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A classic account of the bloody rivalry between the dynasties of York and Lancaster for the throne of England. During the 15th century England was split in a bloody conflict between the Houses of York and Lancaster over who should claim the crown. The civil wars consumed the whole nation in a series of battles that eventually saw the Tudor dynasty take power.

In A Brief History of the Wars of the Roses, Desmond Seward tells the story of this complex and dangerous period of history through the lives of five men and women who experienced the conflict firsthand. In a gripping narrative the personal trials of the principal characters interweave with the major events and personalities of one of the most significant turning points in British history. He is the author of numerous studies and biographies. I really enjoyed this title and the voice of the reader.

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It is probably true that if you are not already familiar with the Wars of the Roses and its main actors that you may get a little lost. If you have that minimum starting point I think you will enjoy this book. Granted, some of the voices the reader uses to portray various actors were not the best, but the reader's own standard voice was excellent.

Overall this was entertaining and easy to listen to. Highly recommended.

Publisher's Summary

If you sit down with this and a family tree of the British monarchy of the period you might have a chance of grasping it but if like me you like to walk around pruning roses and listening it's just too complicated to grasp. He was succeeded by his son Edward. A victory for the House of Lancaster. Henry VI rescued.

Battle of Towton. Another Yorkist victory for The Earl of Warwick. Battle of Barnet. Warwick the Kingmaker killed. Battle of Tewkesbury.

Wars of the Roses

The Prince of Wales was killed and the queen was captured. Henry VI was killed in the Tower of London. June Edward V and his brother declared illegitimate by Parliament. Probably summer of Murder of Edward V and his brother in the Tower of London.

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Battle of Bosworth. Henry married Elizabeth of York thus uniting the two houses, and founded the Tudor dynasty.