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  4. The End is Near for NASA's Historic Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt

It seems that half the town, including his mother and his boss, are sick from an unusual malady. Even more worrisome is the oddly-colored dawn sky. Then a stranger crashes through town, a woman with a nightmarish story about what really happened in the Nevada desert. Soon, the townspeople of Serenity start dying.

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Stock Image. New Condition: New Hardcover. Unlike Kryptonians, Kaleb can also fire concussive blasts from his hands. Furthermore, he has learned how to open up warps in space-time that allow him to instantaneously traverse interstellar distances. Those warp-holes can also be used to observe others from afar without their knowledge. At this stage he could still be overwhelmed by multiple such vessels, particularly when they were armed with weaponry specifically designed to exploit his weaknesses. Now that he has reached full capacity and become proficient with his powers, he is routinely capable of crippling three cruisers or a single battleship within seconds.

He simply punches through their center-of-mass at top flight speed. His early life as a fisherman on the primitive world Hydros left Kaleb with extensive experience as a mariner and fisherman. It also gave him a high degree of general athletic skill. The rebellion provided the necessary knowledge and skills for Kaleb to properly coordinate his actions with other rebel military forces. His ability to adapt quickly to the profound changes in his life demonstrate an overall high intelligence and mental fortitude. It may be easier for GMs using this character to simply write off the magenta tinge as a creative team error and assume the energies in question were plain red.

However, the unnamed material was derived from core elements of Hydros just as green kryptonite was derived from core elements of Krypton, so our suggested name seemed apt.

When Kaleb appeared in the present day, rays simulating green kryptonite affected him in the same manner as green hydrosite, which might suggest that the materials and their effects are as generic as the varieties of red sunlight above. To confuse the issue further, Dominus later stated that the simulated green kryptonite would have worked had he not secretly sabotaged the research.

GMs can go two different directions with this, depending on their campaign needs. If the GM would prefer the two materials to be distinct instead, then the simulated kryptonite is assumed to be inaccurately replicated at first in a way that coincidentally duplicated green hydrosite. In the latter scenario, green hydrosite only weakens those vulnerable to kryptonite for but a phase or two before they can throw off its effects, and vice versa.

Dawn Of The Dead

In the far distant future, humanity had spread to many systems throughout the stars. Most of those worlds fell under the dominion of the Empire, centered on the planet Metro-Pole and led by Lex Luthor the 60 th. The Emperor was in fact the original Lex Luthor of the 20 th Century, reborn again and again in successive clone bodies. Luthor suspected that his arch-enemy Superman still lived somewhere in the universe, for his enemy had been believed dead before only to return anew.

They scoured space for any planets that might host humanoids similar to Kryptonians, humanoids that had the potential to develop superpowers when exposed to sufficiently powerful stellar radiation. But it also removed the potential threat of other Kryptonian-level powerhouses taking up the never-ending battle themselves.

The era in which these events take place is not specified, but there are some clues for reaching a tentative number.

There are 59 Luthor clones at the start of the first story, assuming original Luthor was Luthor the 1 st , and Luthor the 60 th is an elderly man. The clones are artificially aged to adulthood and Luthor inhabits each body until it is about ready to die of natural causes due to the difficulty of making the transfer. This allows him years per clone, though some clones may have died early for various reasons. They sought to use it for the very end that Luthor strove to prevent: finding a hero who could topple his empire. Though the rebels did not know the parameters of the Krypton Protocol, they were able to get a list of such planets known by the empire.

Hydros was a relatively primitive waterworld with no knowledge of life off-world until that moment.

Dead Earth The Green Dawn - Jeff 'n' Joys Quality Books

He risked his life to save a wounded rebel agent, Lang, though he himself was injured while retrieving her. The rebels then spirited Kaleb away from Hydros. Charging the wounded Kaleb with stellar energy quickly healed him. They then asked him to assume the identity of Superman to not only fight the Empire but also inspire those who would stand with the rebellion.

Kaleb accepted the burden. As Superman, Kaleb began with attacks against isolated imperial forces and outposts. He developed his proficiency with his growing powers and letting rumors of his fight against the Empire spread. Soon he moved to more populous areas, inflicting major losses against the Empire and inspiring more and more of its citizens to join the rebellion as they remembered and retold the legend of Superman.

Kaleb also began a romance with Lang, one of his closest colleagues among the rebellion and one of the few people with whom he could simply be himself. In an attempt to strike directly at the heart of the Empire, the rebels planned a more subtle mission than usual for Superman.

He assumed the role of a regular citizen competing to join the elite Imperial Guard. The intent was for Kaleb to eventually let his cover slip, be taken prisoner, and inevitably be brought before the gloating egomaniacal Luthor. The rebellion believed this to be the only way Superman would be able to get close to the Emperor. Though he was exposed sooner than planned, the plot worked as the rebels thought it would.

Dawn (Swe) - Soil Of Dead Earth

This was in part because the somewhat senile Luthor believed that Kaleb was the original Superman and was foolish enough to blunder in alone. A team of rebel assassins got in and free Kaleb. The rebels were ultimately forced to flee, but not before Kaleb destroyed the new clone body Luthor had almost finished growing. The battle between the rebellion and the Empire raged on. Luthor was now desperate to stop the rebels. His clone bodies took years to prepare.

Thus, he was afraid that they would be able to mount a second assassination attempt before he could prepare a new body to transfer to. Superman then manifested a new ability to generate spatial warps, allowing him to instantly transit between stars and thus conduct his campaigns against the Empire with even greater celerity. The rebellion also acquired the parameters of the Krypton Protocol. Thus, they identified a new as-yet-unnamed world undiscovered by the Empire from which they could recruit an entire super-army.

Debate raged about the use of the Protocols.

The End is Near for NASA's Historic Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt

Some rebels desired the reinforcements, which could bring the Empire down in days. Others feared the possibility of such powerful beings becoming oppressive monarchs in their own right. The debate was finally settled by Kaleb, who noted that either dragging the people of that primitive agrarian world into a war they knew nothing about or exterminating them all as a potential threat would make the rebels the same as the empire. Instead, he convinced the rebels to simply conceal the existence of that world and let them find their own destiny.

Some time later, shortly before the final assault that would bring the Empire to its end, Kaleb and Lang travelled to that same planet, landing in secret well away from any natives. Lang was now pregnant. The had doctors advised her to have the baby there where it would not yet have any powers that could complicate the birth.

This also served as an idyll for Kaleb and Lang before the final battle. Both had been fighting without respite for their entire time with the rebellion. They planned for their future together after the end of the Empire, on the planet now called Solitude. Superman: The Man of Steel Annual 5. Now housed on his latest clone, Luthor the Sixty-First crushed the rebellion and resumed his Krypton Protocols.

These futuristic attack vessels and dinosaurs that rampaged briefly before returning to their native times. Kaleb eventually arrived in Metropolis and tracked Luthor down… only to be blocked in his assassination attempt by the original Superman.