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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. If you do complete all your routes, it is often a good idea to collect more since each route completed adds to your score, however this is very dependent on the current game situation how many routes are free, how close it is to game end, how flexible your current rail system is as you also risk drawing new cards that you can't complete and which would penalize you.

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However, there is nothing mandating that you always have tickets to complete: Since the contents of your tickets is not public information nobody should know that you've completed all your tickets until game end, so such a rule would be mostly unenforceable anyway. According to the rules, the game turn consists of taking one and only one of the following four actions:.

However, there is absolutely nothing in the rules which tells you to take one of these actions over the others in any situation: It is entirely your choice as to which of the four actions to take.

Tickets to ride too expensive

Literally the only case I can conceive of where you'd be forced to collect more destination tickets aside from the ones drawn during game setup would be if the other three actions were, for whatever reason, unavailable to you. This would basically mean that there are a no train cards to draw, b you can't afford to claim any routes, and c you've already deployed your station.

And if this does happen to you, you've probably already lost. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does a player always have to have destination tickets on-hand? Ask Question. For more information, check out their site:.

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Ticket to Ride

Website: YourThaiGuide. Thanks for the moving writeup and photos guys. Hello, thank you for sharing : Btw, may i know the schedule from Kanchanaburi-NamThok vice versa with Death Railway route? Is it only twice times on weekend or also available on weekdays? Thank you. I would love to make the trip. Having such a knowledgeable guide makes all the difference, and a few comforts are welcome. Nice photos and a fascinating journey. Having our guide show us where everything was and organize the transportation took a big weight off our shoulders when traveling with our family.

She did a lot of behind the scenes work and organizing to make our trip smooth. Thank goodness! It looks very interesting place. I have no idea why they have done that movie in Sri Lanka instead of Thailand. Just came across your blog and wanted to mention how much I like it! Headed to Thailand in a week, after visiting Tokyo! Have never been to Asia so super excited! Fantastic guide guys, very informative. Would love to do this trip too. We got a big history lesson that day! Just below the railway bridge, there are longtail boats to charter.

They would be big enough for a group like yours. We went on a 1. You could get water or snacks at one of them. We also stopped at a nearby park where there was a short hike to a waterfall. We saw pictures for the waterfall after the fact. Really pretty! We also saw a longtail boat or two near the bridge, and perhaps those were the same offering the river tour, which would have been gorgeous, based on some of the country side we saw and other river overlooks. We might have winged it if it was just us.

Maybe, just maybe :. Today we live as full time expats in Chiang Mai, offering future expats and travelers firsthand knowledge about all things Thailand! Learn more about our story here….

Ride death railway - do we need to book? - Thailand Forum - TripAdvisor

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  7. Six million died. Some kids were playing it while drunk and being disrespectful. Romero stopped them.

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    The first was The New World, a game about slavery, created in She created that game for her daughter. The latter is expected to be finished this year. Word about the series is getting around. A film crew is prepping a documentary about Train. Other publications have written about it.

    Romero has given talks about it before.

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    The game will be displayed in a museum at Georgia Tech University , and it will likely travel around. But Romero has never pushed it.

    A little bit of history – The Death Railway and the Hellfire Pass

    This game was never intended to be seen. But they did in this case. During the nine months that Romero was designing the game, she spent a long time each day just staring at the picture on the right, depicting two boys wearing the Star of David that the Nazis made Jews wear for identification.

    Migrants ride the 'Train of Death'

    She tried to picture herself as the mother of those boys, making sure that they were tidy. She closed the talk with a focus on one man who stuck around by himself after two other players left. Romero watched him for about 20 minutes while he moved the characters and rolled the die. She asked him what he was doing.