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Cheese Runners Audiobooks - Listen to the Full Series |

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Quentin Tarantino.

Cheese Runners

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Go back, re-read, you might spot them. Events conspired to keep him away from Ranger status, but bumped up to Lord Commander, and to do something no other Lord Commander managed - make peace with the Free Folk. Not a reluctant king, nor a tortured bastard, nor a devotee to a misguided homicidal queen.

The corners of his mouth lift ever slightly upwards as he turns back to face the Haunted Forest, the place where so many years ago the White Walkers made their first big attack for thousands of years. Now he returns there with Free Folk, including many children, Ghost alongside him once more. But even if winter comes again, Jon will be there to guard the realms of men. I have loved this show, loved the characters, and loved the story, whatever was thrown at me, even when it was a bit undercooked like the Dornish storyline in season five , or slightly rushed arguably like portions of both seasons seven and eight.

Look at the cognitive dissonance many Australian voters felt after the May 18 election, which was won by the party widely tipped to lose badly. The fact that George R. That meant certain changes narratively, no doubt. But it also meant we ALL got to experience something for the first time, the book readers and the TV watchers. We were all invested in the unknown ending. We all had passion. When I think back to that meeting in that community hall, what I remember is everybody being invested in a pathway, but with radically different ideas on how to walk that path - or where it should end up.

What about what they think is good? I was asked after Game of Thrones concluded what lesson I had taken from the series, and my answer was instant:: life is shades of grey. Not the 50 dodgy fake-porno BDSM ones, but real, maddening, complicated shades of light and dark. Bad people can do good things. Good people can do bad things. We are shaped by events we cannot control, and yet we all have immense potential to both create and destroy. No ending to Game of Thrones was ever going to be perfect.

But what we got were some perfectly painted shades of grey. Thank you, beloved Throners, for your patience and your support. Our watch has ended One wrinkle in my Melbounre trip. I forgot my airods.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Food-alanche Scene (6/10) - Movieclips

I had to walk around withot playlists or podcasts. Like an animal. I left my AirPods behind. Two days of book signings in Melbourne and nothing but my own thoughts as I walked from one store to the next. It was Hell, until it wasn't. We're not often left to our own thoughts these days. Not randomly. We might occasionally have reason to consider them. Should I change jobs? Do I swipe right? Are my franking credits worth dooming generations unborn to a wretched demise on a dying planet of rising, acidic oceans and scorched, barren earth?

At Blunty. I was joined by a two fisted, hard hitting crew at the Duke last night for schnitzels and beer and whiskey. I dips me lid to everyone who dropped in, especially to Bangar who gifted me a bottle of bathtub bourbon. If anyone would like to catch up in the city for a feed late Sunday arvo, let me know. I should be free by 5pm. Email Address. She was about to cut the call when Wales spoke again. Le Clerc had turned.

Oh my That teaser is more of a rundown of the summary of a precis of an extract. Still gets one itchy though. You can have a listen here. My thanks to everyone who's helped out over at Patreon. Wait just a gosh-darned minute, does this mean that it won't be available as something that I can absorb using my eyeballs? But the Beast paid a pretty penny for audio exclusive rights. Absolutely no offence meant to our stateside friends - i find a british voice over more listenable for some reason.

But Rupert Degas seems to smooth in straight away.

Sometimes the various US accents take a while getting used to. Ha, not so odd I have the opposite problem! I did find that Degas did an excellent job. Very smooth, enjoyable. I'm on-board, though with all these pre-orders I have, that recent experience when I went to pre-order the Cruel Stars only to find I have already pre-ordered its a ridiculous combination of happy surprise and 'do I have enough money in that account? This summer is going to be amazing. Two hits from JB in the same season.

Spoiler: Cruel Stars is a very good book; I've pre-ordered two. One for me, one for my sci-fi junky dad. And yeah, of course I claimed my copy of Zero Day Code when it hits. Please Sir will a dead tree version available for Bribane based 1 daughter to procure for my late August birthday? No soup for you! Because the contract is audio exclusive for 18 months. Right, I have finally succumbed to the Beast and I've set up an Audible account.

I have used my free credit to pre-order Zero Day Code. This is how you become my favourite. Looking forward to it. Reading chapter by chapter on the Patreon is super-cool, but getting the finished version all at once will be another great experience. Beloved Throners, Some years back, a creative company I was at one time heavily involved with went through a brutal annual general meeting.

Oh man, that feels better. Jon, Tyrion and Arya, however, are… less so. Tyrion is like… dude, wot? Then Jon Snow turns up. But what about everyone else? Jon asks. He weeps as she realises what has happened; but she has no more words to say. Then Drogon shows up. Then some time passes. Besides, Grey Worm wants justice, not payment, for the brutal murder of their Queen. He moves clunkily back to his seat, banging his sword on the chair in the process. Later, Jon is released from custody, and thankfully his hair retains its freedom too.

I wish Jon Snow would whisk at my tender vessel. But also - The sides of her throne are carved direwolf sigils of House Stark! Finally, my beloved Jon Snow. Wow, just wow. Your recap was amazing. I said that last week's was probably your best recap yet, but I was wrong, THIS recap is your best work, and I loved every bit of it. Congratulations on coming to the end of your long watch, and for ending it with such a thorough, loving and thoughtful analysis.

You thoroughly deserve to go sleep for a week now. Our watch has ended, but you will always be my Mother of Kittens. Valar morghulis. Until the next show to be granted the gift of your recapping genius!

The Cheese Runners Series

Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your passion, wit, and love with us. It has been an honor. It's been very instructive to me to realise, in the week and a half since the final episode, that it's the characters I'll miss the most. It was a long and winding tale that ventured, often, into places I'd rather it didn't, but it's Arya and Sandor and Brienne and Jaime yeah, really and Tyrion and on and on that I'll miss. Good job, George, David and Dan.

And cheers for your terrific recaps :. What a magnificent achievement, not just this recap but your passionate toil on this whole series. Well done. I am sadder the show has ended more because it means no more for you to recap rather than the end of the show itself. Could not agree more. The only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that our MoK will find another show to recap no pressure Nat!

Oh, the humanity.

Safety failing led to disabled man drowning on sailing trip

Luddites like me forgo such distractions, and usually travel with a book to read - at least the batteries won't run out on a book! I also take an old fashioned book with me. I think i read Stephen King does the same. I tried to get my 13yr to come outside remove the earplugs and just listen. Here also, the Lord comes to our aid. Forgive everyone everything, and you will be forgiven. Forgive, and you will be saved, and you will inherit paradise.

Following immediately after these words of the Lord about forgiveness are these other words: Judge not, and ye shall not be judged Mk. In these words the Lord shows a very short and most sure path to salvation, which opens to us the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord shows us that virtue, without which all our ascetic labors and efforts in life in general, and during the Great fast in particular, will be in vain. Furthermore this is the only path—the path of love for people, beginning with non-judgment. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged… In His first Coming, the Lord came not to judge the world, but to save it.

He came to open locked paradise to it. God still has mercy on us, but we judge and enforce. Having no doubts at all, we lift ourselves up in opinion and judgment over our neighbors, both near and far, small and great. Just think, my dear ones, our judgment, as the judgment of an enemy, extends even to the Savior Himself. A person has sinned before God, before people, and we are witnesses of it. This is no longer judgment over a man, but a judgment over God, Who has been merciful and forgiven.

Thus, we perish by judgment. For where there is judgment, there is no love. But we judge! And this judgment becomes our own condemnation and sentence, which sounds like this: For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy Js. And paradise cannot receive us, for we have no love in us.

Where there is no love, there is no salvation. Today, beginning with the podvig of Great Lent, let us, friends, resolve two major spiritual lessons: do not judge and do not tempt! So that we might root ourselves in saving, blessed non-condemnation, that we might place a beginning of this podvig during the very first days of Great Lent, we must learn to see, judge, and condemn only ourselves—the only person that we truly know, from all sides and deeply.

This is where judgment without mercy will be unto salvation; for this is the only judgment that will lead us to true reason. It gives us a vision of that abyss on the edge of which we stand, and which we dig out by our sins, our debts to God and people, and by our condemnation of others. Have mercy on me. O God, be merciful to me, a sinner! The Lord will console our repentant souls and hearts with peace, calm, and love.