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The Sound Of The Drums. Wombo Lombo Album Version. Goddess Of The Sea. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customers Also Bought These Albums. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Record Company Required Metadata: Music file metadata contains unique purchase identifier. Learn more. Total Length: Genres: Pop. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 10 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

I am definitely a fan of this artist, and own several of her discs. However, I bought the album "Oremi" first, and that is by far, my favorite album by her. I purchased "Fifa" recently, and could have lived without it, as the songs I liked from this CD are actually on her other albums. I stumbled on this CD via a couple of cuts played on a local school radio station.

I was so impressed that I bought the CD. I'm glad I did. I'm thrilled with it. The only reason that it doesn't get more airplay is that it has few English lyrics, and Americans are close-minded to anything they can't sing along with. This is an awesome CD!

Ali Banisadr's Impassioned Landscapes - Brilliant Ideas Ep. 24

One person found this helpful. I absolutely love this cd, if you like africanish bohemian relaxing music, I would definitely recommend it to you! Can't go wrong. Wonderful music. Great to drive to. Momma Africa calls her children world wide. Format: Audio CD.

And yes! Devo is a One-Hit Wonder. Many people bring up Devo in arguments about them being One-Hit Wonders. But the artists listed below are listed based on their official chart appearances. Maraldi, G. Reffray, and M. Maraldi, J. Chanut, B. Reffray, N. Ayoub, P. De Mey, F. Lyard, S. Cailleau, M. Fanjul, M.

Sotillo, P. Pascual , B. Barnier, J-M Molines, N. Ferry and J. Scientia Marina, 76S1, Scott R. Drevillon, C. Barron, N.

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Jourdain, J-M Lellouche, E. Metzger, M-H Rio, O. Smedstad, Estimates of surface drifter trajectories in the Equatorial Atlantic: a multi-model ensemble approach. Ocean Dynamics, 62, Balmaseda, T. Boyer, N. Good, I. Ishikawa, A. Kumar, M. Rienecker, T. Rosati, Y. Climate, 25, — Benkiran, N.


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Jourdain, S. Cabanes, L. Gehlen, A. Yool, M. Vichi, R. Barciela, C. El Moussaoui and C. Dombrowsky, L. Huess, A. Misyuk, J. Siddorn and M. Garric, K. Haines , S. Masina , L. Storto , M. Guinehut and S. Mulet, , NEMO: the modeling engine of global ocean reanalyses. Beuvier, C. Lebeaupin Brossier, K. Arsouze, R. Deltel, Y. Drobinski, N. Ferry, F. Lyard, F. Sevault and S. Somot, , MED12, oceanic component for the modeling of the regional Mediterranean earth system.

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Efficient local error parameterizations for square root or ensemble Kalman filters: application to a basin-scale ocean turbulent flow. Scott, C. Barron; M. Drevillon; N. Ferry; N. Jourdain; J-M. Lellouche; E. Metzger, M-H. Rio; O. Johannessen, P. Knudsen, D. Lea, M. Rio, L. Bertino, F. Davidson, and F. Operational Oceanography in the 21st Century, Springer Science. Harley E. Hurlburt, E. Joseph Metzger, James G. Richman, Eric P. Chassignet, Yann Drillet,Matthew W. Fabrice Hernandez, , Performance of Ocean forecasting systems — intercomparison project. Mercator Ocean Quarterly Newsletter, 40 — January , The Mercator Ocean quarterly validation bulletin: recent developments and prospect.

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Oke, C. Testut, J. Verron, and A. Hurlburt, G. Brassington, Y. Benkiran, R. Chassignet, G. Jacobs, O. Le Galloudec, J. Lellouche, E. Metzger, P. Oke, T. Pugh, A. Schiller, O. Smedstad, B. Tranchant, H. Tsujino, N. Usui, and A. Hernandez, L.

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EMT: Ensemble Meta-Based Tree Model for Predicting Student Performance

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