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We all produce earwax cerumen naturally. Its function is to protect sensitive skin tissue inside the ear.

But when it blocks the outer ear canal our hearing is dulled. If you think you have this problem, make an appointment to see your doctor who will check your ears.


You will then be given advice and asked to make an appointment with the practice nurse. As we get older our hearing becomes poorer as the physical mechanism deteriorates; sometimes hearing loss is also accompanied by noises in the ear tinnitus.

Whilst nothing can be done to repair the damage, incoming sound can be significantly amplified by a hearing aid. These devices are available both on the NHS and privately and vary both in size and performance with some of the latest designs having the capacity to be individually tuned to suit your particular hearing loss.

Later in the year an evangelist would conduct a gospel campaign.

Bearwood Road Surgery - NHS Library

Fred Elliott from Scotland was the most frequent visitor, until his retirement in He was well loved and his ministry much appreciated. Many conversions took place at this time. There is a great deal of history associated with the wonderful old building in Hume Street; this however, sadly, has now gone.


A new building, still called Smethwick Gospel Hall, has been erected on a site just around the corner in Windmill Lane. A quarterly newsletter was commenced in with the aim of maintaining contact with former members of the assembly and engendering prayer for each other. Many interesting, touching and evocative articles have been received from far and near and circulation has grown to over fifty copies per issue.

Choose from 7 venues offering Eyelash Extensions near Bearwood, Birmingham

We have seen great technological advances, tremendous improvements in living conditions, an increase in the health and wealth of the nation, the spiritually of the nation has declined. So we see our role as vital in proclaiming the truth of the gospel to a lost generation. We can glory in the fact that all around us has changed, but the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever, and the gospel is as productive as it ever was. We see new challenges ahead in presenting the gospel in a relevant way to the local community in this materialistic and hedonistic society.

25 years of our Church Building – and More!

We ask you, through prayer, to join us in this challenge that we may see growth and revival and that the testimony will continue through the next one hundred years, if the Lord has not come. Justin Kaes and a small team of specialists from Hoping to land their own reality TV series, a team of paranormal researchers investigates an allegedly haunted lodge on the Gunflint Trail in remote northern Minnesota, where they discover a whole hell of a lot more than the shades of the dead.

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Oh, t When her brother and only living relative vanishes from a small Midwestern college campus, psychologically damaged Jade Martin is thrust into a in a complex web of deceit, lies, and madness.