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  1. Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy
  2. “The Lamb”
  3. The Lamb by William Blake
  4. The Lamb Form and Meter

Annotate the poem using the following steps: identify the rhyme scheme identify the meter and any examples of straying from the meter if the poem is difficult, summarize each stanza circle important words, ambiguous words, and words you need to look up circle examples of figurative language write questions write insights.

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Draw conclusions based on the information you gathered while annotating. Write the poem analysis.

Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy

Provide analysis explaining how your facts support the topic sentence. Impress your friends and neighbors.

Meter In Poetry by Shmoop

Romanticism refers to a literary movement that began in late eighteenth-century in England. It does not refer to the movement of your hands from the steering wheel to your girlfriends shoulder last Friday.

“The Lamb”

More Info. All rights reserved. This maybe echoes the uncomfortable feeling which existed between the two people involved and in the eventual breakdown of their relationship. The fourth stanza provides a turning point for the poem as the reader realises that what has been explained so far is a described memory. This stanza is particularly halting in its structure look at how the third line is broken up which perhaps suggests that the speaker does not feel quite as neutral about the memory as the title suggests.

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The Lamb by William Blake

The overall structure of the poem is circular rather than linear as it starts and ends in the same geographical place. One interpretation of this is that the speaker has not come to terms with what has happened and revisits the memory. Some of the words and phrases used by Hardy are deliberately ambiguous. For instance, the words in the title can have more than one meaning.

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A neutral tone might refer to:. The two words of the title have two distinct meanings and perhaps mirror the feelings of the two people described in the memory. It is no accident that the poet sets the poem in the season of winter when natural life is less readily visible.

The natural features of the landscape in which the poem is set have all been chosen carefully by Hardy to highlight the meaning of the poem and contribute to the tone. In the first stanza, for instance:.

The Lamb Form and Meter

Form, structure and language Form The poem Neutral Tones is written in quatrains. Structure The poem consists of four stanzas.

Imagery The still water of a pond with no movement suggests how the relationship isn't going anywhere.