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When you have this pathetic cycle of a dick-measuring contest in a constant rank race with your neighbor, you fall into a life that is based in superficiality. If you think back to the schoolyard or even to high school and college, one of the common themes that you will notice is that being cool never lasts forever and it generally means anticlimax. What will last forever is being someone that is different, someone that has character and is not just like every other asshole you meet. Trying to be cool turns you into a wannabe essentially, hoping to fit in and trying way too hard to do so.

If those around you can't accept you for who you are, then maybe you should reconsider whom your real friends are.

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The last thing you should ever try to do is to be someone you are not or someone that is perceived as right in society at the expense of yourself. Instead of allowing us to flourish as individuals and encouraging us to think for ourselves, it is trying to sell us the feeling of being cool to make us all into the same idiots who are having a dick measuring contests when we don't even have dicks.

Trying To Be Cool Lyrics

They are afraid to be judged and they are too insecure to be outcasts in our world, but if they actually took that same time and energy to focus and build themselves, they would realize that they are far better than anyone that likes to classify themselves as cool.

In short, fitting in will get you nowhere in life and it will make you a pedestrian -- because you become like everyone else and start competing with them in matters that have no relevance in this world.

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"Trying To Be Cool" lyrics

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