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Three Gen-Z Myths: Debunked

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But this is not the fault of the student; information is published online because it makes sense to publish it to the widest audience possible. For today's generation, new information is constantly being published. No longer do people have to wait to buy the newspaper in the morning, or wait to turn on the TV at home after work to get caught up on current events; now, information is being fed to us directly into our pocket, by the minute. Because so much information is being thrown at young people at such an alarming pace, they needed to find a way to manage without missing out.

The Complete World of Greek Mythology – Richard Buxton ❦ Book Presentation

The 8 second filter discussed in the previously cited article allows Gen Zs to see as much information as possible and, if in 8 seconds it does not pique their interest, they move on to the next piece. Generation Z can Focus. Unlike the often idealistic Millennials, Gen-Zs are realists.

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They know what they want, and are pros at sifting through the fluff. Once they find that thing that interests them, they are completely able to focus and retain information, just like any other generation before them. The same mentality goes for higher education. Unlike Millennials who were told that having "a degree" was their ticket to a great life, Gen-Zs are much more particular and mindful when it comes to choosing not only their field of study, but their institution as well. In aquariums of 2 and 5 gallons you should look towards a watt heater.

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The Marina Submersible heater is made from impact resistant glass and has a waterproof seal. It uses suction cups for installation and they appear to provide a secure hold on the tank surface. A bumper guard is provided that adds a layer of security between the heating element and your fish.

Goldfish Bowls for Beginners

The temperature adjustment dial is easy to access and use, but it does not indicate specific temperature degrees which will require you to monitor the water temperature independently. While this heater is more compact than many others, it is actually seven and a half inches in length, not the six inches advertised. The lower wattage may prove beneficial to you with a tank that is five gallons or less. This 25 watt heater offered by Cobalt Aquatics is designed with a shatterproof outer casing that should provide you with a unit that is durable. The modern design is very thin, which is a great feature when used with a smaller tank.

The Neo-Therm is able to supply a temperature range from 66 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. A one-touch control system allows you to make adjustments more easily than other heater designs. Thermal protection circuitry adds a nice safety feature that can shut down the heater before it overheats. You may find this compact unit working overtime with tanks that approach or exceed ten-gallons in water volume. The LED display offers the temperature setting as well as water temperature readings.

The FS Aquarium Heater is a small oval-shaped submersible that is more compact than the typical cylindrical shaped heaters. The design incorporates a shield that allows water access to the heating elements while protecting it from damage. The LED display is very bright, allowing for clear viewing out the readout on the display face.

This feature also may be a distraction for a viewer as they enjoy the fish tank. This product has a memory off function that remembers the temperature settings before a shutdown, which can mean less maintenance after a power outage. The readings on the display are in Celsius, which may be challenging if you are not used to this form of measurement. While the FS has been designed to function with a tank up to gallons, it will prove ideal for an aquarium that is less than gallons in water volume.

Is built with quartz glass that should prove adequate for light handling.

Big Fish () - IMDb

The product comes with a protective sleeve designed to protect the glass as well as your fish. This heater can be adjusted to temperature settings between 61 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is adjusted with a turn knob located on the top of the unit and is easy to turn, which is a bonus feature for those who may struggle with turning some controls.

The unit may register slightly off with larger volumes of water, but it does provide a consistent level once set. The quartz glass element shield may prove brittle if not handled with care. The fresh and saltwater design should help to prevent corrosion over time. The Hydor glass heater uses PTC design technology which can offer you a glass heater that is resistant to shocks and is more durable than other glass submersible heater designs. The scale on the adjustable controls is graduated in a scale of two degrees, allowing you the ability to adjust temperatures with a minimal amount of effort.

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The Hydor will not be damaged if ran dry on accident. The Hydor is equipped with a cord that is approximately inches in length, which offers more set-up possibilities than some of the other products in this wattage. This heater would benefit from a reduction in the current length of inches.

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