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La résilience d’AQMI (Al-Qaida au Maghreb Islamique)

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Un mauvais astre vous tient sans que vous le sachiez et plus on vous admoneste, plus vous empirez. Les deux historiens font plus que relever cette incontestable analogie. Moller Dumitrescu Press Nous pouvons cependant, pour ne pas nous limiter ici aux Touaregs, dire un mot de leurs voisins mauritaniens.

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Cette forme, notons-le, est complexe. Mais ceux qui sont pris dans le jeu ne le voient pas toujours ainsi. Eh bien! En quelle guise vous prierai-je donc, amie?


Berque, Jacques, a Musiques sur le fleuve. Paris, Albin Michel. A Critical Study of European Scholarship. Manchester, Manchester University Press. Burke, James F. Casajus, Dominique, La Tente dans la solitude. Paris, Firmin Didot, 3 vol.

Mali : Nés en France et rapatriés par leurs parents

Paris, Le Seuil. Paris, Leroux, 2 vol.

MALI. Les secrets d'une guerre éclair

Paris, Imprimerie nationale, 4 vol. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Paris, Nizet. Harvey, Ruth E. An Introduction. Toulouse, Privat. Kay, Sarah, Subjectivity in Troubadour Poetry.

Chroniques touarègues (French Edition): Michel Bourgin: Books

Paris, Klincksieck. Lee,Vernon [Violet Paget], Euphorion. Being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the Renaissance.

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  2. MNLA: The Fight For A Secular State Of Azawad – Part II: Fighting Terror In The Sahel.
  3. MALI. Les secrets d'une guerre éclair!
  4. Introduction.
  5. MALI. Les secrets d'une guerre éclair.
  6. Introduction.

Hamad Ould Mohamed Khairou [16]. Demonstration in Gao. However, he was most probably killed with premeditation, with an aim to incite the local population against the MNLA.

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  • At this moment, we still do not know the identity of the criminals, but we strongly condemn the ignoble assassination, which was exploited by certain armed groups to stir up the Songhai population against their Touareg brothers in the MNLA. This time, pro-Malian and Islamist groups came seeking direct confrontation.

    Chronique — Kroniek

    A view of the city of Gao. Toumast Press points out that the Islamist militants involved do not have the technology required to jam a satellite network, and suggests that the operation was supported by some countries see below. MNLA fighters [32]. The perfect organization of the MNLA fighters allowed [them] to kill more than 20 terrorists, including their leaders. Seeing that more than terrorists were arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements, the small group of MNLA fighters decided to vacate the presidency and join the bulk of the Azawadian troops in the Fihroun camp [near the Gao airport].

    MNLA fighters. The MNLA leadership called on the small group of MNLA fighters in Gao to go to Gossi — a village situated in a strategic area in the Timbuktu region, 85 kilometers south of Gao and 1, kilometers from Bamako — in order to avoid, for the moment, clashes with the Malian troops, who were accompanied by the pro-Malian militia Ganda Koy. Mokhtar Belmokhtar [39]. Belmokhtar, among the most prominent commanders from Algeria, began his jihadi career in Afghanistan in the s.

    The Kabyle website siwel. Ag Cherif was apparently attacked by a non-Touareg who initially feigned siding with the MNLA, though other sources claim Ag Cherif was hit by stray friendly fire while trying to disperse the demonstration. After Islamists took over the governorate, he announced to the media that the MNLA had lost the battle in Gao, but not the war. He then asked the international community to back the MNLA, in order to prevent the Islamists from taking control of Azawad. Furthermore, despite limited resources, the MNLA seeks to move ahead with the liberation of Azawad, with or without the help of the international community.

    Divisions Within Ansar Al-Din. The Touareg fighters, chilled by the position taken up by Ag Ghaly, himself a Touareg — considering that in Gao, their brothers, cousins, friends, and fellow tribesmen were being attacked and killed — began to walk out of the meeting, and headed toward Gao to come to the aid of their Touareg brothers in the MNLA. Even before the fighting in Gao, relations within Ansar Al-Din were tense. Some Touareg fighters had already left the movement, believing that Ag Ghaly was not truly interested in Azawadi independence, but was rather biding his time until he could hand the region back to Mali as part of an agreement that would profit him and his close supporters.

    Considering the latter expectation, he is likely to strike a compromise with AQIM militants only if the interests of his tribe are ensured and if it is given a predominant role in Azawad. Ansar Al-Din did not participate actively in the battle of Gao. After the battle of Gao, the MNLA withdrew from the major city centers, and has since been preparing to reconquer the areas it lost. Indirect negotiations are currently underway to effect the release of the hostages. A few days prior to the fighting in Gao, Touareg media outlets reported on the Algerian and Qatari presence in Azawad.

    These people must be fought. It stressed that the MNLA was calling on the international community to help it in fighting the jihadi groups and to ensure the success of its fight against terror. The near future will reestablish the facts. We will confirm the identity of the killed terrorist at a later stage. There is also the logistic, financial, and media support offered by certain foreign powers, which back without reservation the Islamist groups operating in our territory, while they outrageously denigrate the only democratic movement in the country.

    Where is the international press, which is supposed to promote liberty and democracy? Yes, where are all these schoolmasters?