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She has been a widow for the last four years and has felt that her life is in a rut , when her mum Vivian rings and offers her an escape - to come to Martha's Vineyard and help run the business her mother and Aunt Louise have just purchased - a builiding called "The Gallery". Waverly on impulse , sees this as an opportunity and moves hastily to Martha's Vineyard and believing she will be running an Art Gallery is shocked to discover it is in fact an Arcade Games shop. Has Waverly bitten off more than she can chew? New to Martha's Vineyard is Sicily - a nine year old visiting her dad Blake Erickson , she has been living in California and her dad wonders where his little girl has gone and who is this sullen girl in her place?

On a visit to the local Arcade , Sicily meets Waverly and the two hit it off as we read Waverly becoming like a "Big Sister" role model. Waverly soon discovers that this world is too small and that Blake is dating -well sort of Waverly's cousin Janice. Though as Blake and Waverly get to know each other and Waverly spends more time with Sicily , has Blake chosen the wrong cousin? When fireworks erupt between Blake and Janice , will this be his chance to go for Waverly or will the family connection scare her off as well as the fact that her dead husband will always be on her mind?

Feb 23, Mia Ackerson rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed it for the most part fast easy read, felt like I was at the beach at times. Disappointed toward the end with the false statements about heaven! NOT at all what the Bible says about heaven! Jun 04, Victoria rated it it was ok. This story was interesting and not bad. I read it quickly enough. Waverly is a widow who wants to work at an Art gallery in Chicago. When her mother Vivian calls her and invites her to Martha's Vineyard, MA, she feels it is time to leave Chicago and get working at "The Gallery" her mom and aunt just bought.

When she arrives she is disappointed to find out that "The Gallery" is not what she thought it'd be. Blake has worked in the movie industry for a while and decided on an early retirement. His This story was interesting and not bad. His daughter Cicily who is 9 has been living with his ex-wife who has a husband who had two daughters of his own living with them. When his ex asks him to care for his daughter who seems to be changing too drastically for a little girl, he agrees and is excited to spend time with her.

He recently moved to Martha's Vineyard and his neighbors are two sisters in their late 60s who have been very sweet to him. This story is about Waverly and Blake, but there is a problem: Janice, the cousin of Waverly.

She seems to be too self consumed to see that Blake isn't interested in her but she is wild about him. This is where the story is problematic to me. Don't go on dates with a woman who is so controlling. Also, the way Janice is treated at the end of the book at a party really seemed un-Christ-like and this is a Christian book, and she was publicly humiliated and it made me hurt for her, even if she wasn't the nicest or brightest bulb.

Also, these Christians never open their Bibles? One is "seen" in a room but it just doesn't really completely seem that they are very dependent on God, though some do "say quick prayers" here and there. It just seems very "comfortable" and makes me a little sad. All in all, a cute little story but the ending made me laugh with its rush and unrealistic outcome. Feb 26, Loraine rated it really liked it Shelves: modern-christian-fiction , challenges , romance , love-finds-you.

REVIEW: I liked the characters, storyline and setting in this book; but I would have liked to see several of the storylines completed that were left unfinished. Also the romance ending seemed rather whirlwind after all the complications between Whitney, her cousin and Blake. The contention between Waverly and her cousin Janice was a little over the top sometimes but it did add some humor to the story. I did enjoy seeing the restoration of Whitney and her mom's relationship. Overall, an easy-to-read enjoyable LFY novel.

I'm always trying to remind myself to thank God. I think we are better people when we remember to be grateful to God. Even if things don't go exactly the way we like them to. It's like we're trying to tune in to Him. Because if you think about it, why would you ask for something if you weren't willing to listen? You get that, don't you?

In Martha's Vineyard (Love Finds You Series)

But beyond that, I believe God has something far better for us when we die. Oct 10, Laura rated it liked it. This is another "Love Finds You" and I enjoyed reading this one as much or better than some of the other I have read. Artist Waverly Brennan a widow was looking for a new start when her Mom called and told her that she had purchased a gallery in Martha's Vineyard. Thinking this would be a great new start Waverly gave up her lease and moved to Martha's Vineyard only to discover that the gallery was not a art galley but one which video games were enjoyed.

Not having anything to go back to decided t This is another "Love Finds You" and I enjoyed reading this one as much or better than some of the other I have read. Not having anything to go back to decided to make a go of the building. With the help of Blake Erickson daughter it looked like this could become a success and the beginning of a love connection between Waverly and Blake if only her cousin was out of the picture.

It also would allow her to become closer to her Mom who has a secret which she had not shared with Waverly. I would definitely recommend this book This book is part of a series of romances set I places all across the US. After reading this book, I might need to "visit" some of the other places.

Waverly is stuck I a rut. She likes her job okay, her husband passed away, and her apartment leaves something to be desired.

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When her mother calls, inviting her to pack up and move to Martha's Vineyard to manage The Gallery, it seems too good to be true. And then she gets there. Expectations, secrets, and Cousin Janice all make Waverly's life a roll This book is part of a series of romances set I places all across the US.

Expectations, secrets, and Cousin Janice all make Waverly's life a rollercoaster ride. But then she meets Sicily… and Sicily's father, Blake. She wonders if she can find love again, or if she's being unfaithful to her husband's memory. I admit that at first I wasn't so sure about this book.

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The first few chapters were really slow. Then, Waverly ends up on Martha's Vineyard, and the storyline really took off! I really liked the wide variety of characters. Include data citation:. Copy to clipboard Close. Cite Data - Experimental. Structured data from the Bibframe namespace is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. Link Analysis Experimental. Network Analysis Inbound Links 1 1 Total.

Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Link network. Dunlop: Within a few days, I sussed out where they were filming, out on the long stretch of beach. I got on my Raleigh 3-speed and rode out there, and in ways that are unimaginable today, that set was completely open. At the end of that day, they told all the legitimate extras that they were expected back the next day and to remember which group you were with, where you were and all of that. I just started to wander off.


I was rewarded for this hideous behavior, and for the next two days. So I was this renegade extra. BenDavid: I was in the group of kids originally on the beach that had a sailfish. Chief Brody wanted his son to go sailing on the inside of the estuary because of everything that was going on.

As soon as it hit him, the shark came at us and knocked us over. I was sitting in the back of the sailboat, and it flipped us over. And it came right by us, and he grabs ahold of Chris when he comes by. He has Chris in his arms, and me and Tommy were crawling up on the boat. And I think it was too violent, they cut that part out of it. So what they showed was Chris floating in the water and then they showed Tommy and I pulling him up on the beach, because we grabbed hold of him and swam him to the beach and delivered him to Chief Brody. Here was this guy with sideburns, and he talked just like him.

Blake: The beach scenes. Those dreadful beach scenes where we all froze to death. I have a feeling it was March or early April. It was much too cold to be in swimming. Our bathing suits would be all caked in sand and bitter cold the next morning to go back and do the shoot. Pike: We [the set crew] were all relegated to the barn—we were the guys in the barn on Fuller Street. It was a boathouse they used to store in the winter.

We had the Orca upstairs and the shark upstairs.

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So of course, Robert Shaw actually repeated this, about the incest, when he talked to Tom Ellis and this lovely blonde woman who was on the Channel 4 news. We were all laughing, we thought it was so funny. But that trio up there looks incestuously derived! The police chief gets on with the goal of stopping the swimmers and shutting down the beaches. If he does that, the rest of the story does not occur.

Just before they leave, someone else drives onto the ferry. They had to film it while they had to run the ferry. Carl Gottlieb, I think, saw the possibility of doing this scene that moved. Steven Spielberg always liked for the camera to be moving, whenever possible.

Martha’s Vineyard Love Letter | Susan Branch Blog

But they faced a tremendous challenge in that they had to do it in one take, and while they were running the service for everybody else to use. Apparently they rehearsed it in the parking lot, they pretended and drove the car up and all of that. That scene was just indispensible to the film, and ingeniously, they decided to do it there rather than in an office or something. While the land locations for Jaws were a perfect match, the beach and ocean scenes presented great difficulty. As a result, production went more than days over schedule, and the film was in danger of never being completed at all.

Alves: When I scouted the location in January, the beach was empty, but come June or July, it was just loaded with sailboats. That gave us a bit of a difficult time, moving the boats out of the way. Some people cooperated, and others were a bit more stubborn. Blake: There were a hell of a lot of struggles, struggles from A to Z.

It was ridiculous. So it was quite a while, they waited a while before I came aboard. Alves: The second biggest problem I had was with the Boston Teamsters.

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Billy Bratton was [a] head Teamster, in fact he was indicted later. But they were very, very rough, and you had to be very very careful to mess with him. I remember I asked, can I use your driver? He was just a driver who took people to the boat, and he sat there all day until they came back. But I found to go to the beach when we were shooting, it was easier to use a bicycle, so I bought this nice speed bicycle from the bicycle store in Edgartown.

My driver can follow me in my bicycle.