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Step 1: Overview of the Parts and Process.!

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Both manufacturing and end-of-life disposal of vinyl poses health concerns: PVC releases toxic substances into the environment when it is burned and can leach toxic stabilizers and plasticizers when it is buried in a landfill. Check it out. Yurts are tents and are meant to be lightweight shelters. Every Yurta we make supports not only our team, but a long list of local suppliers and skilled workers who provide us with parts and materials to our exacting standards. We build your Yurta with the intention that you will love it for a lifetime. The frame, ring, dome and felt insulation should last a lifetime under normal use with proper care.

The outer cover will require care over time, and eventually, will need to be replaced. With our best fabrics, we expect the outer shell to last the better part of a decade. Do you need a permit to erect a tent? It is impossible for us to know whether you will be required to permit your installation, or for what portion of your setup if any. There is no specific regulation governing yurts today. Yurta is a true tent and when used as such, in our experience, Yurta has typically not required a permit.

As a yurt, Yurta is rather unique: the structure opens like an umbrella and deploys without turning a screw or hammering a nail and the walls feature soft but functional all-season tent windows. There may be many things weighed by municipalities such as the type of structure erected, the deck installed, whether the floor is insulated or the intended use of the shelter. Municipalities may even have provisions for tents — sometimes requiring them to be taken down periodically. It is important that local officials understand that Yurta is unlike most yurts that they may have encountered.

We encourage you to do your research and ask questions before presenting your plans. Your Yurta is covered by a 2-year parts and labour warranty. We offer replacement parts outside of warranty at cost to our customers. Yurta is tested to take a snow and wind load. Properly installed and used as directed, it can handle anything the Canadian climate will throw at it. However, we always urge clients to think of and use their Yurta as a tent, as such we do advise that Yurta be cleared of snow as soon as possible. Call us or submit a pricing form on this website.

We ask for a deposit at the time of order with balance due at the time of shipping or pick-up. We accept major credit cards for your deposit. Normally, your Yurta will be ready within weeks of ordering but that will vary through the year. If a Yurta is right for you, call us! We will do our best to meet you needs.

From British Columbia to Australia, we will ship Yurta anywhere in the world. We recommend crating your yurt prior to shipping, to protect your yurt in transit. If Yurta is right for you, we can provide a shipping quote to your door.

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Yes, absolutely. Our largest model can even be packed into a minivan. There are more providers and distributors of yurts today than ever before. Generally speaking, we tend to think of yurts today in one of the following categories. This is meant to be a rough guide to the main types of yurts on the market today, and not a complete or comprehensive review of any specific yurt. Yurts Yurts our sizes setup FAQ.

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Yurta Deploying the frame. Vinyl Poly-Vinyl Chloride presents serious toxicity concerns in its manufacture, use and disposal. Read more in our FAQ. Pairing with plastic bubble-wrap insulation adds another airtight layer.

Mongolian Terms

This plastic bag effect traps moisture and promotes mold growth. Cut and sewn by hand with care and precision that cannot be beat by automated machines. Cotton canvas does not withstand the harsh effects of UV. Maintenance options and lifespan are limited. Additional effort and expense to waterproof — to start and during the course of ownership.

While the other costs are somewhat fixed, this is where your budget may need some adjusting. For example, a concrete, soapstone or marble countertop is going to cost 3 times the cost of a Formica countertop. Here are some things to consider: Will you enclose a bedroom or bathroom?

Budgeting for your yurt

Will you be running a traditional AC wiring schematic, or installing a DC power alternative energy system? Do you need a large space for a water heater on the floor, or will you get a wall mounted on demand water heater? What finished flooring will you use, or will you just paint over the subfloor? Think on each room, and imagine where the lighting would be, and what options are the most important to you.

The True Cost of Building a Yurt: The Yurt Package

Below, you will find a side by side comparison of two vastly different yurts Shelter Designs Yurts Blog Detailed information to answer all your yurt questions! Subscribe to this blog post Unsubscribe. Budgeting for your yurt Planning your Dream Yurt. Wednesday, 20 September This estimate does not include yurt shipping or transport costs, as those vary widely by distance. Please keep in mind these costs are estimates and are by no means inclusive for your project.

The main purpose of this exercise is to give you an idea of all the aspects to plan for. County Building Codes and Requirements. Winter is coming, and Why is completely booke Again, be sure to have the foil facing toward the inside of the yurt. Cut the insulation diagonally to match the lines of the roof boards, and run it up and down the roof. Next, rip the 1 X 8 boards as shown in Fig. Wedge one of the pieces into each of the spaces left in the upper roof's surface, and tap them all into place with a hammer. Now nail the boards securely to the roof, and saw off any excess that protrudes from the eaves.

Some folks use all rough, unplaned lumber, butbefore doing this—consider that the resulting interior wall will catch dust and be difficult to clean. A smooth interior is easier to care for. Open spaces occur where two layers of boards overlap at the top of the wall Fig. H and at the lower edge of the outer wall. To plug the gaps, choose wood scraps of sufficient thickness, taper the pieces to fit, and tap them into place. Some will stay put by them; selves, but others—particularly those at the top and bottom of the outside wall—should be fastened with nails.

Shingling a round roof isn't easy—each shingle must be hand tapered on all sides to fit the conical shape—but the process is fun, and the beauty of the end product makes every bit of extra effort worthwhile. Buy the best cedar shakes you can afford the roof is the worst place to skimp on costs! Start shingling at the outer edge of the roof and work upward. Then draw a line 5" above the first row, start the next course with the tops of the shingles even with the five-inch mark , and so on.

As you near the top of the roof, measure 5" intervals down from the peak to even out any errors that may have crept in as you worked up. This yurt's windows require only a minimum of construction skills and materials. One-quarter inch plate or crystal glass can be safely installed without frames, and is often available at low cost from junk dealers.

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A door window is especially nice to have in a yurt, and is relatively easy to install. You can concoct your own design, or follow the traditional oval pattern shown in Fig. You can also make a simple wall window. Lay the pane in place and fasten the notched piece of wood over the glass as shown in Fig. Add small turn buttons at the sides of the pane, cut a corresponding piece of outer wall board from the yurt to complete the opening, frame it in.

The central window or skylight is the key to any yurt's natural lighting. E-5 for construction details. If you live in a warm area where too much summer heat comes in through the skylight, anchor a few large bushy plants securely to the roof on the south side of the opening, for shade. And if further insulation is needed—in either summer or winter—you can make a circular curtain with elastic at the edge a kind of giant-size shower cap and hang the device upside down over hooks on the inside of the skylight.

NOTE : If you use gas or kerosene lamps, be careful not to hang one under the skylight. The heat can crack the glass. Any small heater—or hanging fireplace—works well in this building. No matter what you use, however, be sure to leave a six-inch space around the stovepipe at the point where it goes through the wall.

In other words, cut an exit hole which has a diameter equal to that of the stovepipe's diameter. Make a protective sheet metal or asbestos thimble to fill the extra space, and feed the pipe through it to the outside. Don't "skip over" this precaution. The doorway is made by cutting appropriate openings see Fig.

M for dimensions in both the inner and outer walls. Make the cuts with a keyhole saw, after each wall's tension band has been secured. Reinforce the areas above the openings with two-inch-wide strips of wood nailed on the inside and out see Fig. M-1 , and fill the gaps between the inner and outer walls at the sides of the doorway with spacers cut to fit.

Build the door Fig. The resulting small, low entryway accents the height and spaciousness of the interior, and minimizes heat loss. Benches built around the wall of the yurt make exceptionally good use of available space, and—when equipped with hinged-top "lids" as shown in Fig. N-1—provide convenient storage space as well. Cushions and pillows, of course, add color and comfort. A desk constructed to match the curve of the yurt's interior wall can be made from just one 4 X 8 sheet of plywood Fig. N-2 and a few pieces of scrap lumber for the legs. Any kind of plumbing can be installed.

Yurt Pictures | Yurt Cabin Gallery | Freedom Yurt Cabins

And remember that a shower isn't as costly as—and takes up less space than—a tub. The Little Yurt also works nicely as a study, office, or workroom a desk built to encircle the interior wall can provide twenty feet of working space! Add a thick rug and pad to the building's floor, and you have a guest room with an elegant round bed! Other uses are: children's room, sauna, garden house, field station, retreat.