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  1. Daniel and the Jumbies by Jules (2012, Paperback)
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The Jumbies audiobook by Tracey Baptiste

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Daniel and the Jumbies by Jules (2012, Paperback)

Jumbie has a trademark , and seems to have argued it here, to not much avail. There is little if any chance that the Trademark Office will come to the rescue and persuade TTB that there is not too much rum in the Jumbie. Also, the above image makes it pretty obvious that the product contains flavor. It is not clear whether Varela has smashed into an aberration, or an evolving policy. Beyond that, spiced rum is in the same category rum specialties and it is common on such labels to emphasize the rum.

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TBR Friday: Celebrating Black Authors, Part 1 – Spooky KidLit

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Dullness begone! And last week, their parents caught them trying to play outside! Things are getting so chaotic, the Dullards decide to move to a less exciting neighborhood. But while Mr.

Authors at Nerd Camp!

Dullard are literally watching the paint dry on their news walls, the kids sneak outside to play circus. This is just too much! The Dullards move back to their old neighborhood. As Mr. Dullard fall asleep, they feel assured that their lives are finally back to being perfectly boring. The kids, however, have other plans. Begin by tracing the house facade template onto 2 rectangles of tagboard or brown poster board.

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Cut, and set one of the house facades aside. On the other facade, use office file stickers to make plain windows and doors. I strongly yet comically encouraged the kids to make their houses look exactly like my example. Next, we made a dull toilet paper tube person. Grey clothes, black hair, etc. I only offered one kind of eye sticker too!