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As they sat down she passed David an apron. Put this on to keep your dress clean, you don t want to spoil it the first time you wear it. He did as he was told and tied the apron around his waist. Once again his mind went back to his childhood; everything seemed to be happening all over again. Over dinner, they discussed David s need to dress up, what clubs he belonged to and where he went.

David, for his part, was intrigued to know how she had guessed that he was a TV. Surely it wasn t just the dress? Oh no! There have been several clues - plucked eyebrows, hairless arms and legs, a pair of panties down the back of your radiator and also the smell of a very feminine perfume at times. I knew that you never had a woman in your room so I just put two and two together. As dinner progressed David found himself wondering how Diana had such a wealthy knowledge about transvestism. She seemed to know all the answers. He asked her, but she just said that she had read about it in women s magazines.

After dinner David changed back to male clothes and they sat in the lounge drinking coffee. Why don t you dress up for me properly 7. You know, make-up, wig, the lot. I have to go shopping in the afternoon so you can do it then. David felt his stomach turn. Was she really inviting him to dress as a woman? He added nonchalantly, tomorrow afternoon, but I need some new make-up first. That s okay, we can get it in the morning and I ll also buy you a new set of underwear.

She paused. I think this is fun - don t you? Let s see what tomorrow brings, murmured David. He was trying not to show his excitement, but inside he was doing hand-stands. They spent the rest of the evening talking and watching television. At about David announced that he was going to bed. Diana agreed that she would go as well. As they stood on the landing, she turned to him and asked, Do you wear a nightdress in bed?

Wait here a minute, she said, and disappeared into her own room. She returned carrying two garments which she thrust into David s hand. Wear these if you want to, they should fit you. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek, said goodnight and closed her door behind her.

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David walked into his own room in a trance. He was in love. There was no doubt about that. He looked at what she had given him, a night shirt in white satin and a full-length dressing gown which was a wrap around style with a tie belt. It was also white, with a Chinese floral pattern. He could feel himself getting excited, not only because of the thought of wearing the nightdress in bed but also because they belonged to Diana, and her body had been inside them. He quickly got out of his own male clothes and put on the gleaming white nightshirt, enjoying the sensuous feeling of the cold satin against his skin.

Looking in the mirror, he saw the large mound that showed his excitment. How he wished that Diana could have dealt with that as well.

Crossdressing in Film. Male to Female Transgender Gender Transformations

Still, maybe in the future!! He put on the dressing gown and went into the bathroom, enjoying the feeling of the material rubbing against his legs. David eventually went to sleep that night, dreaming about the day to 8. He awoke in the morning with an unfamiliar feeling. He realised that his nightdress was twisted around him. He climbed out of bed and straightened himself out. Today s the day, he thought.

I must get myself in the right mood. There was no sound from the rest of the house so he put on his dressing gown and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Knocking on Diana s door, he received a sleepy, Come in. He entered and put the mug on the bedside cabinet. Diana sat up. She was totally naked. David could only stand and stare at her firm round breasts. What s wrong, haven t you ever seen a pair of tits before? I see you re wearing the clothes I gave you, do they fit? David could only nod. He mumbled something about getting dressed and beat a hasty retreat. Back in his own room, he sat on the bed and thought about the little scene that had just played out.

Was Diana being purposely provocative towards him? If so, what should he do next? David had never had much to do with women, mainly because he was afraid they would find out about his dressing up. But this was now something different. Diana knew about him and seemed to be egging him on. He had a shower and slowly started to get dressed. French knickers with a matching camisole top, plain white blouse which could pass as a shirt, a pair of women s cord slacks and a male crew-neck jumper.

He generally wore this type of clothing at the weekend; it made him feel that he was dressing as a woman even though it didn t show to the rest of the world. He wondered if Diana had noticed in the past - she had certainly never said anything. He was eating his toast when she appeared dressed in a very similar manner. Are you ready to go shopping then?

I think so, replied David. It was only a five mile drive and didn t take very long. Once they had parked, Diana was off, dragging David behind her. Come on slow-coach, the shops will be full before we get there. She made for a small, rather expensive lingerie shop. Without hesitation she opened the door and went in.

David held back a bit, feeling more than a little embarrassed, but eventually he followed her into the shop. It was quite a small shop but with a large stock of good quality underwear. There was only one middle aged lady serving behind the counter. I m looking for a matching set of underwear, began Diana, French knickers, bra and a full slip.

Are they for you? No, for - she paused and looked at David. A friend. They re a present. The shop assistant looked at David and smiled. And what size is your friend? Size ; what size bra does she take, David? He tried to look uninterested, Oh! About a 40B I think. If you are worried, confused, need information or just want to chat - then we can help. What colour did you have in mind?

‎ALL DRESSED UP: Four tales of crossdressing on Apple Books

Diana looked at David, who shrugged his shoulders, then said, I think she might like the turquoise set or the yellow one. I like the turquoise, added Diana. I ll take that one please. The woman wrapped it and took Diana s credit card. If it doesn t fit her please don t be afraid to change it, will you? Outside the shop he leant against the wall. She knew, didn t she; she knew they were for me? I don t know, she may have guessed, but it doesn t make any difference, does it? She doesn t know you. Anyway, you now have very pretty underwear to wear this afternoon. Now, what else do you need?

Some make-up. I usually get it in Boots. How long do you need to get ready? About three hours if I do it properly. Okay, we ll go back home now and then I ll disappear until four o clock. David drove them home. Diana got into her car and drove off leaving David standing at the gate with his parcels under his arm. He looked at his watch - only - lots of time to get ready. He took out his key and let himself into the house. He forced himself to have some lunch, even though he was too excited to eat. Firstly, what to wear.

He went upstairs and took out all his female clothes. He really didn t have a great deal of choice. He had a pretty cream blouse which he decided to wear with a calf length floral skirt and matching rust coloured jumper. He always felt comfortable and confident when wearing this outfit, especially with his brown lace-up It's primarily a self help and social group which offers support for members and their families when needed.

It also provides an information service to lay and professional organisations with the aim of promoting better understanding and tolerance. The Beaumont operates a number of telephone helplines throughout the country, not only for cross-dressers, but also for wives and partners who may have difficulty in coming to terms with their partner's idiosyncracies. Don't you be the one to let them down News articles you may have missed and information for you to digest.

A new feature is the 'Concord Classified', shops, pubs, clubs and other places, known to cater for our members and friends. For your personal copy, send a cheque or postal order for 3. Having laid all his clothes out on the bed, he unpacked his new underwear and stood for a moment, stroking the gleaming turquoise satin. He could hardly wait to wear it. He ran himself a bath and took the liberty of using some of Diana s bath oils. He had never dared do this before in case she smelled the perfume.

This time it didn t matter. Lying in the scented foam, he took his razor and removed all the hair from his body, with the exception of a small patch around his crotch. He washed his hair even though he was going to wear a wig. He was just immersing himself in his female role. After drying himself he rubbed his hands over his body; it was so smooth, it felt wonderful. He applied a liberal amount of talcum powder, Diana s again and went to get dressed. He picked up the new bra and put his arms through the straps, reaching behind him to do up the hooks. It fitted beautifully.

Inserting his false breasts, he adjusted the shoulder straps so they hung right. Next a pair of He hooked his corset around his waist and pulled the laces tight, giving himself a very pronounced waist and the image of wider, feminine hips. Stepping into the French knickers, he felt goose-pimples erupt all over him as he pulled them up, the satin cold against his smooth skin. He pulled them right up until the waist band was snug around his cinched in waist. Taking the petticoat, he dropped it over his head, once again revelling in the sensation of the material over his skin.

He adjusted the top over his breasts and went to look in the mirror. The underwear was wonderful, it really did fit. He lifted the hem of the slip to show the deep lace edge of his knickers. He was almost in a dream.

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TransEssex International is a voluntary selfhelp network dedicated to serving the needs of Transvestites, Transsexuals, their families and friends. For a full info-pack and sample copy of the world's best transgender magazine, send a cheque or Postal Order for 7. All our information is despatched in plain brown envelopes. Your enquiry will be handled promptly and courteously. You will not be contacted further, unless you ask. Transsexual Women s Resources Anne Lawrence Handing me a pair of white satin shoes with four inch heels to put on, Jenny made me stand while the other girls lowered this creation over my head and settled it in place over my underskirts Sisters A genetically engineered virus turns Ken into an exact copy of his attractive and voluptuous wife.

One Tiny Mistake A boy s envy of his twin sister leads to years of secret cross-dressing. This beautifully-written story has a humorous and unexpected climax, when the young man finally plucks up the courage to venture into town dressed in full feminine finery Jackie and Melanie Take Charge Part One Kevin can t believe his luck when two attractive, sophisticated women pick him up and take him back to their hotel room in Bangkok. But Kevin has fallen into a complicated web of intrigue woven by two formidable female academics. Their researches into the psychology of gender take on a practical turn when they inveigle Kevin into dressing as a girl.

Dressed for the Party When his own clothes are soaked in a thunderstorm, Sandra persuades her boyfriend to wear some of her friend s clothes to go to the party. There s just one problem - her friend is a girl Fit and Feminine Colin stays at a health farm with a difference - all the guests are men who are dressed completely as women. Find out what happens when Colin meets the lovely she-male Christine, whose breasts are real and magnificent Trouble for a Twin John and Jane are twins. They exchange clothes for a prank, which goes wrong when John s grandparents mistake him for his sister and force him to continue dressing as a girl Old Mr.

Childs reminisces to his new great granddaughter about his days as a captain in the merchant marine on the great pre-war passenger liners. He recalls particularly a personal steward or tiger of his by the name of Frost, nicknamed Freezer, who liked to wear women s clothes This beautifully written and unique tale has everything - adventure on the high seas, romance - and a thoughtful and realistic analysis of family and social attitudes to crossdressing and transsexuality over several generations.

It is actually several stories within a story, which are revealed like a series of Russian dolls The Piano A young man is so besotted by the beauty of his new piano teacher that he finds himself obeying her every whim - even when she makes him wear a bra. As he falls more and more completely under her domination, the bra is followed by panties, then black lace suspender belt and stockings, until finally she has him dressed completely as a girl Jealousy on Ice George looks enviously at the frilly, sequined dresses worn by the girls at the skating club.

He resolves to join the club - as a girl. George becomes Gina, and meets a tall blonde girl called Trudy. Soon Gina and Trudy are lovers and skating partners; but who will wear the white satin skirt on the day of the competition? In the Club Part One Chris has been made redundant, and when his friend Tony tells him of a position at a cocktail bar and club, he jumps at it. There is just one catch - Chris has to dress as a girl Denise is given lessons in her new role as an ultra-feminine she-male maid and sexslave: And your clothes?

From tomorrow, you will be permanently kept as Denise. There'll be a little explaining to do to the neighbours and at work. But don't worry, I intend to make sure everybody knows the truth. There'll be no silly tales about a visiting friend or a husband who walked out on me. Everybody will be told the simple, inescapable truth. You've decided to become a girl.

Denis is now Denise. And that goes for travelling, for visits, for everything you do socially. We'll have to get your name changed, but that's all. I want everyone in the whole world to know that my husband is a beautiful transvestite. My Girl Mike thinks it s a joke when Diana hands him a powder blue nightie and white satin bra and panties to wear. He soon discovers that his new girlfriend is deadly serious in her plan to feminise him completely Tales of the Maid Vol.

Darren's Dilemma Tranny Darren gets more than he bargains for when he goes to the home of his forceful female boss. The Last Straw Part Four Denise is to live permanently as a woman - she is taken shopping to buy her new clothes and to the hair salon to have her hair done in an extravagantly feminine style The second issue of Tales of the Maid features more full colour pages than ever before.

Daily life at the Jackson Academy is described through the diary entries of one of the pupils. An Aunt s Dilemma - Her Petticoat Solution Patrick is often teased and picked on at school - even by younger children. Aunt Karen concludes that Patrick s real problem is that he is a sissy, and decides that the only way to deal with him is to transform him from nephew into niece While his wife Ann is at aerobics class, he cannot resist trying on her new nightie.

Ann and her mother return early from the class and catch him wearing the nightie; they decide to feminise him and dress him as a school girl. My eyebrows were plucked into a feminine shape. I was taught to sew; and I was frequently invited to don a little frilly apron and do the washing up. I resisted, how I resisted being thought of as a girl! Photo Specials - Sissies Photo Gallery To download other FFG publications in ebook format, visit our web sites at: Others said she was an evil wraith looking to snare the unwary soul.

Terror gripped the sleepy village. For four years, this ghostly figure was seen by moonlight drifting over fields, wandering brambled lanes, waiting at the crossroads for hellbound travelers. Then one night, a group of men gathered in the local pub, the King William Inn. The sightings of the woman in black had been more frequent of late and the villagers said that when the black specter is seen three times in a week someone was going to die….

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  • Broad daylight it were too. All eyes turned slowly towards the postman as he sat at the bar with his half-finished pint in front of him. But I saw her plain as day, I did. Looked right at her face. That woman in black is no ghost. The King William Inn was a busy pub. At night, farm workers and locals formed a scrum along the bar, laughed and joked and shared news and talk of the day that had been.

    The night local postman Frank Chorley made his little speech, the room fell silent waiting for the postman to disclose the secret of the woman in black. I mean that ghost is the vicar. You had us all there. The ghost that haunts this here village is none other than the vicar. No one believed what they were hearing.

    Weaver and Chorley left the bar and took their bicycles out into the lanes. They cycled along the Burton Road. Half-a-mile down its narrow way, they saw the ghostly apparition of the woman in black ahead of them. She was dressed in her Victorian frock, black hat, dark coat, stockings and high heels. She casually carried a parasol in one hand.

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    Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. Although she still has a lot to learn herself, she is enjoying teaching new crossdressers tips that will hopefully help them on their adventure. Besides enjoying her time with her family and working as a web developer, Sami loves to travel, make home improvements, and create jewelry in her spare time. Read more about Sami by clicking her name. I support the baby step approach. I wear pantyhose daily. A few years ago I started to wear them under slacks without socks. Now I frequently wear pantyhose under my shorts. Your email address will not be published.

    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Posted by Sami Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. More Articles from Inspirational Stories. Sami April 12, April 13, Sami December 26, December 29, Sami June 14, July 19, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for: Search.

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