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They turn off their path onto another. This interpretation is reinforced by the next lines. Perhaps this person the speaker is describing has entered into a relationship that they first believed to be lucky, but now their souls are consuming one another. They have worn each other down but still reside in supposed domestic bliss as.

A New Beginning

The following section of the poem continues this idea of intricate relationships and feeling occurring within a flat environment easily imagined are the suburbs of a city. The next line speaks of the city of Ojai in California. This gives the reader an idea of where all of this is taking place, and created a relationship to the author who lived in California.


Mentioned is a yogi, someone of great wisdom and knowledge of life and the universe. The yogi speaks the line,. This relates back to the beginning of the poem in which the idea of history all happening at one time is presented. The speakers only takes a moment to bring the reader back to the flat environment this is taking place in. Again here is the idea of interconnectedness. These lovers, perhaps representative of the larger population, see nature around them and imagine themselves as part of it.

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Unaware that they do not need to imagine but are intrinsically a part of it. A variation of the opening lines of this poem are now repeated. This signals the middle of the poem and also an important turn in the narrative. The next lines of this poem track the progress of the waves as it takes Los Angeles, sinking it into the sea, lights lit, just like the Titanic. This brings to mind all those still alive on the Titanic as it went down, just as are all the inhabitants of LA. Next, specifically nine minutes later, Nebraska sinks down.

Starting Over

Cather was a writer who lived in and wrote about pioneer life in Nebraska. This kind of life contrasts with that the reader will imagine being lost in Los Angeles. This is another nod to the Titanic and the musicians who continued to play as the ship sank in the hopes of keeping the passengers calm. Ferlinghetti spends time in this section going over different parts of the orchestra,. Continuing on, the writer continues to name well known places and depict the destruction of areas and aspects that would likely be known to the reader.

This includes, Milwaukee beer which has become topped with sea foam, and the Beau Fleuve of Buffalo, its main river, which is fresh water, now becoming salt. Quickly Manhattan is destroyed, and the wave leaves North America to head to Europe.

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It is becoming again wilderness. The author describes this new wilderness in detail, the only sound is.

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Somehow, among all of this, a renaissance in poetry has ignited. The scope is unprecedented: new publishing houses and journals, free public readings, wide digital proliferation, graffiti. Wright said, and this anthology of innovative, discordant voices is proof enough — an anti-chorus singing itself into the world.

Wac Arts College

There are no uniform allegiances in these pages, no traceable aesthetics. Some poems force you to flip the book on its side; many are presented with varied columns, margins, and spacing. Chloe Haralambous , who works in English, Greek, and Norwegian. The poets here are worldly, but they all write in Greek. Especially of note is the radical poet Jazra Khaleed, who has introduced the work of Amiri Baraka to Greek readership. It is exciting to see the original Greek presented alongside the translations, so we can discern the formal challenges and strategies used to bring the poems to English; often, the translators do as much formal footwork as the poets themselves.

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Chloe Haralambous , where the long lines of a single stanza in the Greek are trimmed and broken into rhyming ballad quatrains in the English. The two, side by side, look and read strikingly different. The poets in this anthology represent varied streams of contact with English-language poetry as well. In these pages where, amid political crisis, voices have been silenced, it is not uncommon to witness violence being done to language and speech.

About the Author

The violence of boiling appears again in a poem by Thomas Tsalapatis, this time showing the complete inadequacy of written letters:. And a different kind of violence recurs in a poem by Eftychia Panayiotou tr. Old myths do not suffice anymore.