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Holmes started his career by following Dewey and James, and then turned toward metaethics.

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The Vietnam War finally led him toward moral problems related to war and violence. For the last forty years he has been a great proponent of nonviolence and pacifism in the style of Tolstoy and Gandhi.

Pacifism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

If ethics is meant to be more than a purely academic exercise, the theoretical ethics of philosophy must be shown to be relevant to applied morality; the ongoing process of making moral judgments must add value to the world we live in. For Robert Holmes, no aspect of reality is more in need of ethical thinking and reform than the culture of war and violence that cannot be ignored.

There are morally viable alternatives to this violence, Holmes argues, and he scrutinizes the sources and implications of such positions. Holmes shows that nonviolence and pacifism can lead us toward a more peaceful and humanely dignified world. Holmes reminds us why he is the leading theorist of nonviolence at work today.

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His careful and thorough treatment of issues together with his clear writing and deep insight all further the inevitable nonviolent revolution required for our violent world to be transformed so as to allow a sustainable human future. Such important work deserves very wide circulation, readership, and consideration.

Holmes has understood the nuances of the Gandhian Philosophy as few others have. His understanding of the philosophy and his ability to impart it to students is so unique that I often wish I was a young student again under his tutelage.

Robert L. Holmes

Cicovacki must be commended for this outstanding collection of lectures. His treatment of Dewey is excellent, as well as his reasoning about pragmatic and principled nonviolence. For readers familiar with his work, the appendix with Cicovacki's interview of him will be much appreciated.

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The readings not only offer insight into the development of Robert L. Holmes's thought, but more importantly, they reveal the theoretical and practical heart of his ethic of nonviolence, woven from such disparate threads as the ethics of Dewey, Mill, and Kant, critiques of Robert Nozick's libertarianism and St. Augustine's defense of just war, and also Holmes's own views on such contemporary yet eternal topics as evil, terrorism, and the philosophy of teaching.

Robert L. Holmes

The final chapters treat readers to both his wisdom and his sense of humor. Gan, Professor of Philosophy, St.

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