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Problem Parables: The Good Samaritan - Stanley D. Toussaint

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Password OK. Public Name What is a Public Name? I would like to be a photo volunteer What is a Photo Volunteer. Get It was common for women to be known in history for providing many sons. Often women who were despised were written down in history as having no children or that the Lord caused them to be barren. Michal, the wife of King David and Daughter of Saul was known as an immoral wife and worshipped idols. The author of II Samuel recorded her death thusly,.

Beyond being considered cursed by God, barren women were often divorced so that a man could marry another woman who might better provide a son. This was not always the case, however. It was not unheard of for a man to take on a second wife in order to gain a son. But it was much more common to divorce the woman cursed by God and marry another who would be able to provide sons.

We see one woman in the Bible struggle deeply with such issues as barrenness and taking on a second wife. Then Hannah rose after eating and drinking in Shiloh. Additionally, a man who was left without a son was also viewed as cursed. I believe that there is a real chance that the Samaritan woman was barren and that she was unable to remain married because she could not provide a son for any of her husbands.

If she wanted to live a life of immorality she could have become a prostitute and not had to lean on the help of a man. She did not have to be married to a man to live a life of sin. The other reason I think she might have been barren is that Jesus encountered prostitutes and immoral women. When he did we are told that he forgave there sins and told them to go and sin no more. No such exchange happens in this passage.

Lastly, she bears no sign of being embarrassed or remorseful for her living situation. She does nothing of the sort. Seminary M. Div graduate with a love for history and the Old Testament. I might also be addicted to memes. That is a good explanation you gave. Many people today will preach that a woman can only have one husband and no matter the reason, whether it be adultery or brutality or the husband putting her away she can never remarry. If she does, any man she marries after the first is not her husband.

But this passage clearly states that the woman has had 5 husbands. The only question that remains in my mind is the fact that this situation is believed to have taken place before the sermon on the mount, where some people say that Jesus did away with remarriage. Just some random thoughts. Good article. Thanks for your thoughts. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Has Mr.

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Zarley solved what the famous Dr. You can support the trinities podcast by ordering anything through Amazon. Links for this episode:. Rivers February 23, am. Rivers, in the book I affirm Pentecostalism against Protestantism by saying Spirit baptism occurred subsequent to salvation with the disciples in Acts 2 and the Samaritans in Acts 8. And in Romans 8. Rivers November 1, am. My understanding is that only the Eleven, along with a few others were there Acts and that only the Twelve including Matthias, Acts received holy spirit at first Acts ; cf.

John I think you make a valid point about the importance of holy spirit in redemption context of Romans However, we also have to be able to account for the numerous examples of believers prior to Pentecost, as well as thereafter, who were considered saved and yet were anticipating the arrival of holy spirit at a later time e.

Matthew ; John ; Acts ; Acts In Romans 8, Paul seems to be addressing people who had already been given holy spirit Romans and indicating its necessity for immortality and salvation at the end Romans , The evidence in Acts weighs in favor of the necessity that it was imparted to them through the agency of an apostle. Maybe these saints in Rome were accounted for by the apostles even at Pentecost Acts Rivers, you need to read my book again.

For one thing, I say Jn Now, leading scholars on Acts say, and I agree, that the approximately disciples 1. Then Peter was finished using his keys of the kingdom. Thus, it was not the apostles in general, but Peter in particular, through whom Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit.


Chubby Rat Stuck In Sewer Cover Didn't Think Anybody Would Bother To Help Him

And it was not a rule that Peter lay hands on them for them to receive the Spirit, as Acts 10 attests. So, Rivers, we just have a disagreement here. You are taking the common view, adopted esp. Besides no hand-laying in Acts 10, hand-laying could not possibly have happened and scripture does not say it did with the 3, Jews saved on the Day of Pentecost Acts 2. Moreover, if laying on of hands was necessary for Spirit baptism, the Apostle Paul certainly would not have omitted such an important detail in his teaching on this subject.

Quite wrong. Rivers November 2, am. Thanks for continuing the discussion. I read it about a year ago. Please let me address the additional clarifications you offered. I remember you suggesting that John was a different event than Acts How do you account for this? We agree that only Jesus received holy spirit i. This is confirmed in John Incidentally, you put that in quotation marks, which indicates that that is a quotation of me in my book.

No it is not. Brown approvingly on this, thus taking the position that it is probably in preparation for their actual Spirit baptism on Pentecost, thus a lesser experience from that. And I do think your point about the Father sending the Spirit is good, that is, on Pentecost in contrast to Jesus previously breathing the Spirit on them in Jn You again say things in this comment as if you have not read my book. Rivers, you are not being careful in representing what I say. Moreover, Acts So, Peter was preaching, not laying hands on Cornelius, when Cornelius received the Spirit.

Furthermore, the text says the Spirit fell upon all of the people in the house, which would have been many, at the same moment, which also made it impossible for Peter to have laid hands on them all. Since you say the Spirit must be received by the laying on of hands, what about the ca. And I still stand by what I said about the 3, in Acts 2, 5, in Acts 4, and perhaps more in Acts 5. Blessings on you. Rivers November 3, pm. I think we agree then that the Eleven did not actually receive holy spirit in John The baptism of John and the baptism Peter commanded on Pentecost were for the same purposes Mark ; Acts I agree with your points about Acts Philip, Annanias.

No problem. Blessings to you too. Sad to see that low point. Other than the above I strongly recommend this podcast.

Why Bother? by Orest Stocco (Paperback) - Lulu

This show also has the best tag line in theological podcasts: Do you love god enough A flagship non-trinitarian biblical podcast. The host is intelligent, unflappable, and therefore not afraid to air and critique differing views. The inconsistencies of Trinitarian theological systems Are put under the microscope. Tuggy discusses many different points of views on the Trinity and Christological issues. He is balanced and does not spend his time trying to convert you to his view. He simply presents all the data and lets you make up your mind. Trinities draws living authors into deep, nuanced explortions of the ideas in their books.

The historical podcasts present a wonderful view into the depths of our Christian tradition.

A Sign of Things to Come

Thank you for taking the time to do these podcasts. I think this is a very honest and thorough podcast, with a wide spectre of theological subjects. One of the things I love about this podcast is the clarity when discussing rather complex theories and concepts. You will not be told what to think, but rather stimulated to think for yourself and challenge your own preconceived ideas. I recommend it to all. Dale Tuggy does a great job of promoting and defending the unitarian view of God and its corresponding Messiology.

One caveat is that the views are notably from the perspective of Christendom, not that of Torah Judaism.

Raiders hoping Marquel Lee can solve riddle in the middle

Trinities is a very worthwhile podcast if you're interested in Christian theology. Most of the episodes deal with the Christian doctrine of the Trinity although other topics are also addressed. It is with the Trinity, however, the podcast is primarily concerned and it is one of the best resources on this topic that I have come across. There isn't much interaction with modern Trinity theology. Some might think this is a good thing. The host, Dale Tuggy, is a Unitarian. That is, he believes that the Father and only the Father is God.

Sometimes he grinds this axe, others he doesn't. He has certainly given Trinitarians a fair go at making sense of the traditional doctrine and his own arguments against it are some of the best available. I'm less sanguine about Christianity than Tuggy is if something like the Trinity is false. The comparison with the Reformation is not apt as the Reformers thought the catholicity of doctrine was something much to be sought after. Remaining, then, is the relative unimportance of the doctrine of the Trinity in the economy of salvation. Perhaps this is why God has allowed the error to persist.

If so, one is entitled to ask 'why bother with it then? So, I amble on trying to make sense of it repeating after Torrance 'there is no God behind the back of Jesus Christ'. The only negative I would mention is the intro and outro. A bit too treacly for my tastes.