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An Affair of Honor

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Only rarely did a challenge result in violence.

Eleven times Alexander Hamilton was involved in affairs of honor; only once were shots exchanged. It was the exact spot where Hamilton's eldest son Philip had died in an earlier duel. After he and Burr took their positions ten paces apart, Hamilton raised his pistol on the command to "Present! His shot struck a tree a few feet to Burr's side.

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Then Burr fired. His shot struck Hamilton in the right side and passed through his liver. Hamilton died the following day. Title: An Affair of Honor A duel with rapiers between two women who are rivals in love. The contestants with their seconds are seen going to the meeting place, where they partially disrobe for the fray.

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The duel ensues, and one of the combatants falls mortally wounded, much to the consternation and regret of her antagonist. Several women, fully dressed in the style of show up, including wide-brimmed and trimmed hats. Two of them start to take off their jackets and blouses.

Thrown Down In Kits Town - An Affair of Honor Fundraiser

Are we looking at a Lesbian scene? Are we looking at pornography? Well, to be frank, yes we are. In American society of the s there were few reasons for a woman to be seen wearing less than six layers of clothing, unless she was 'no better than she ought to be', even though men didn't really object.

An Affair of Honor - The Viaduct - Chicago

So what we see here is a couple of the women fighting a duel with rapiers, one still wearing her hat. It was all an excuse, of course, for the peep-show audience. I thought it was the Johnson match! Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Full Cast and Crew. Charles, of course, does not. His nervousness immediately arouses the sheriff's suspicions, and when he confronts the boy the whole bloody story tumbles out. Thus the ground is laid for a labyrinthine tale of betrayal, atonement, religiosity, small-town parochialism and, as the title makes plain, questions of honour. It goes on for ever, and for much of the time the reader feels like Lyndon Johnson in the late s, praying for light at the end of the tunnel.

There's a lot to go through before you get there: Kirby's trial, presided over by a near-senile judge who, it turns out, himself had lusted after the murdered woman and thus is not wholly dispassionate about the case; various machinations and threats by the Kirby clan, hillbillies regarded by the genteel townspeople as "murderous mountaineers," and presided over by the cold-blooded, morally rigid Pappy; an avaricious plot by a scheming local woman to build an enclosed shopping mall outside Bourbonville; and, just to make certain no stone goes unturned even if what's underneath has nothing to reveal about the main business of the novel, a confrontation over racial segregation.

You also have to be prepared to meet a lot of people whom you somehow feel you've met before, out there among the clientele at the Ol' Dixie Gen'l Store. The fleshy, world-weary, alcoholic lawyer who takes on a hopeless case and goes on the wagon so his keen legal mind can be brought fully to bear on it.

The sexually predatory rich bitch who hungers for a more sex and b more money. The bitter veteran of the second world war, "a man who had come face-to-face with evil beyond all that a simple and innocent clergyman could imagine", who now aims to take out his anger on the people of Bourbon County. And, of course, the people themselves, confronted by this murderer "with a raw vision of how afraid they could be Been there, done that. Yes, there are things that Marius brings off nicely - there's a lovely, funny encounter between the reformed drunk lawyer and the unregenerately drunken governor of Tennessee, and he meticulously lays out the contrast between the law of the town and the "code of the hills" that Pappy Kirby insists on enforcing - and not for a moment should his seriousness of purpose be questioned.