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Angela has invited the youth in the community to come out and help on Saturday April 20th at 8am at Zion Hill church. They will be having an egg hunt at noon.

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Happy Easter!!!! This sweet girl made an important decision tonight to ask Jesus into her heart. This lady was abused and molested as a child and I love her testimony.

4 Life-Changing Stories from the Salesforce Community

Thank you Marissa Barden for coming and blessing us tonight. We really enjoyed the concert. God bless you! I really was glad to spend some time with the some of high school girls from our group. We had a blessed weekend and was grown in our faith by the messages we heard. Featuring Weaver Believer, Rev. To make the behaviours real for people, partner agencies created user-friendly, memorable language for describing them, supplied tips that translated each behaviour into real situations to which target audiences could relate, and created a mechanism for promoting the behaviours as a set.

The desired behaviours promoted are:.

What is Change4Life

For people to move from an intent to actual change, they need to be convinced that change is possible and normal. This stage would seek to inspire people to believe that change is possible and convince them that change is already happening. All campaign materials would give at-risk families the opportunity to sign up to an ongoing CRM programme that supports behaviour change. Delivered online and by post, this programme would provide encouragement, information and support for families to get their children eating better and moving more.

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Through a locally searchable database of services provided by partner organisations, people can find activities they can undertake locally. In conjunction with communications partners and the Central Office of Information COI , using its Artemis forecasting tool, the following targets were developed for the first year of the campaign:.

An enormous amount of work was done by local authorities LAs , primary care trusts PCTs , strategic health authorities SHAs , regional government offices and commercial and NGO partners to prepare for the public launch. This phase is ongoing and has grown as the campaign has developed. At the stakeholder launch, seven commercial organisations had signed the Change4life terms of engagement and made pledges to support the campaign.

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Activity has included:. At launch there were about 8, individuals signed up as local supporters, growing to a current number of 50, people. Contrary to initial expectation that local supporters would come primarily from the voluntary sector and community-minded individuals many parents themselves , 70 per cent are LA public sector workers.

To tell workforces that Change4Life was coming, the CMO and Chief Nursing Officer wrote to every general practitioner and nurse, and the Secretary of State for Children, School and Families wrote to every headteacher, urging them to lend their support to the movement. In January , Change4Life was launched officially to the public with television and print advertising, an information line and a campaign website. People who responded to the campaign were sent a welcome pack of materials, including a handbook for Healthy Happy Kids, a wall chart detailing target behaviours and stickers for their children.

In addition, three television commercials were made. From June to September , Amra which represents over regional newspapers used locally sourced case study material to showcase local activity and reported on upcoming and relevant events that fitted the Change4Life movement. In addition, it funded advertising space in those publications that have good coverage among at-risk target audiences and invited obesity leads in PCTs and LAs to nominate local services and initiatives for inclusion.

These included items like an activity book, information booklets, snakes and ladders game or a pedometer. A further 90, people received a lower-cost electronic version of the CRM programme. Outside the CRM programme, the team realised there was considerable appetite among the public for interactive products and tools that would stimulate behaviour change and help them track the changes they were making.

Change4Life - Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer - Weight Loss Resources

For this reason, Change4Life agencies were tasked with creating an integrated communications package around the Snack Check and Sugar Swaps behaviours. This involved the creation of a product Snack Swapper , television advertising, public relations, partnership activity including free distribution through schools and the NHS and an online version.

Over 2.

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A Change4Life Board was created to review progress against campaign objectives, advise on future direction and adjudicate on any disputes arising under the partnership terms of engagement. Before any national partner can work with Change4Life, they must sign the campaign Terms of Engagement. Among other things, the Terms require the organisation to support healthy diet and activity behaviours and the goals of the campaign.

Local supporters are required to accept the campaign terms and conditions. All national partners are also required to complete and submit activity application forms for approval by the DH.

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In order to create a robust evidence base, 7 per cent of the total marketing budget is being spent on research, monitoring and evaluation of campaign activity, and national partners are required to demonstrate how they will evaluate their own activity and to share any results with Change4Life.

In February , the Government published a full evaluation report of the first year of Change4Life. It also revealed that it was significantly more cost-effective to recruit people into the programme via peers and by using public sector institutions, such as schools, than via mass media advertising or on-street promotions. Going forward, therefore, the team plan to focus more on government channels and de-prioritise paid-for distribution channels, making the campaign more cost-effective.

The programme has produced targeted interventions and materials for pregnant women and parents of children under the age of two under the Start4Life sister brand, which launched to the public in January , for ethnic minority communities a bespoke campaign launched in late and for middle-aged adults a campaign targeting to year-olds launched in February During , meetings were also held with the American Health Secretary and with Michelle Obama, to explore the possibility of adapting the Change4Life model for the US.

Controversially, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has been asking the food and drink industry to take greater responsibility for funding the anti-obesity initiative in exchange for no new regulation. Less paid for by government, more backed by business. It's a big task. That's why our national partnerships are crucial. Together, we can deliver more effective campaigns and ensure our public health messages reach the people who will really benefit from them.

We work with major national retailers, household name brands and major organisations, including commercial brands as well as government departments and NGOs, providing them with all the support and materials they need to change health outcomes and to help influence people's behaviour across the country. Change4Life is an England and Wales campaign, but that doesn't mean you can't use the advice here to start making changes, even if you don't live in England or Wales. There are also these helpful sites for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Making healthier choices for you and your family now couldn't be easier. Eat Better Feel Better can help you make changes to how you shop, cook and eat, so that you and your family can eat better AND feel better.


Brought to you by the Welsh Assembly government, this has loads of simple advice for you to improve your health and wellbeing. Aimed at all of us who think our lifestyles could be healthier than they currently are. It may not tell you how to train for a marathon, but it will tell you how to get more activity into your life, so you can have better health.

Be first to hear about new Change4Life tips, recipes, competitions and offers. Millions of families have already made healthier changes — you can, too!