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Eliot retired from academia in Eliot Jacobson. How to Play a Soft 17 at Blackjack. The 3 most misplayed hands in Blackjack. How to Play 16 Against Dealer Top Menu. Top Menu - Blackjack. Play Now - Online Casino. Top Menu- More Games- Craps. You are here. Card Counting Blackjack Variants. September 8, P Heat. As you read through the games below, the questions to ask yourself are: Does the game have a low house edge? Is basic strategy complex? Only APs will know it. Will low cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 benefit the house by giving fewer blackjacks, worse cards on double downs, and make the dealer bust less often?

Are there any special cards that make the version vulnerable in a way that is different from ordinary blackjack? Here are some answers: More opportunities to double and split. More opportunities to get better starting hands. More opportunities to surrender or get out of bad hands. Anything free. Guaranteed winning hands. Bonus hands. More or less variance. Less busting. Here are some of the things developers have taken away: Blackjack pays 1-to Use Spanish decks no Tens.

Certain dealer hands always push. Better drawing rules for the dealer. Player gives: blackjack pays 1-to-1; dealer hard total of 22 is a push. House edge: 0. An attack in June left 38 dead and 70 injured. The perpetrator set fire to the building and many of the injured broke their legs jumping from burning rooms.

Many who chose not to jump died of smoke inhalation.

Attack "King's Rook 7" with the Queen & a Piece, Part 1 - Tactics Time!

In , members of a dissident group set fire to a casino in Monterrey, Mexico killing 52 people. Even in the vast majority of countries where land based casinos would not be targeted by insurgents or anyone else, online casinos offer more than land based casinos can offer except the admittedly wonderful atmosphere that generally obtains in a land based casino.

However, the atmosphere of gaming, play, and gambling is severely disrupted when armed gunmen enter and open fire. Macau responded to the attack in Las Vegas by increasing security staff in its casinos. Macau is a Chinese city with a great deal of autonomy as it was formerly a Portuguese colony. Casino gaming has raised large sums for the , residents of Macau who felt that the cost of enhanced security forces was well worth it as the city relies heavily on revenues from the casinos. It is far too early to tell if casinos elsewhere around the world will respond to the attack in Myanmar or will continue to rely on the level of security that now have.

Such minimal security staffs would be no match for a well-coordinated attack from an aggressive militia or terrorist force. I bet that a lot of developers today have no idea that numbers generated with a lcng repeat after a while. Lagod - the linked article is a follow on from the previous article His name had already come up twice in the course of my reporting—once from someone close to the fraud investigation in the Eastern District of Missouri and once in conversation with Willy Allison, a casino security consultant who has been tracking the St.

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Petersburg organization for years. A TRNG that comes with a real random string of numbers between 1 and will still make sure that the house wins - if the rules say that the player wins if the number is between 70 and And THAT is how the advantage of the house is created. My guess is that PRNG have to be used for regulatory reasons as they are easier to check by the authorities.

Having a failure of a PRNG in a one armed bandit allows for even better money laundering, this could be where some of the dollar bills come from that feed the commonwealth banks smart ATMs, that then send the money overseas without any audit. This article reads like someone is trying to exploit the PRNG, and also extort the company at the same time. Maybe worth mentioning: It's not just for the evil casinos that the machines are badly tainted. If there's requirement for win ratio, and PRNG is bad.

I would use it fill fixed roll sequence instead of using independent time based results from it. Allocate slot of rolls, place in 30 small wins and 10 medium and one big. This will guarantee that win ratio will be fixed on next rolls to come.

Card Counting Blackjack Variants

Remaining 59 rolls will lose. Even if the PRNG is total disaster, the win ratio won't change. If there's possibility to set "bid" then just consume several slots at once and if required, make pre-allocated the batch larger. You can still 'cheat' but it's much harder, and house won't be the loser. What Kai said. Casinos need to vet the payout.

There is an old saying in the casino industry that if something is unlikely to be true it is untrue. If the odds were truly random there would be no way to vet the results because there would be no way to verify the payouts. In this sense a slot machine is different than a public lottery. A public lottery only cares if the results are truly random because the lottery can never pay out more than what was put in. But the casino can pay out more than what was put in, and thereby go bankrupt, if the payouts aren't managed properly.

This leads to an interesting question. Should the casinos actually care that their slots are being gamed? Only if it costs them profit. Otherwise they should be indifferent to whole the pool of winners and losers is among their customers. Many sweepstakes add a trivial steps so they can claim to be "games of skill" rather than "games of chance". This is to sidestep anti gambling laws. Here we have the gamblers turning a "game of chance" into a "game of skill" and we're supposed to care.

Anyway, back in the day there were several people who claimed or were claimed to be skilled at "feeling" the state of these mechanical RNGs, although in many cases they were found to be relying more on small holes drilled in the front of the machine with a palm-held drill, or by an accomplice in the casino's employ , through which they could insert a stiff wire to "bias the odds".

SL Allocate slot of rolls, place in 30 small wins and 10 medium and one big. You've just added a vulnerability to the machine. If it's possible to reverse engineer when the block of rolls starts you can watch and count as rubes play the machine. If a rube gives up on the machine when there are - say - 20 pulls left in the block of and the big win hasn't come up, take over and play until it does. The casino still makes its profit; this scheme gives non-counters slightly worse odds and the counter slightly better odds.

Kai "I'm just wildly speculating here, but I would imagine that the PRNG algorithms in use are very heavily vetted to ensure that they are random enough I can say that when I was working there, our machines had their PRNGs code and output checked by either the regulator itself, or by a company hired to do that task. One of the incidents I dealt with was that we were poorly seeding our PRNG and we weren't adding enough bits of randomness frequently enough, which under certain circumstances could make the numbers perfectly, easily predictable.

In response, we killed that release, and improved both significantly.

Security Researcher Assaulted Following Vulnerability Disclosure | Hacker News

While I cannot guarantee that the wider less-regulated slot industry were careful about their PRNGs, the major actors appeared to be. In other words, it was the game design, not the PRNG that determined how swingy the wins were barring code defects.

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I can tell you from the data I had that there were weeks where some of our most popular games lost money due to large progressive payouts occurring on those weeks. When averaged over a year, though, those numbers looked very close to what you'd expect from the payout table. I cannot speak to grey market machines; the times when they actually got to a regulator, they rarely even passed the initial "will this behave well when shocked with electricity" tests.

It's possible that their PRNGs were also bad, or even favored certain results. The reality for people writing code for slot machines is that we use one of the small number of approved algorithms. If we don't, we're unlikely to get it past the regulators. The response to a broken game is to shut it down. For most casinos, that would just mean more play on other machines ones that aren't broken. In a case like he's describing, I suspect that nearly the entire industry would be aware within a few hours. While I can't comment on if Alex reverse engineered the PRNG, I'll note that when I was working for a slot machine company, that was one of our biggest fears.

Even though the resources needed to reverse engineer against it seemed implausible at the time , we attempted to guard against this, urged on by our customers and regulators. I have no reason to think that most or all of our competitors didn't have this in mind. The easiest way to guard against this is to increase the injection of entropy ideally, it should be greater than or equal to the information leakage. SL - "I would use it fill fixed roll sequence" - that's a different kind of game - it's pretty much how scratch-off lotteries work. My recollection is that one of our most popular games was a 10 of 10 keno.

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The top prize was something like a 1 in 8,, event. We also had slot games with similar odds for the top prize. Humdee "If the odds were truly random there would be no way to vet the results because there would be no way to verify the payouts. In theory, you needed a physical key to access that feature, among several others none of which could impact the payout amounts or the payout percentage.

If it keeps doing so, or no good explanation comes up, they'll shut that game down. Thus it has a flat distribution nomatter what test you throw at it. Let us assume it chucks out a 10bit unsigned int, but you want it to only give a range between 10 and and still be both truly random and unbiased. All you have to do is throw away any numbers outside the required range.

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Thus nothing clever. The potential downside is it generates a long sequence of out of range numbers thus it takes an uncertain length of time to output an inrange number. Thus you have the TRNG running without modification followed by your range filter. There is no reason why the range can not be changed at any time, it does not effect the randomness of the numbers in the chosen range. You can thus change the range to effect the size of payout to ensure you meet the payout requirments. I have encountered stupid security many times, specifically in gambling systems, that made errors which would be unthinkable in other computer security regimes.

You can do a back-of-the-envelope calculation and discover that there are bits of information in a shuffled deck of cards. Guess what size seed a random number generator used for shuffling cards is usually initialized with? Guess what size state it has? Did you guess less than bits? Did you guess a lot less?

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  6. I've encountered 32, more than once. Meaning that if you can see seven cards you know the sequence of the entire deck.

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