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For context, she took the same program in , so she knew all about it. Now, to be fair, I had some initial curiosity about the program. Something was holding me back. So I ignored that it existed for a couple of months. I overcame the fear, ignored the anxiety and booked what I will forever call a life-changing experience.

Before I get into my experience, I really just want to take a moment of appreciation for Kripalu. Kripalu is a world-renowned yoga center in the heart of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Imagine waking up every day to chirping birds as the only sound you hear. You take a look outside, and all you see are mountains. Take a deep breath in, slowly exhale and walk outside: mountains, trees, a lake, and calm. Speaking of technology, Kripalu is a mostly phone-free zone. They request that cell phones not be used pretty much everywhere except your room and outside.

It was my way of doing a dietary reset to go with my mental reset. Ok, so I actually cannot tell you anything about what we did in QLC. Zlich, zero, nothing. As much as I would like to tell you, I equally want to keep the experience hidden. There are a few reasons for that. For starters, I respect the woman who created and led QLC too much. Coby Kozlowski, my newest mentor, put her soul into this program — I felt it with every word she spoke. The last thing I want to do is offer up her intellectual property freely. Furthermore, I respect the confidentiality of those who did the program, all of the facilitators, and Coby too much.

Everything must stay shrouded in mystery. Really though, I want to keep the mysticism of QLC alive. My sister, when telling me to do QLC, refused to tell me anything. I only understood why after completing the program. It is my hope that someone reads this, gets curious and takes QLC. So, to benefit them, I must keep that mysticism alive. She did a great TEDxBerkshires talk in Give it a watch:. The Boat is Leaving Now. The boat exists as a great metaphor for so many things in life.

Coby used it above to talk about the one-degree shift. During the program, I likened the boat to my life in general. The boat could be a trip I want to take. As stated above, I lived my life listlessly. Callings would come and go and I would let them pass me by. Whether it was something as small as being with friends, or as big as a trip, I came to ignore them.

The boat was leaving the port, and all I could do was sit and watch. Luckily, Coby initiated a transformation within. One of the heaviest things I carried with me to Kripalu was my anxiety and fears. Fear of doing something new, of failure, of rejection. Things that I could not let go of. In fact, recently it got to be too much. That woke me up immediately and told me I needed to change.

What was so wonderful about QLC is that Coby really did provide so many needed things. There were words upon words of wisdom to help illuminate the dark. The best tool was learning how to let go. It was a culmination of putting in the work, experimenting, and growing into a higher self. In a way, I was able to piece it all together so that I could have the ability to let go. I was able to learn how to let go of the anxiety and fear. How to let go of the hurt and emotional pain.

The idea of having a calling or multiple callings came up all week during QLC. Your Calling is your purpose for life — what you are going to do to change the world. You also have a great many callings — the smaller things to drive you forward towards your Calling. These things I already knew, and have known for a while. Yet, I learned that it still supported my true reason for being here — my Calling. Throughout QLC, I felt so empowered to make a change in my life, which spurred empowerment to want to help make changes in the lives of others. We get to begin again — one of the best lessons I learned from QLC.

The story of my life before QLC was dark, scary, and sad. Instead, I bemoaned these missteps, dwelling on errors instead of learning from them. Thank you anxiety…. I get to pick up my pen, open a blank page, and write the next page of my story. And you know what? I am writing my life 10 words at a time.

Not 10 pages, not 10 chapters, but 10 words. We can always start over in life. Thank you for floating down this river of consciousness with me. I wanted to write this as a cliff notes version of what QLC is. It is my hope that you read this and get curious. I get nothing out of you venturing to Kripalu to do QLC, other than this being a small part of stepping into my Calling. But, here I am, back after a little pause to do what I think I do best: write. And, what better way to return than to do my other favorite thing: write what you know.

So without further ado…. Or kayaking. Or food. What really gets me about writing about my experience as a gay man is that it provides a sense of therapy. While it took me a little while to be ready to come out, I never once thought it would be easier or necessary to see someone about it. Anyway, I think the therapy in writing about my experience stems simply from how I view not only my place in the community but the places of the people around me. It helps to give me perspective. Lately, a lot of my thinking about my experiences has dealt with my place in the gay community.

I am someone who self-identifies into subcategories infrequently, yet there are so many that I could fit within. Some could call me a bear, others an otter. I could be seen as both masculine and feminine. The issue of race in the gay community is downright disgusting in some spots. I think this is sometimes one of the reasons I do not interact with a lot of the gay community in general.

Why would I choose to associate myself with people who openly act racist? Who fetishize certain ethnicities because of stereotypes? To keep it simple, I only want to talk about cisgender and transgender, as they are the prominent gender expressions in the gay community. Not to deny visibility to other identities, because these people exist. So, like my whiteness, being born a cisgendered person has its perks. Transmen are not invisible. But transmen exist, and gay transmen certainly exist too. I think that for this reason, once again, I feel like an outsider within my community.

Gay men alone have bears, otters, twinks, daddies, masc, fem, rugged, jock…the list goes on and on and on. Any gay man could look at me for the first time and assign me no less than three labels. The idea of labeling myself as a gay man was enough of a moment of pride for my own personal journey when I finally came out. And not by my own choosing. We do, after all, feel an intense need to belong. But, I know that labels are simply another way to categorize things and they belong on objects and not humans. And so I continue to struggle with the concept of labeling within the gay community.

Rather, I am the ultimate realist because I choose to see the way the world works while trying to combat against its machinations. Maybe I just take the world too personally. I struggle with trying to be what society expects of me and what I want to be. As a something, I should have already married, launched my career, and own a house. Where society tells me to work, work, work, all I want to do is travel, write, and live my passions.

My otherness applies to the gay community as well. As a whole though, it forces me to distance myself from the community at large because of judgmental attitudes towards who I am. In fact, I know a good amount of gay men who rebel against the notions of labels and all things negative within the community. All I want to do is provide a commentary as someone who, at this point, has removed himself from the center and acts as an observer.

Do you overhear someone making transphobic comments? Politely engage them in conversation. Are your gay friends acting agist? All it takes is a simple conversation, a little bit of patience, and a lot of love. I think a lot of people mix up what Pride is really about. Yes, you can be proud of your homosexuality, your bisexuality, your queerness, and your transgender identity. Yet, I also believe that members of the community forget about the other reasons we have Pride.

We acknowledge our own coming outs or the coming outs of our loved ones. Pride is also for remembering all of those who came before we did. Most importantly, Pride is a means for us to be visible. I leave you now with this: Be self-affirming, positive, radiant in your light. Be honest, genuine, the best you possible. And most importantly, be in love with yourself. Well now. Hello, friends. I became an official, full-blown adult on March 2nd when I turned March also just simply meant it was my birthday month, and I tried to treat it as such. Yet, it came with more reflection on my life and my place in this world than I had expected.

I was somewhat blindsided by just how much surfaced when I reached my 26th trip around the sun.

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You allow your brain to run as carelessly as possible. Especially when you write like I do: without a predetermined topic until you start writing. And yet, when you do that, you allow your brain to run without a leash. When you do that, it often wanders far beyond your reach.

Monsters vs. Aliens

As far as writing goes, I am not a planner by any stretch of the imagination. I sit, I think, I write, think some more, and then write. I wanted to write about things that I found interesting as this blog continued to exist, and not just be forced to write about only one thing. Variety is the spice of life after all. That lack of focus may be making writing harder for me. I want to write about my experiences while also mixing in some creative writing every now and then.

It helps me stay organized in what I am writing about, which in turn leads to higher quality content in my mind. I made a personal goal to meet new people and do new things this year, which I had been sticking to pretty heavily in March. As I try to figure out where this blog is going and how I want to use it, I realize that I need to return to my writing roots. I started this project as a way to further grow as a writer, explore the blogging space, and to help me deal with some difficulties in life. Maybe I stopped writing so frequently because I was trying to tell myself that I had overcome my issues.

But, I was totally wrong in that regard. Or maybe I was right, but then those things came back. Who really knows. Writing really is a sharing experience. The early man wrote to start recording their own histories. From the cave paintings of our ancestors to the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians, to printing presses — writing was invented as a way to record and share personal or group history. In a way, I wish to carry on that idea of writing as a sharing experience.

As my life presently unfolds, I want to be able to share it with others. In a way, I view my writing as doing the same thing for those who need it. Especially as I continue tackling issues surrounding mental health, being gay, and adulthood. These things are important to me, and if I can shine a light on my own problems, then maybe others who are silently struggling will find some sort of guidance or hope. I am a huge advocate for writing because it is such a therapeutic activity.

When you write, you are literally putting your thoughts and feelings into words. Actual, tangible words. In fact, as a child writing used to be my sanctuary.

I was on medication for over a year, but that whole routine has since become too blurry to remember. Writing was one of the ways that I would focus my energy in positive ways thanks to caring teachers. In another way, writing has been extremely healing as I figure out my life of late. It has cradled me through a difficult breakup, anxiety, and fears of stagnation in my professional life. Obviously, just writing will not solve these problems.

So, I try to advocate for writing as much as possible. I think the plan for upcoming Otterly Chris posts has to be letting my creative side run uninhibited. Yet, I always have a lot of fun when I can be more playful with what I write. I would really love to get some more poetry written and posted. Either way, the promise I am making to you and myself is to return to a regular writing and posting schedule. Honestly, I would love nothing more than to be writing and posting multiple pieces a week.

That will take some time to get into the swing of it, but I want to make it happen! So watch this space for whatever comes next! Maybe it will be a poem. Or perhaps it will be a story. More than likely though, it will be another blog-style essay so I can get back to it more quickly. Every morning, when I wake up, I stare lovingly at him. My gaze follows from the top of his head, down to his face. His eyes show off a kindness that many eyes do not contain, at least not naturally.

It exists like a light, shining ever so brightly. They make his eyes sparkle like a rare gemstone. His smile is imperfect, yet genuine. His teeth are slightly crooked and coffee stained, but I love that about him. It gives his smile all the more character. His body is practically featureless and plain, like that of an everyman. He does not possess the masculine tendencies of muscular arms, a lean and chiseled torso, or strong legs.

His broad shoulders belie any real muscle in his arms. Hair sprawls across his body like a jungle. And yet, that is what makes me love him more. The very fact that he does not define his masculinity by his image makes me proud to know him. He is not fragile like other men; he is confident in who and what he is. I often think about who he is and what he stands for when I stare at him. He is a caring young man who is finding his way in this world. In his world. This man puts kindness and understanding at the forefront of his life. To him, those in his life are a priority above even himself, although it is detrimental to his self-worth.

He lives with his head in the clouds, and feet on the ground. Mentally, he exists anywhere between the present and a fantastic future. He tries to float towards that future, but still, he remains on the ground. Reality and dreams exist just within reach of one another. He wears his heart not on his sleeve; even that would be too hidden for him. It is in his face that his heart rests, clear for all to see.

He is not the perfect person. He is not even the best person. But he is my person, and I love that about him. And maybe I did create a poem of sorts; a kind of funkily flowing free verse poem that follows no standard convention of what poetry is. I realized that I needed something more personal today. It goes back to the criticisms that I have about myself. That leads me to a point to all of this.

That second part is something that I need to remind myself of constantly. Not to toot my own horn at all, but I would describe myself as someone who always puts others first. I knew that it was my lack of confidence and abundance of selflessness that was preventing me from really engaging myself.

Ever-so-slowly, I am becoming a believer in practicing extensive self-care and trying to spread that message. Just take some time for yourself every day. Sometimes you just need to take an easy way out every now and then. More essays, some fiction, some poetry…all soon to come.

Until then, a reminder to be kind to yourself, folks. Be kind and give that heart a reason to beat every day. It is something that, as I get older, I realize becomes more important. Going into that piece of writing, I knew I wanted to eventually write about the repercussion of choice. Or, as we call it, consequence: the result of our choice.

On my first blog , I tackled topics such as growth, fear, love, and home. Each of these topics has a million different directions that you could take them, which is why they appeal so much to me. Writing about consequence, similarly to writing about choice, follows that same path. I also appreciate that consequence has a duality to it.

We have our positive consequences and negative consequences. When people hear the word, they only ever think of the negative aspect of it. Are we as humans just so obsessed with the negative that we always overlook the positive? Typically though, the positive might not come until the negative has already happened. The best example I can use for this phenomenon is break-ups. The negative consequence of being broken up with is that you find yourself alone and sad. But, things always have a way of looking up. The first one with Jared was soul-crushing and devastating because it was the end of two years of being together.

The negative was immediate. Sad that it took him breaking up with me to realize that…. The second and more recent break-up has been way heavier in terms of negative impact. It has hovered over me like a dark mass of sheer pain for months. And yet, the positive has already been slowly kicking into gear, albeit about two months after the fact. That break-up allowed me to really want to focus on nothing more than myself, which is the best thing you can do afterward yet, no one does it.

It led me to dust off the old pen and paper half-working laptop so I could start writing again and follow my passion. I also found solace in trying new things, something that Dan had encouraged me to do from the start of our relationship.

What Makes Me Happy Is…

In finding myself alone, I was able to return to the self-improvement efforts that inevitably get delayed whenever you find yourself dating someone. The world I used to live in was wholly focused on negative consequence when it came to my actions and decisions. My eyes had never opened to the possibility that my actions could lead to positive. Something I mentioned in that choice post was that decision-making can be kind of overwhelming for me.

Failure always topped the list of negative consequences and it made decision-making next-to-impossible. Given the arc of my life in the last six months career shift, relationship shift , I knew that I had to change the way I look at consequence, and I encourage you to do the same. It comes down to your head space: are you open to the possibility of positivity with a chance of failure?

Small steps, friends. As I just said, failure happens and is almost an inevitability. We are guaranteed to fail at times in our lives; it is all a part of the human experience. It is one of the many negative consequences that can come as a result of making a choice. Failure can be fleeting, lasting only for a relative moment, or it can be chaotic and lasting. When I think about negative consequence, I link it with fear. Often times, we are afraid of the negative consequences that our actions may have. I still am dealing with the inner turmoil of realizing that teaching is not something that I want to do at this point in my life.

But something that we must realize is that when we make mistakes AKA a negative consequence , we are meant to learn from it. The importance of learning from negative consequence is in making better choices. Or perhaps you learned something simpler, like drinking 8 shots is a terrible idea.

Whenever the negative consequence of failing happens, remember that there is something to be learned from it. Not only will it help ease the mental stress of the moment, it will allow you to make better choices in the long run. The big picture of our lives looks an awful lot like a silhouette of a mountain range.

We experience multiple peaks, as well as numerous valleys throughout our lives. Sometimes, a negative consequence can seem like or cause these various lows in our lives. When you experience negative consequence in whatever form it comes in, simply remember that things will look up as soon as you do.

Sometimes you just have to make the most of a bad situation. This is how you learn that a positive outlook on life is incredibly important to dealing with a negative consequence. Maybe you failed miserably at a new job, but hey — at least you went for it! Remember, life is about the experiences, good and bad.

So, yes, you may have found negative consequence in your decisions. But we must also see the experience and making the best of that experience. That means opening your arms to embrace the positive consequences of life. And, it means opening your heart to the negative consequences, too. All it takes is an open mind, an open heart, and a bit of reflection. Start with reflecting on the past negative consequences that you have experienced. What did you learn from each consequence? Did you focus solely on the negative aspect of each, or did you eventually find the positive?

And remember always: life is about the journey. We are constantly learning while on this journey of life. Stay open to the possibilities and you will find some awesome returns. Plus, I wanted to have something to refer back to as I continue to explore social media and writing in general. Social media is this really great social tool. Lately, I feel like I have been misusing social media.

Furthermore, I feel like social media is starting to have a detrimental impact on my mental health. Pictures of scantily clad men or women on private yachts, on private beaches, in fancy mansions…the list goes on and on and on. Men sharing nothing but their ripped bodies or hot girlfriends. Women showcasing their perfectly made-up faces, or their boobs, or their sleek bodies.

Poem of the Masses

There was nothing of value in these images aside from boosted egos for those who were posting the pictures. There are several different things that I want to talk about with this video. The first is the constant need for a cell phone. Most of the cartoon people in the video are walking around with their eyes glued to their cell phones. I like having things like news and social media more on that later at my fingertips whenever I want it. Life is just easier with a cell phone, but it does come at a cost of missing things that are right in front of you. I also look at this image from the video.

We see a woman using an Instagram filter presumably to make herself look better than she perceives herself to be. This is where social media is so problematic to me. It reinforces what I wrote above about people sharing this artificial life of theirs. It is great that a simple photo posted to social media can make someone feel better about themselves. But, wanna know what works even better than that? Actually doing something that matters. Has it all just been replaced by sharing a false perspective on Instagram or Facebook? I was unconsciously following these accounts until I realized that I was using social media to fill a void.

Truthfully, I felt lost in the world. That was when I began to unfollow accounts on Instagram. I unfollowed the hot male models knowing that I was only following them as eye candy and being jealous of their bodies. And, I unfollowed the accounts of celebrities who more often than not showcased their wealth more than showcasing a message. I freely admit that there are still people I follow on Instagram who still fall into those categories — but they more often than not actually post things of value. Instead, I started following accounts that matter.

I started following more accounts that post nature or urban images, like some of the National Park Instagram pages and some Philly and Seattle-based pages. When I did, I began to see gains in my mental state; I was becoming less concerned about my life compared to the lives of others. The other social media change I made was that I focused my sharing of content on things that I felt had substance. I also began talking more openly about my struggle with mental health. In my last 20 or so Instagram posts of , thirteen of them have touched on mental health.

Three were shameless selfies, three more were little moments of love that I find in everyday life, and one was about my new love of collecting pins. I look back at older posts of my ex and me together, or selfies that I took, or travel images. Was I trying to boost my nearly non-existent confidence? Or did I just want to showcase the things in my life again for the ego boost? Now, the interesting part of this is that some may see the posts about mental health struggle to be as attention-seeking as posts that are artificial. It was something that I desperately needed months ago when I began to see the signs of mental distress.

I also wonder sometimes if maybe I should just take a break from social media for a little while. I do wonder if an Insta-break would be helpful, too. As I journey forward with Otterly Chris, I know that I want the majority of my social media to be focused on things that I write for this blog. That means Facebook time has been devoted largely to this blog. It meant creating a twitter account to use as a way to connect with readers. Is it all just so you can boost your ego and gain confidence when it hits 50, 85, likes?

Or is there more to it? We have to put more of an emphasis on sharing ideas instead of sharing things. Start giving yourself more value based on the things you do, and not on what you receive. And, maybe take a little social media break; it might be good for you. With the first month of behind us, I felt like now was a good time to look at the intentions and goals I set for myself at the end of to carry into the new year.

Good luck on your travels, we think you are more wonderful than you even know! Welcomed as in a family, I spent a wonderful time in May at Terri and Mark'home. Their place of life is simply peaceful, wild, with good healthy, inspiring. Accompanied every day also by 3 friends during the activities of gardening: Kasha, Triga and Amadeus dog, cat, and goat.

Then, I had all the time necessity to wonder, hicke, play accordion, … read more read, write, cook Past time spend with Terri in the garden and others were always pleasant: to discuss, to learn on plants, the techniques of gardening … Mark and Terri is a thoughtful, generous, quiet couple and it was very pleasant to be with them during this month.

I really saw the evolution of the garden every day and it is very interesting to have participated in it. So, they didn't hesitate to suggest me coming to their various activities and party. Thank you again for your welcome. First experience of unforgettable Workaway. You can only contact Workawayers with active membership. Wow, Svenja! What an amazing review you gave us! I'm not sure we can live up to all of it : You were very easy to host, and you are such a kind, loving, beautiful person.

You arrived at one of the more difficult times on the farm, a time when we lost a little goat and then were away for a few days, and you managed to not only be alright with … read more the ups and downs of farm life, but to fit yourself into this lifestyle and be open and accepting and you became such a part of our life. I am really glad you enjoyed being here as much as you did. Often by August I am so tired and busy that I don't take as much time to help people get settled in, but you managed to adjust and thrive and I really appreciated your willingness to learn and your eagerness to listen.

I enjoyed our conversations and I am glad you so enjoyed our really very incredible and often eclectic group of friends. They all love you as well! I am really looking forward to having you come back for Christmas! We love you! Left by Workawayer Svenja Malina for host. This vegetable farm is just an awesome place to be. Terri and Curtis are so inspirational, kind and lovely people. Both are very creative, doing arts all the time and Curtis is an awesome guitar player. Their animals are as wonderful as they are.

Especially the dogs, Kasha and Quoia, are a pleasure to cuddle with or to take a walk on the huge … read more property. Terri is a first-rate cook. Her food is the most delicious food you can imagine and it's as healthy as it could be, because most of it is made of organic vegetables out of her own garden and meat from her mum's ranch, that is the home of very happy cattle.

These people have only extraordinary and terribly nice friends. I met so many great people and together we've done amazing things like hiking in the beautiful mountains or just having a huge bonfire. The work in Terri's garden never gets boring. Even weeding is great fun, because you can have really interesting conversations. Terri never gets tired of telling exciting stories, which is why I could improve my English very fast and effortlessly. Thank you for everything you've done to me.

You've fundamentally changed my mind and made me a better person, appreciating what's really important in life. I can't wait to see my Canadian family again at Christmas. Hi Lea, I can't believe how quickly time passes and I haven't responded! You were so wonderful to have around! You made me laugh all the time, sometimes by accident : You threw yourself into everything we did in the garden, were interested in what we were doing, and responded intelligently and quickly to every situation.

We loved hosting … read more you! You were so easy to have here, so much fun, got along well with everyone and helpful in and out of the house! You knew intuitively how to help without being told and all around we enjoyed your happy presence in our lives. I really hope to see you again and get to know you even better! Thank you for everything as well! Terri's place was my first workaway, it was an amazing experience.

Terri and Curtis are so nice, they like spend a lot of time with their workawayers : All the animals are super cute! And the work in the garden is really cool, and it's so nice to eat good meal with all the wonderful vegetables Terri is an amazing cooker! Thank you for … read more everything, I hope see you soon :D. Wow, I haven't looked at my account in a very long time!

Sorry Isobel, that I didn't respond sooner. Thank you for saying such kind things! You were always eager to learn and keen to throw yourself into whatever task was at hand. I appreciated your appreciation of our lifestyle : and it was great to have such a lovely group of women working … read more together in the garden every day! People like you, who enjoy being outside and don't mind getting their hands dirty, are always an asset on the farm!

We also all had such a good time relaxing after work together and you fit in well with the other helpers and all of our friends. I'm glad you so enjoy the company of the older generations. It is a great way to learn about life and nice when everyone is comfortable with each other. Do come back if it works out, and bring food : Lots of love back at you! Left by Workawayer Isobel for host. I had the experience of a life time with Terri and Curtis. Everyday I woke up to delicious food, wonderful friends, playful animals and beautiful surroundings.

It was such a wholesome and relaxing place to work at and I am a much more rounded person from this unique experience. From the moment I arrived, Terri and Curtis welcomed me into their … read more home and not once did we clash or did I feel out of place and when living in such a close proximity it is a wonder that it did not happen.

Loganberry Books: Stump the Bookseller: QR

We all just got along so well! I miss you both a lot and cannot wait to come back and eat you out of house and home. Lot's of love ;. Lyn and Ian are wonderful! We had such a great time with them and we accomplished so much!

Forget-Me-Not - Line Dance (Dance & Teach)

They are so willing to learn and interested in learning, and just great to be around in the house or out in the garden or exploring the wilderness! Thank you to both of you! We really miss you and can't wait to see you again! We have just left this amazing place and can't wait to go back one day. We had such a good time with Terri and Curtis and it was very difficult to leave. If you are interested in farming then this is a great place to come and work and learn, which is exactly what we wanted.

Along with the work we had great food and lots of fun. Terri and Curtis … read more made us feel immediately at home and we really enjoyed living in the RV for a month. This is a very special place and it's too difficult to sum it up in a review but at the end of the day it's a very beautiful place with great people who we can now call our friends - we will be back!

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Marieke and Tom were hilarious and hard-working. They also looked after the farm and garden for us for the August long weekend which meant we got to go away for three days in summer! That hasn't happened since I started farming! They looked after all the animals Amadeus is still alive! They are easy housemates and willing workers. We look forward to seeing them again in the near future! Thanks you two! Terri, Curtis and Lauren made us feel immediately welcome in their lovely home.

Life was never dull with a semi-suicidal goat Amadeus to look after! They are friendly, fun and incredibly generous and we look forward to going back. The day's work was always interspersed with delicious communal meals, reading and socialising and we had weekends … read more off to explore the surrounding area. Thank you so much, you two! We are so glad to have met you and feel so lucky to have had you at the farm in June of this year June is such a busy and crucial month for the farm; it is the month that really decides what the rest of summer will be like.

The two of you worked so hard and really cared about this place and the quality of the … read more work as if it were your own. We couldn't have asked for better help or better friends! We also really appreciated how easy it was to have you as roommates too. You are both such considerate people and helpful in the house as well as the garden and Stephan's cooking was awesome and appreciated!

We miss you both and are so happy to have met you. We will see you again one day we are sure! Lots of love from, Terri, Curtis, and Lauren. We were at the farm in June and it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for us. Every day with Terry, Curtis and Lauren was fun. Our main tasks were planting, harvesting, weeding and preparing vegetables for the market. It was never boring and we learned a lot about gardening topics. The accomondation was comfortable, there are … read more interesting books, and the food excellent.

We thank Terry and Curtis for the great time and hospitality and hope to see our friends again one day. Left by Workawayer Chris for host. Hey thanks T- you're great too, and your place rocks, after almost a year of travelling I'm starting to wonder if it was infact the greatest place on earth I'm Terri, Chris' former farming partner just thought I'd weigh in here too Chris is an absolutely amazing farmer! He is probably the fastest weeder in the world : He works very very hard. We built over an acre of market garden out of what was once hay field and built an incredibly successful farming business that I am still running now.

If you have a farm or any sort of work really, invite Christopher, you'll be glad you did! This was the first time I accepted a helper for the whole summer and it was so wonderful to welcome Noemie into our home for four months. The hardest thing about the Workaway program is having to say goodbye to people who have become family. Noemie, you were an awesome addition to our lives and to the farm. I am so happy to have met … read more you!

Even though some parts of farming, like weeding, are admittedly monotonous, Noemie always worked hard and never complained about any of the tasks we had to do that day. She is always kind and conscientious and even if there was a lot of weeding, at least it gave us all a chance to sit together for hours and talk. We laughed a lot and I learned to speak a lot more French! Thank you, Noemie, for your kind words, and for all your help.

I'm not sure I could have survived this most difficult season running the garden on my own for the first time without you. I'm happy we are still in touch so often, and we will see you again one of these days. Amazing people, amazing place, … Words are not strong enough to describe how I loved being there.

I lived 4 months with Terri and Curtis and had the time of my life! The job can be hard or boring sometimes not often , but it's for sure nothing compared to the satisfaction it gives and the fun we have together in the garden. Terri is a very … read more good boss, she many many times took a moment to explain to me farming life, to answer to my questions about the way she's working. She's for sure a passionate farmer! Terri and Curtis are really interesting people, happy, funny and lovely.

Living with them was incredibly nice! I never felt I was only a worker, but a part of their life for a few months! I had so much fun there and learnt so much, I couldn't have expected better for a first traveling experience! Thank you so much! Thank you Sheena, It wasn't nearly long enough having you here for only two months! Your help was so appreciated and you are truly one of the family now!

We miss you and love you and look forward to seeing you again one day. I spent 2 months on the farm, and it wasn't long enough! Terri is an incredible host, and her and Curtis really make you feel like a part of the family. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and comfortable, and you feel right at home. The work is rewarding nothing beats the satisfaction of a freshly weeded bed!

We … read more spent a lot of time singing, chatting and laughing our way through days in the garden. Best part of the day? Terri is an amazing cook actually, so is Curtis , and I always felt spoiled by the quality of our food. This was truly a wonderful experience, and I was so sad to leave. Can't wait to come back!