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Rumors of an intra-Al Khalifa split were swirling even before "Island shield" forces crossed the causeway.

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The crown prince, it was said as early as March 12, resigned from the "family council" after an "altercation" with the head of the royal court and his second-uncle? Reportedly, the crown prince complained of the conduct of the royal court which incidentally controls the inflammatory newspaper Al-Watan , namely its employment of armed thugs to intimidate protesters at a time when he was attempting to gain support for his national dialogue initiative.

Khalid bin Ahmad replied that the crown prince would "bring God only knows what disaster upon the family," and that it is only the older members that "know these people" i. In the end, both members left the meeting angry, Khalid bin Ahmad taking with him a group of supporters and purportedly saying that the family would "not forgive [the crown prince] for the destructive mistakes he had made since taking office.

Yet all of this we could dismiss as mere speculation if not for the developments of the previous week, during which time the crown prince has all but disappeared and the state's orientation toward protesters turned from ostensive dialogue to razing the Pearl Roundabout altogether. And now we have tentative confirmation of the internal coup within the ruling Al Khalifa, and it is more interesting even than the rumors.

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A coup d’etat of sorts – Nicki's Central West End Guide

Dear Sophia, Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and insightful review of my book. As I may have told you, A Coup' of Sorts was originally a screenplay of mine. Due to the frustration of trying to sell it as a movie led me to convert it to a novella, since I wanted people to be able to read my original story and hopefully enjoy it. I appreciate that you enjoyed my song lyrics.

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Did you also enjoy the poem in it as well ["As sea gulls glide over a wind swept shore I wrote that when I was a senior in high school. Thank you again for reading my book and sharing your thoughts about it. Take care! Sincerely, Howard.

Coup of sorts

I'm sure you told me that it was originally a screenplay and I just forgot. It definitely shows through. Yes, I also enjoyed the poem! That's very impressive that you were so young when you wrote it.

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Dear Sophia, I'm glad that you liked the poem as well. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase.