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Even more remarkable, participants can come to Stephy's Place as much as they want and for as long as they need.

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On average, at least people are there every week. Sunday's walk was proof of that. The people wore lavender T-shirts, carried signs and released butterflies into the cloudy skies.

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Some held pictures like Ghoniem, who wore a pink bandana to match the one her son was wearing in the image that showed him smiling and happy. Her husband, Nabil, wore a fuchsia-colored bandana.

64 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

He held up the picture too, in memory of the young man he loved as his own. While the gathering was a fundraiser to keep Stephy's Place doing its important work, the event was mainly another way to help families keep loved ones in their hearts. Leading the way was Stephy's family. Zach, who loves soccer and has a firm handshake, said he was glad to see a large turnout, too.

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  • Angelina Trocchia, Ocean Twp. Amanda Doerr of Tinton Falls said Stephy's Place saved her life after her husband, Sean, died in a car accident two years ago. It's like I have a new family. It's still tough, though. Her son, who is now 2 years old, points to the sky and says "heaven" when she asks him, "Where's Daddy? For Black folks and people of color, terror and fear are central to our everyday life.

    And we live in a country that does such an active work to erase such violence. How do you live in a country that paints criminals and villains in your flesh-tones? This conflict is also complicated by the demand of other to "Never Forget. Already from my newsfeed to timeline, I see countless posts invoking this need for collective remembering. Our obligation to stand with them and remember the attack does a work of collective healing.

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    However, what are we allowing ourselves to forget? We must remember the Black women and girls killed by police brutality.


    We must remember the systemic and conscious fear of Brown-skinned and Muslim folk. We must remember the violence and hurt that plagues our national consciousness daily. We must remember those for whom forgetting is an impossibility.

    Forgetting is an impossibility for so many who live through the daily trauma of street harassment and military-style policing. Forgetting is an impossibility for the families whose loved ones have been violently deported , detained and incarcerated. Forgetting is an impossibility for those living through sexual assault and domestic and intimate partner violence.

    Forgetting is an impossibility for many Americans and as we grieve the devastating attacks on September 11 , also grieve this summer of violence and destruction. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

    Reaction to 9/11

    We must grieve for the daily terrors that many demand to forget. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. McCool has a drawer full of T-shirts bearing the names of dead men. There was Gerry Nevins, for example, who used to bring eggs to the fire station from his farm in upstate New York. Billy Nolan, now 54, left his beloved fire department in because of lung disease.

    They sprayed the steel with asbestos to fireproof it. You never get it out. Thousands of unsung Irish and Irish-Americans did what they could to ameliorate the tragedy. John Fiddler, a nurse from Dublin, cared for hundreds of survivors in the burn unit at Cornell University Hospital. State senator Martin Golden, whose family came from Galway and Cavan, organised convoys of construction teams, food and equipment for lower Manhattan. Teresa McGovern lost her mother in the Twin Towers, then gave birth to the son she was carrying, Liam. Additional reporting by Ines Novacic.

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    Reaction to 9/11 - HISTORY

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