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Russian Civil War. Autumn Sea by Toke Hoppenbrouwers. Cochula's Journey by Virginia Pounds Brown. Freeborn Slave by Jasper Rastus Nall. India Unveiled by Robert Arnett. Reflections on Multiculturalism by Robert Eddy. Soul Healing by Bruce Goldberg. The Truth about Money by Ric Edelman. Winona's Web by Priscilla Cogan. Flying free : twentieth-century self-taught art from the collection of Ellin and Baron Gordon by Ellin Gordon. The last Jewish shortstop in America : a novel by Lowell B. Leading the West by Donald J.

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  8. Dharma Rain by Stephanie Kaza. Hans Namuth Portraits by C. Inca Fire! Light of the Masters by Val Jon Farris. New York Neighborhoods by Eleanor Berman. Second Wind by Dick Francis. Sorrow by Claribel Alegria. A Window on Sedona by Dottie Webster. The Archer King by Reyna T. The Black Chalice by Marie Jakober. Butterfly House by T. The Cock's Spur by Charles F. Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. The Fund by Wes Demott. Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel. Lenin: A Biography by Robert Service. The Living Wild by Art Wolfe. Midnight Diaries by Boris Yeltsin.

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    Singularity by Bill DeSmedt. SuicideGirls by Missy Suicide. The Unseen by Lee Driver. Whose Eye is on Which Sparrow? Yellow as Legal Pads by Fran Stewart. Best Women's Erotica by Violet Blue. Come witness the everyday invaluable connections made between the community and classrooms, motivational mentors and aspiring students, and generous philanthropists and district needs. The CCISD Partnership Program offers a myriad of opportunities for parents, businesses, community organizations, and civic groups to have a direct impact on the success of our students.

    In order to begin volunteering in our schools, you will need to complete the following application. Once approved, you will receive an email notification. For the safety and security of our students and staff, CCISD conducts criminal background checks on volunteers.

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    For more information on criminal background checks and volunteer application status, please contact Safe and Secure Schools Division at Click Here to view the Sessions. You might be a helpful citizen at one of these sessions! Open House format allows students to speak with any Healthcare or Biomedical professionals to learn more about what they do. Find out if this if for you! Contact healthcareers clhsptsa. There are multiple membership levels each benefiting you and the Football program. Click here for the Booster Club Form Click here to join and pay online. Texas Music Educators Association recently completed the annual State Honor Orchestra Competition with Lake placing 1st in their region and 2nd overall in the state.

    The region zone consists of all high schools in the southern half of Texas including Austin and Houston. The finals include the top 6 orchestras from each of the two regions from over 50 entries. Lake has a history of good standing in the state finals each year, ranking in the finals 22 times and earning the title of Texas State Honor Orchestra 4 times. The orchestra program at Lake is under the direction of Mr. Bryan Buffaloe and Mr. Kevin Black and the program is home to around student members. Buffaloe said: "We are very proud of the success and hard work of our student members in the Lake Orchestra program.

    The State Honor Orchestra competition is like an athletic team making the state play-off games. It is humbling and rewarding to know our orchestra program is ranked among the best in Texas.

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    Not many school organizations have a consistent and long-standing history in the championships as the Lake Orchestra and we hope to continue that strive for excellence for many years to come. The Midwest Clinic is one of America's largest annual music conferences and showcases the finest instrumental music ensembles and organizations from around the world.

    Ensembles are selected to perform through an extensive application process including submitted audio and video recordings of recent performances. Lake is one of 8 high school orchestras from across the U. Admission is free and open to the public. Wrapped and ready to bring the holidays into your home. All proceeds to benefit our award-winning orchestra. This year the event is open to all students interested in learning more about what engineers do, no matter the district or grade level.

    There are many types of engineers and even the same types of engineers may work in wildly different types of jobs. Speak to working engineers, engineering students, and professors about what it takes to be an engineer and what types of jobs they do. Find out if engineering is the career for you! Thank you for your support! Please share this information with your Houston-area family, friends and coworkers. If you are an engineer, or know an engineer who would be interested in participating, or if you would like more information on Engineers IRL contact engineer clhsptsa.

    The team fell short and lost in the Regional Semi-finals. Late Reg. Deadline Nov. Certified Arborist. Last year was a sell-out year and we anticipate this year to be the same. Don't miss out on the Yearbook! We have TWO ways to order: 1. Go to www. Deadline for ordering online is March 1, copies will still be available for purchase as long as supplies last. Yearbook delivery is in MAY! Cindy N. Berthelot, M. She distinguishes her practice by keeping up to date with the latest dermatological and cosmetic trends. Through her clinical practice, Dr. Berthelot provides scientifically proven treatments in the field of skin health in a highly personal environment.

    Berthelot is passionate about cancer research, therapy, and prevention. Just a quick update about the WatchDog program at Falcon Pass Thank you to Dads of all kinds! Thank you for your support thus far in the first year of the program to Falcon Pass. I've had some questions about open dates. There are only a few days left in November November 13th, 15, 26, 27 , December is plenty of days! Thanks again. Appreciate all your support to the program and Falcon Pass!

    Stop by and find some books, maybe do some early Christmas shopping. Every book sold helps our school library raise funds for new books! Mosquito Tips and Reminders The recent and prolonged periods of rain have led to a significant increase in mosquitoes. Please use mosquito spray, lotion or wipes before your child leaves for school. In accordance with District regulations, no aerosols will be allowed in school. Insect repellent will not be shared with other students. Due to possible allergies and other reactions, school employees will not apply repellents. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.

    FamilySearch is a nonprofit family history organization dedicated to connecting families across generations and is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services each year to learn more about their family history. Join us on Friday, November 2 at pm in the second floor Computer Lab to learn how to use the free Family Search website www. If you knit, crochet or do any other form of needlecraft please join us for the Freeman Needlecrafters. While attendees are happy to help others through the difficult parts of a project, this club is not intended as a class for instruction.

    Needlecrafters is held every other Tuesday in the second floor Conference Room at am. November Needlecrafters will be held on November Whether you are just starting a business or expanding an established business, SCORE counselors are here to help you succeed. Meet with a business counselor to develop your business plan, discuss a new idea or tackle a business problem. Sessions are by appointment only.

    Whether you are just beginning to think about starting your own business or a seasoned small business owner, SCORE has a program tailored to your specific needs. Join us on Saturday, November 17 at am in the first floor Meeting Room. Come and learn 7 solutions to sugar cravings. This workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 28 at pm in the first floor Meeting Room.

    With the holidays approaching, join us on Thurs. Space is limited, please register through the second floor Reference Desk: All supplies are provided by the Friends of Freeman Library. Adults - starting the first Thursday of the month, you can stop by the upstairs Reference Desk, to pick up a Crafts-To-Go kit. This free kit will include all materials necessary as well as instructions. This project will be available to adult patrons while supplies last. The Friends of Freeman Library provide the materials for this Maker program. To register, please call the library at Space is limited.

    This fascinating technique involves painting on the surface of water using a stylus, as well as combs and rakes. Exquisite patterns can be made with these tools which can include stylized flora and fauna. The painting is then transferred onto paper. Shaheen also likes to incorporate Arabic calligraphy into her Ebru for a wider variety of expression through this medium.

    This free event will require no registration. The refreshments prepared in this event will be provided by the Friends of Freeman Library. Please join us for a showing of "Saving Mr. Banks," the drama about Author P. Travers reflects on her childhood after reluctantly meeting with Walt Disney, who seeks to adapt her Mary Poppins books for the big screen. This free program requires no registration. Food Fiesta Food Demo Monday, November 12 at pm Freeman staff will show the audience how to make delicious dishes. After the demo, attendees will be able to enjoy the prepared food.

    Refreshments prepared in this event will be provided by the Friends of Freeman Library. We had 7 staff members decorate pumpkins to look like childrens' literature or popular culture figures. Children and adults voted on their favorite pumpkin. We had over voters in this year's Project Pumpkin. Email the YA Librarian! Recommended for years old.

    Tickets given out at pm. Pajama Storytime features bedtime stories, songs and rhymes. Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas. Free tickets required and available at the Kid's Information Desk 30 minutes before the program begins. Come join us for a baby playdate at the library! You and baby show up and have a good time! No tickets required! Free tickets required and available at the Kid's Information Desk at 10 am. Due to space limitations, one adult per child. This program features books, songs, and action rhymes suitable for the young and young- at-heart.

    This program does not require tickets. The Bookstore is our main source of revenue and money raised helps fund projects and activities at Freeman Library. Membership is open to everyone. Discover the benefits and be a Friend! Volunteer in the Bookstore and join a great team! The best title in the Bookstore is "Volunteer!

    Whether you have a lot of time or maybe just an hour, there's an opportunity for you. Click here to learn more! November , am - pm Step into the past and join us at our 38th annual Martyn Farm Harvest Festival! Learn about life on the Texas Gulf Coast Prairie and have some old-fashioned fun, including children's games and crafts, a general store with homemade goodies, live demonstrations, handmade toys and crafts, wagon rides, music and dancers, butter-making with homemade biscuits, a pie-eating contest, food and drinks, baked goods, a raffle, and more!

    Purchase tickets at the gate or reserve tickets online. Twinkling lights will soon be seen within the prairie and forest of ABNC. Certainly, a delight for those of us who remember the warm summer nights of chasing fireflies through our neighborhoods. Our evening will begin with a brief presentation on our beloved lightning bugs followed by a walk in the darkness. Children will have the opportunity to capture and release fireflies and take home a firefly kit.

    Age 6 years and older. Reservations required. This event is seasonal. The Bay Forest News is looking for teenagers to refill the job list. Take a look at the categories below and let us know if you'd like to be added! Be transported back to pioneer times with a visit to our authentic farm site.

    Join us on Sundays from pm for live demonstrations of farm life as it was in days of old Observe life as it once was at the Martyn farm. Each week our knowledgeable volunteers demonstrate activities common to daily life on a 19th-century farm in southeast Texas. No reservations needed.

    Weather conditions permitting. The Audubon Society invites birders of all ages and skill levels to participate in this international event. Within a three week timeframe, birders across Canada, the US, and Mexico will rise with the sun and spend one day counting every bird they see. This is the largest avian census and not possible without volunteers just like you! Topics are the same Wednesdays and Fridays!

    Click Here to view more information about this fun event! Become the myth buster Bats are amazing mammals that are critical to many ecosystems around the world. Join us as we clear up some common misconceptions about bats and reveal the truth of their nature. Hike will be about a half a mile in length. Dan Pias dfwdaniel hotmail.

    ARC Dan Pias dfwdaniel gmail. Dennis Fouty dennisfouty live. Katy Lednicky www. To Report a Streetlight that is Out CenterPoint Energy maintains streetlights throughout our electric service territory in and around Houston. Go to the link below to report a streetlight outage. An animal on a leash is considered to be under direct physical control of a person. For more info visit Houston Leash Law. Please email the information that is to appear in the ad to mgmoran swbell.