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As Aladdin learns the secrets of his Aramaspi ancestors and their ability to rewrite the world through the power of the Dreaming Jewel - a vast diamond cleaved with nine million facets - Qassim draws closer and closer to victory and armageddon.

It all comes down to this: the battle in the lost kingdom of the Aramaspi between Aysa, the fabled Djinn of the Ring, and her husband Rhaz, the all-powerful Djinn of the Lamp. Can Aladdin and Sinbad brave the secrets and perils of the Aramaspi lineage to rescue Princess Soraya and save the world?

Radical Comics Aladdin Legacy of the Lost 2 B NM-/M 2010

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Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #1-3 VF/NM complete series suydam royo djurdjevic

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Publisher: Radical Comics See More. After his descent into the perilous caverns for the sorcerer Qassim, the thieving rogue known as Aladdin has reappeared in the city of Shambhalla.

Ian Edginton

He is no longer a pauper, but a rich and decadent prince, transformed by the power of the Djinn of the Lamp! Well click after the jump! The second issue while not as quick paced of a read as the first was still a fun read. The adventurous quality of this story really enticed me, the inclusion of characters like Sinbad intrigued me and the art astounded me. These things together made for a rather enjoyable experience.

Comic Review: Aladdin-Legacy of the Lost

I found myself at the end wondering how and why this all was going to end next issue. The way this story progresses is one of the key things that really shines here. The pacing is perfect.

Aladdin Comics | eBay

When I say this I mean overall as a series and also as an individual issue. You get all the elements of an adventure story in one issue while also continuing to advance the main plot itself. Instead of receiving just a chunk of the overall adventure you are provided a fully functioning adventure story within an overall adventure story.