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This book needs to be read aloud to all. Rich in culture, life lessons and recipes! Aug 03, Stacey Mulholland rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book I'm not sure how many kids would read it cover to cover. Even though the book's short stories are fiction I might use one or two as examples of personal narratives.

A cute book of short stories involving family, culture and food, including recipes at the end of the book! Oct 09, Hendrix Eva rated it really liked it. I love the recipes! Sep 03, Brenda rated it really liked it. This book can inspire kids to collect their family stories and family recipes. I wonder if we could create a classroom collection - each child retell a family story centered around food.

Dec 26, Laura rated it really liked it. I learned a ton about the cultures and traditions of a variety of Latin cultures. Sep 12, Alissa rated it it was ok.

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Salsa Stories is a charming book filled with heart felt stories told with a latin american flair. The main character is Carmen Teresa. At the beginning of the book she is given a blank notebook as a present. She is given advice from her neighbors and her huge family as to what she will write in it. Her family thinks she should gather up stories from family members that they can remember from their childhood.

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Most of the book are these stories. And there are a lot of stories to tell. But in the e Salsa Stories is a charming book filled with heart felt stories told with a latin american flair.

Stories by Salsa Cycles

But in the end, Carmen Teresa surprises everyone with filling the notebook with family recipes found throughout the stories each family member told. This multicultural book is filled with spanish words to encourage young readers to learn another language. It also enhances the latin flair of the writing. Its amazing how reading sporatic inclusions of another language can make you feel like you even more into the culture. It was a delighful story. You could use this in a lesson about the students' own family culture and how everyone is different.

They could research their heritage, interview a family member to get a story, and make a "Family Recipe Book" filled with recipes from their own family. Then you can have a multicultural food day and have everyone bring one dish that represents their heritage. Another idea would be to have each student choose one family member's story in the book illustrate that story by making a latin american "carpet" like in the first story. The carpet could represent what lessons were learned, the overall feeling of the story, or just something the students liked about the story.

Older students could reasearch latin american design and make their own carpet as well. Feb 04, Nic added it. I read the book called, Salsa Stories. This book was written by Lulu Delacre. I found this book to be interesting. I liked these moving short stories. I like the characters in this book also. I like how the short stories are still all focused on the same thing in a way.

I like how it has that Latin American culture. In this book the characters are always spending time with each other as a family. I like this book. It is a quick read. I would not recommend to most people in highschool because th I read the book called, Salsa Stories. I would not recommend to most people in highschool because they probably would not like it. Adults may like this book a little more for some reason. At first i just grabbed the book so i could get one fast. To my surprise I actually liked this book.

I started reading it and it made me a little excited.

Salsa Stories - Booksource

I like how this book had things about celebration. I liked how it also had certain holidays. I like how it was talking about Christmas and then New Years. I also liked the recipes it had in the book. In all the book was pretty good. This book was not my favorite, but it was still a book I enjoyed. If i was to rate this book I would give it a good rating of 7 or 8. Jul 16, The Reading Countess rated it liked it Shelves: middle-grade.

Ordered through Scholastic using bonus points, I picked this one up for three main reasons: it was a collection of short stories and I am constantly adding shorter texts to both serve as mentor texts and to read during days that our GT population is out of the room and I cannot read from our chapter read aloud; but perhaps most importantly because it was a multi-cultural text. I don't think teachers can share stories about ALL kinds of people enough. I want my students to recognize themselves in Ordered through Scholastic using bonus points, I picked this one up for three main reasons: it was a collection of short stories and I am constantly adding shorter texts to both serve as mentor texts and to read during days that our GT population is out of the room and I cannot read from our chapter read aloud; but perhaps most importantly because it was a multi-cultural text.

I want my students to recognize themselves in the stories we share. This quick read begins with a journal given to Carmen Teresa at a family gathering.

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The beautiful Spanish language is infused into the text, making this an authentic story about the rich "Salsa Stories" heritage she comes from. The food, traditions and importance that family plays is evident in each story and would make a wonderful addition to any middle grade classroom library. May 23, J. I read the short story, "New Year's Day.

This is a celebration of life and all its joys--family, food, culture, and heritage. To read this is to fall in love with language and details, and to long for a Mama to cook you special dinners! I look forward to reading the rest of the stories in this book! Oct 30, Gennesis added it. Mar 15, Andie rated it it was ok Shelves: challenge , great-for-tweens.

Kind of a cute book, but I couldn't really get interested in it. It's more of a collection of small stories from the girl's family rather than a story with an actual plot. They are all centered around Spanish culture so that part was fun. My favorite part was the recipes in the back of the book. I think that it would be fun to make some for Jacob, since he served part of his mission in Mexico. This is one of the books I bought for our Esperanza Library with the money donated by two of our board members--Steven Winitzky and Patricia Matthews.

It might be fun for us to put together a similar book with stories and recipes from our Esperanza scholars and staff--and that we can possibly sell as a fundraiser. All the friends and relatives at the party tell her to fill it with stories, and each adult tells a story from their youth in Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Argentina.

Latin American recipes of foods mentioned in the stories are included. Jul 27, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: easy-reader. Oct 25, Marley Hernandez rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Amazing recipes in the back, and belivable stories through-out. Jun 15, Heather rated it really liked it. Brooke won this book at school and brought it home for us to read together. I enjoyed reading it and thought maybe we could make one if the recipes at the end when Brooke finishes reading it. Jul 01, Joleny Hernandez rated it it was amazing.

Sep 30, Alana rated it did not like it Shelves: for-school. I love the woodcuts and the recipes, and I appreciate the book's focus on Latin American culture, but the stories themselves are bland, even for the target age group. Had to read it for Kena's spanish class. Kind of fun to read a spanish book again. The group carefully considers the colors red and green, but the color blue wins the day. To everyone's dismay, Little Rat rocks in the new chair and breaks it again!

Once Little Rat and Goldilocks have turned up, everyone looks for Salsa, who they find in a green bowl — where he's enthusiastically playing maracas. During the party preparations, Baby Bear reveals that he wants a puppy. He receives a banana, an apple, a soccer ball, a wooden train, a yellow shirt and, finally-a puppy!

While watching a cooking show on television, the two decide to make hot chocolate. After the pair leave the kitchen to let their concoction simmer, Little Rat Ratoncito and other characters drop by to add some unconventional ingredients to the recipe, including a tennis shoe. After seeing that she is bearing many treats, the Wolf hatches a plan to steal them that leads to taking both Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother prisoner.

Lucky for them, Salsa witnesses everything and tells a policeman, who saves the day.

The Wolf el Lobo takes on different disguises in his relentless quest for food. He pretends to be a chocolate salesman, a singer and, finally, a maid.

Still not satisfied, the Wolf el Lobo tries one more disguise in an effort to get food. Grandmother la Abuela allows the Wolf to enter dressed as an old man. Even though everyone can plainly see it's the Wolf, they decide to play along with his charade in order to teach him to say "please" and "thank you. Bloated and queasy, the Wolf is carried away on a stretcher. Grandmother la Abuela puts the Wolf el Lobo on a diet and exercise program after discovering how much weight he has gained.

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Grandmother la Abuela has prepared a basket of goodies to send along with Little Red Riding Hood on her way home. Along the way she meets the Wolf, who also has food. Because they both want what the other has, they decide to negotiate a fair trade of food items. Sharing makes them realize they are actually friends and inspires them both to break into song. The Three Goats Los tres chivos wish to go to a pizza restaurant located on the other side of a bridge. The problem is, the bridge is home to the Monster el Monstruo , who doesn't wish to let them pass.

The Monster allows him to pass. Medium Goat informs the Monster that a still bigger goat is on the way, which wins him passage. Once again, The Three Goats Los tres chivos want pizza.

Salsa Stories (cuentos Con Sazon)

This time they decide to call for a delivery. On her way to deliver the pizzas, the Pizza Girl encounters the Monster el Monstruo , who tries to frighten her before noticing her purple hair, which frightens him! Returning, she runs into the Monster again, who falls into a creek due to his fear of all things purple.