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Strap-on sex involves role reversal. The penetrator becomes the penetrated. The one usually receiving is giving.

P is for Pegging

The one usually in control is not. All kinds of exciting and sometimes startling things happen as a result. Experience a deepening of intimacy by sexually taking a walk in your partner's shoes. If you have ever been fascinated by the thought of heterosexual strap-on play — this podcast is for you. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts Preview.

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You can go for a toy even smaller than the Leo too. Consider adding some vibration. Remember, this is about the giver, not just the receiver. For an even higher high, pick up a We-Vibe or a bullet vibrator to use to stimulate your clit during the act.

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  • You can even buy strap-on dildos that vibrate — just make sure that the peg-ee is down for that much stimulation all at once. Lube is your friend. Think you have enough?

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    Apply some more: "This is the key difference between a pleasurable and a painful experience. Warm up with other activities first. Try fingers and even butt plugs before a dildo.

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    Pegging is not the time to go from 0 to 60 in 3. Sex experts confirm again and again this is not the case, at all. When you let yourself be free and release any negative connotation you have toward anal play, the more fun you will have in your sexual routine.

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    Every time we get aroused and have an orgasm our sphincter muscles are contracting and releasing with pleasure. I like to say that everyone's butt is having a party during sex and arousal, but whether or not you choose to attend the party i. Why is this? Historically, when sex workers needed a guy to finish up in a hurry, she would slip a finger up his ass, touch his prostate, and most guys popped their cork right there. And you never know — it might encourage her to explore some of her fantasies too.

    Like with any sticky discussion, experts advise you tread with caution but remember to be completely, totally honest.

    7 Pegging Foreplay Tips Everyone Needs to Know

    As psychologist Dr. Rachel Needle explains, being brave enough together to venture into unknown sexual territory will not only bring you closer, but it increases your communication and your intimacy. Some people introduce new ideas and additions into their sexual relationship without first communicating about it. Depending on your partner, this may work, if done gently.

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    They said that guys go nuts for it. Have you ever heard of it? Chances are she will try it.

    First Time Pegged

    Chances are she will like it if you do. From there, it is a simple step from prostate massage to using prostate toys and then to pegging! Done your research?