixed an issue so that the water field radius would match the increased radius with Blasting Staff. Slightly decreased the base heal at low levels, but it will heal for the same base at level Increased the base radius to Removed the heal that occurs if the water blast strikes nothing.

    Frozen Ground: Added an unblockable skill fact. Unsteady Ground: This skill no longer damages or cripples enemies. It will now prevent foes from crossing the area, knocking them back a short distance. Lasts for 3 seconds. Shock Wave: Increased the projectile velocity by Burning Retreat: Increased the retreat distance by Static Field: Increased the combo ring radius to match the spell radius. Windborne Speed: Decreased the radius to when traited with Blasting Staff. Fireball: Increased the base radius to Meteor Shower: Increased the impact radius to when traited with Blasting Staff.

    Healing Rain: Reduced the radius to when traited with Blasting Staff. Updated the skill fact to display the actual amount of regeneration applied. One with Air: This has been redesigned. It now will grant 1. Earthquake: Added a range indicator. Arcane Wave: This skill no longer applies conditions at an infinite range when traited with Elemental Surge. Signet of Restoration: This skill now heals for the correct amount when Written in Stone is traited and the skill is activated. Whirlpool: Added skill facts. Glyph of Elementals: The Inscription trait now functions with this skill.

    Glyph of Storms: Firestorm: Reduced the number of maximum targets per impact from 10 to 5. Added an AoE ring. Ice Storm: Added an AoE ring. Lightning Storm: Increased the impact radius from 60 to Sandstorm: Reduced the number of maximum targets per pulse from 10 to 5.

    Diomedes, Desdemona and Thersites landed softly outside the cave.

    Glyph of Renewal: Renewal of Fire: This skill is now ground targeted with a range and a radius. Renewal of Water: This skill is now ground targeted with a range and a radius. Fixed an issue so that it will also fully heal the target that is revived. Renewal of Air: This skill is now ground targeted with a range and a radius. Increased the maximum teleport distance to to match the range of the skill. Renewal of Earth: This skill is now ground targeted with a range and a radius.

    Conjure Flame Axe: Fixed an issue so that the bundle now properly disappears when the timer runs out. Lava Axe: This skill now grants 1 stack of might for 8 seconds when striking an enemy. Explosive Lava Axe: This skill is now a blast finisher. Flame Leap: Reduced the recharge to 15 seconds. Conjure Lightning Hammer: Fixed an issue so that the bundle now properly disappears when the timer runs out.

    Lightning Leap: This skill will now hit up to 3 targets. Wind Blast: Increased the launch distance to Lightning Storm: Increased the lightning impact radius from 60 to This skill can now be used while moving. Static Field: This skill will now stun a target entering the field instead of dazing them. Increased the radius from to Normalized the healing radius to around the target. Frost Volley: Reduced the recharge to 4 seconds. Frost Fan: Updated the chill skill fact to display the proper duration. Ice Storm: Increased the impact radius from 90 to It will now hit up to 3 targets and apply 1 stack of bleeding for 6 seconds.

    Shield Smash: This skill is now the second skill in the auto-attack chain. It will apply 2 stacks of bleeding for 6 seconds. Crippling Shield: This skill is now the third skill in the auto-attack chain. Reduced the range to Stone Sheath: This is a new skill. It is a channeled cast that will block one attack and then cause 3 stacks of bleeding for 6 seconds in a radius.

    Magnetic Surge: This skill can now hit up to 3 targets. Magnetic Shield: This skill will now provide 2 seconds of protection per target pulled. It can also be used while moving. Fortify: Reduced the recharge to 30 seconds. Engineer Bomb Kit—Bomb: Increased the base radius from to Increased the radius to when traited with Forceful Explosives.

    Bomb Kit—Fire Bomb: Increased the base radius from to Added an unblockable skill fact. Homing Torpedo: This skill will no longer fail to strike larger wurm creatures. Smoke Vent: This skill now has a range indicator. Steel-Packed Powder: Fixed an issue so that the vulnerability condition will be granted to the grenade skill when this is traited, but will not apply to the Reserve Mines trait. Elixir C: This skill now functions with Potent Elixirs. Underwater version now functions the same as well.

    Toss Elixir S: This skill now only grants stealth. Base duration of stealth has been increased to 5 seconds. Toss Elixir B: This skill now grants stability to allies, in addition to a random boon. Increased the base recharge to 30 seconds. Elixir H: Decreased the protection duration from 7 seconds to 6 seconds when traited with Potent Elixirs. Mine Field: Increased the base explosion radius from to Reserve Mines: Increased the base explosion radius from to Throw Napalm: This skill now leaves a fire field behind for 3 seconds when it lands, which burns enemies for 1 second every second.

    Burning duration of Throw Napalm on impact reduced to 4 seconds from 5. Rifle Turret—Automatic Fire: Bleeding has been removed. This skill now applies 8 seconds of vulnerability on each hit. Turrets: All base non-ground-targeted turrets will now indicate when the engineer is in range of the target.

    Turret models, nameplates, and health bars no longer linger after being destroyed.