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Old Welsh Poetry

Spenser's most important source is Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, from which the legend of King Arthur first arose. Monmouth invented much of this "history", and so Spenser's interpretation may at certain points be a few levels removed from the truth. However, the important thing is that no one could disprove most of his history, and so by incorporating it into The Faerie Queene, Spenser helped to make it a more authoritative version.

It was simpler, anyway, to view the history of British rule by the Britons as a single chain.

With the plot of the poem, however, Spenser moves farther and farther away from an unbroken chain in these cantos. The story of Britomart is supposed to form the central plot of the Book, and yet we see the subplots--like the pursuit of Florimell--taking over the story, even if they have little to do with Britomart.

Merlin, a Poem

Spenser picks up and drops different plot lines almost indiscriminately--for example, we hear an extensive background of Marinell, but after he is wounded, he disappears and does not reenter the poem until a different book. If there is a flaw in Spenser's ability to create a complex world that draws on many sources, it is the confusion that sometimes confronts the reader at keeping track of all the characters and plotlines. We note that the poet himself became a bit confused--when he had the dwarf claim that Florimell left home after Marinell's death, he forgets that she was already seen on the run two cantos ago.

What these numerous subplots do add to the poem is an extension of its allegory, an extension best achieved by adding new characters. In Florimell, we have a woman who desires chastity but not in the same way as Britomart.

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She is not so much active as she is acted upon, as the object of men's desire. She is Beauty, the kind of beauty that will always inflame lust in men; since this is not balanced with active, forceful chastity Britomart , Florimell becomes a much-abused character. Belphoebe has a better lot, and yet she, too, is lacking something when compared to Britomart. Belphoebe is chaste, and actively so, but she is static in her chastity. She is the limit of what chastity can be without leading to Christian love, which is why she is out in nature, unadorned, like the satyrs. It is the transition toward love within chastity that Spenser admires in Britomart.

The Faerie Queene by: Edmund Spenser. Context Study Questions. Commentary Merlin's discourse on the history of the Britons takes up nearly all of Canto iii, certainly more than was required to convince Britomart that she should go after Arthegall. The Black Book of Camarthen. Merlin went to change his feathers! Matthews, John, The Arthurian Tradition.

Element Books Limited. Bryant, Nigel, , reprinted Dark Energies is the powerful latest collection by American poet, Ann K.

New and hard-to-procure collected poems expand the vista of her artistic vision. As with all memorable poetry, t Joshi, and others. Written by George Sterling in and Clark Ashton Smith in respectively, these poems have been the supporting lintel and threshold to a fantastic doorway of the imagination for generations of enthralled readers. Now at last there is a contemporary response to these masterworks from poets as diverse and distinguished as Richard L.

We seem to be in the midst of a renaissance of fantastic poetry, as the present volume attests. The poets in this book have found in their work the inspiration to weave a tapestry of weirdness that stands as a substantial contribution to the fantastic verse of our own time. Connoisseurs of poetry know what aesthetic pleasures are in store for them when they read vivid, meticulously crafted work such as is contained in this book.

Lovecraft: A Comprehensive Bibliography.

POEMS OF WILLIAM BLAKE - FULL Audio Book - Songs of Innocence and of Experience & The Book of Thel

Inspired by George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith, yet fueled by the twenty-first century talents of celebrated poets from both hemispheres, this collection of vintages has something for every rarefied taste. From hashish dreams to psychic expeditions through deep space-time, here are experiences not to be found elsewhere.

Merlin: A Poem - Edwin Arlington Robinson - Google книги

Sip slowly, and revel in the flight. Ann K. A feast of fantastic verse, a special delight for Klarkash-tonians who need no further reassurance that the stately, cosmic tradition represented by such masterpieces as "The Star-Treader" and "The Hashish-Eater" is alive and well.