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Arglwydd, arwain trwy'r anialwch, Fi, bererin gwael ei wedd, Nad oes ynof nerth na bywyd Fel yn gorwedd yn y bedd: Hollalluog, Hollalluog, Ydyw'r Un a'm cwyd i'r lan. Fel na bwyf yn llwfwrhau. Pan yn troedio glan Iorddonen, Par i'm hofnau suddo i gyd; Dwg fi drwy y tonnau geirwon Draw i Ganaan — gartref clyd: Mawl diderfyn. Mawl diderfyn Fydd i'th enw byth am hyn.

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah / God of Grace, God of Glory [RBM – 007]

Fydd i'th enw byth am hyn. Lord, lead me through the wilderness, Me, a pilgrim of poor appearance, I don't have strength or life in me, Like lying in the grave: Omnipotent, Omnipotent Is the one who brings me to the shore. Is the one who brings me to the shore. Open the sweet fountains Flowing from the Rock that is; Give a column of fire to lead me at night, And give a column of fog during the day. Give me manna. Give me manna, So that I shall not falter.

So that I shall not falter. When I walk the bank of the Jordan, Cause all my fears to sink; Take me through the roughest waves Over to Canaan, a cosy home: Unending praise.

Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah

Unending praise Will be to Your name for this. Will be to Your name for this.

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The Welsh version shown here is a somewhat literal translation from the English version back into Welsh. Earlier versions of the hymn book published jointly by the Calvinist and Wesleyan Methodists had a version with five verses i. William Williams Pantycelyn named, in the Welsh style, "Pantycelyn" after the farm which his wife inherited is generally acknowledged as the greatest Welsh hymnwriter. It comprised six verses.

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  • It was originally titled Gweddi am Nerth i fyned trwy anialwch y Byd Prayer for strength for the journey through the world's wilderness. Peter Williams —, no relation of the author but well known for his popular edition of the Welsh Bible , with notes [7] [9] translated part of the hymn into the English version given above, with the title Prayer for Strength. It was published in Hymns on various subjects , This translation is the only Welsh hymn to have gained widespread circulation in the English-speaking world.

    A result of the translation process is that the defining phrase "Bread of heaven" does not actually occur in the original; it is a paraphrase of the references to manna. The Welsh word Arglwydd corresponds more-or-less to the English Lord , in all its senses. Accordingly, Peter Williams translated it as Jehovah in accord with the practice of his time. Many English-language hymnals today translate it as "Redeemer".

    The variations are mainly to update the language, e. Myfi grwydrais hir flynyddau, Ac heb weled codi'r wawr; Anobaithiais, heb dy allu, Ddod o'r anial dir yn awr; Dere dy hunan, dere dy hunan, Dyna'r pryd y dof i maes. Buddugoliaeth, buddugoliaeth, Gwna imi waeddi yn y llif! Lord, guide me through the wilderness, A pilgrim weak of aspect, There is neither strength nor life in me, As though lying in the grave, Almighty, It is Thou who shalt take me to that shore. I wandered for long years, And saw not the break of dawn; I despaired, without Thy strength, Ever to leave the desert land; Do Thou grant, The occasion to escape.

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    Give Thou a pillar of fire to lead me in the night, And a pillar of mist in the day, Hold me when I travel places Which are rough on the way, Give me manna, Thus shall I not despair. Open the sweet springs Which gush forth from the rock, All across the great wilderness May a river of healing grace follow: Give this to me Not for me but for Thy sake. Let me cry out in the torrent. I shall trust in Thy power, Great is the work that Thou hast always done, Thou conquered death, Thou conquered hell, Thou hast crushed Satan beneath Thy feet, Hill of Calvary, This shall never escape from my memory.

    The hymn describes the experience of God's people in their travel through the wilderness from the escape from slavery in Egypt Exodus 12—14 , being guided by a cloud by day and a fire by night Exodus —22 to their final arrival forty years later in the land of Canaan Joshua 3.

    During this time their needs were supplied by God, including the daily supply of manna Exodus The hymn text forms an allegory for the journey of a Christian throughout their life on earth requiring the Redeemer's guidance and ending at the gates of Heaven the verge of Jordan and end of time death of death and hell's destruction.

    It is also featured at the beginning of The African Queen film , with Katharine Hepburn singing and playing the organ. The hymn was the informal anthem of Wales in the "Green and Pleasant Land" section of the Summer Olympics opening ceremony. The lyrics were altered to be about the main character Victor Meldrew. Despite the history of the tune and its common English text, the tune-words pairing in Welsh is quite different.

    Arglwydd, arwain Wele'n sefyll rhwng y myrtwydd Wrthrych teilwng o fy mryd; Er o'r braidd 'rwy'n Ei adnabod Ef uwchlaw gwrthrychau'r byd: Henffych fore! Henffych fore! Caf ei weled fel y mae. Rhosyn Saron yw Ei enw, Gwyn a gwridog, hardd Ei bryd! Ffrind pechadur!

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    Beth sydd imi mwy a wnelwyf Ag eilunod gwael y llawr? Tystio 'r wyf nad yw eu cwmni I'w gymharu a'm Iesu Mawr. O, am aros! Yn Ei gariad ddyddiau f'oes!

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    Great music except for the male language to refer to God. Anne Eggebroten. A Beautiful record that represents well the coming of the One True Light into this world of darkness who later destroy it through the Atonement at the cross , I suggest that every single person who sees this review would support this wonderful ministry and buy this record for Christmas time or for the rest of the year!

    Ali Emmanuel. A Palace in Time by Abe Hollow. Abe Hollow writes understated bedroom-style indie rock, laying his gentle voice against muted guitars. Trippy, dreamy electronic compositions, able to capture a wide array of textures and moods while maintaining ground and viewpoint. The Death is Not the End label offers an hour-long spin through the sounds of Bristol pirate radio, stopping at soul, dancehall, and more.

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    Thanks to bandcamp. Purchasable with gift card. Guide me O Thou great Jehovah Pilgrim through this barren land I am weak but Thou art mighty Hold me with Thy powerful hand Bread of Heaven Bread of Heaven Feed me till I want no more Open now the crystal fountain Whence the healing stream doth flow Let the fire and cloudy pillar Lead me on my journey home Strong Deliverer strong Deliverer Be Thou still my Strength and Shield Thinking about this tired creation Thinking about my heavenly home Fills my soul with holy longings Come, my Jesus, quickly come When I tread the verge of Jordan Bid my anxious fears subside Death of deaths and hell's destruction Land me safe on Canaan's side Songs of praises, songs of praises I will ever give to Thee.